Screams of Joy: Part I


“I’ve just been fired… there was nothing else to say about it, no protest that would be listened to anyway. But… it’s my birthday! Even though birthdays were meant to be happy days, and everyone is meant to make it special, my new boss and the man that only six days before had been my boyfriend had just fired me.” I think to myself as I sit on the hot bus wondering about how everything has changed so much in a week. I try to stop my eye from failing me, yet I still feel the burn of tears waiting to drop. “It had to be him they promoted, not one of the other dickheads in the office, why promote him though? He wasn’t that hard of a worker and he stole everyone else’s ideas .” A single tear runs down my cheek as my thoughts swirl around my brain and I wipe it all away. I laugh slightly at myself, which makes even more droplets trail down my cheeks.“Well, wasn’t it the cliché, everyone says office romances are a no-no, why did I think of myself any different?” My tears flow freely as I remember all the lies he told to me, my racked breaths pierce the silence. Looking around the bus, I saw one of the cool beautiful suited men that are everywhere around London stare at me… no doubt pitying me. “Great! Just control yourself; smile, and Mr. Suit will quit looking!” I sternly tell myself before wiping my eyes with the back of my hand “No doubt this is the time my ‘supposedly everything’ proof mascara stops working .” I groan inwardly, then I smile as brightly as I can in my current mood; all toward Mr. Suit, then turn to stare back out the window. Thinking of the party tomorrow to distract myself, Lauren, or Lilo as I called her, has been my flatmate since university days had organized it, and decided to invite some ‘hot piece of ass’ from her office for me. I look back around to find Mr. Fucking Suit still looking my way. I turn my glance Karşıyaka escort bayan to him looking over his body and into his warm brown eyes but hoping the message of “fuck off” was loud and clear. It seemed to work as he smiles, catching me off guard and turns to look out his own window. I continue to watch him, finding myself admiring his body before going back to my dilemma. All too soon my bus stop is called, and I get drenched dashing through the summer rain to home, only to be greeted by an excited Lauren. “Happy 25th Birthday!” She shouts and pops a party popper; string floats around my shoulders. “I need ice cream, alcohol and sex now! Oh, and before I forget… Martin fired me today, so lots of alcohol.” I quietly tell her before she sits me down and cuddles me the rest of the evening, feeding me ice cream and alcohol until I’m asleep. “Beep! Beep! Beep!” Rings through my ears as my alarms pierces into my sleeping brain. “Seven in the morning already, man!” I think to myself, get up out of bed to start a new day of bullshit with idiots at every corner… “No, Wait, I got fired. Fuck That!” As I jump back in bed and cover my head in a pillow before drifting off almost instantly, whilst thinking about the party later today. I feel a body against mine as I wake. Figuring it is Lauren, I roll over onto my back and try to go back to sleep. Lauren’s hand runs down my body, pausing to cup my breast, pinching my nipples a little. In my dream state I arch into her delicious caress. Her lips trace the path down to my stomach before spreading my now wet lips and softly licking my clit. “Mmmm, now this is the way to spend a birthday!” I murmur as I open my eyes to find, not Lauren’s petite pale hands covering my body, but actually a long fingered black hand that is plucking at my now hard Escort bornova nipples. And it’s him, that is teasing my clit with his tongue and teeth as he rubs two fingers just inside me; not Lauren’s. “God, he is getting me in all the right places.” I think as I watch his head move between my thighs, I realise I’m running my hands through his hair to grip his head, as he buries his long wet tongue inside my aching pussy, his thumb rubs circles around my clit. He looks up and I realize he looks a bit like Mr. Suit from the bus last night. “Fuck! He has some amazing oral skills.” I think as I moan into the still silent room. He moves a finger against my virginal ass testing my reaction before pressing the tip forward into my ass. Just as I feel myself build from his intimate caress Mr. Suit moves his head up and looks at me before saying “Joy, Wake up.” “Huh?” I blink at him completely confused. “Wake the fuck up, you lazy cow!” His lips move but it’s Lauren’s voice that comes out. “I can’t even get fricking dream sex these days”, I close my eyes groaning. “JOY!!” Lauren screams at me again. “Nope, not opening them, I’m going back to Mr. Suit and his amazing tongue.” I think but I hear the door being thrown open, followed by a pause, then Lauren laughing. “Great, what now!” “What Lauren!” opening my eyes and looking over to her. She continues laughing and points to where I’m laying. It is only then that as I go to sit up that I realize that I’m lying on top of the covers with my boy shorts pushed to the slide with my two fingers still pushed inside my literally dripping pussy. “FUCK!!” I remove my now well lubed fingers, mental moaning from the loss. “What it isn’t like you haven’t seen it before.” I laugh whilst waving my dripping fingers at her. “Not like that, I haven’t!” Lauren replies üçyol escort as she moves to sit on the bed. “No, I forgot it was your fingers then…” laughing deep down, “…and your tongue.” winking at her. “Exactly! Saying that it’s hot to see you doing it yourself… Wait? It hasn’t been that long since you last had sex. I know you got some last week because me and Chris heard you!” She always makes me blush when she points out my stunningly loud vocal climaxes. “Sorry, I do try, honest” I whisper, which honestly only makes her laugh more. “It’s Okay, this time you just got us both horny, so you could say there were four people climaxing at the same time!” “Well in that case happy to help.” As I reached giggling for the wet wipes in my draw, Lauren grabs them from my hands. “I’ll clean you” but she doesn’t get any wipes out she pulls my hand towards her lips. “Hey, remember, Chris, your sex bomb boyfriend… remember!” “Please, it’s not like I’m licking from the source is it?” “Honey, you know it’s not right.” “Fine… Wait one sec.” Lauren moves out of the room and I move the pad of one my cum covered fingers to my tongue. “Hey stop that! That is mine!” Lauren says as she catches me just before I taste myself. Lauren is looking down at her phone again; after a few seconds she shows me the text she has entered on her screen. “Hi Baby, I’ve just found Joy playing with herself so I’m going to clean her fingers with my mouth quick, and Craig just text me asking if he can grab a lift with you over tonight? Can you text him pretty please?Love you.” As I finish reading she clicks ‘send’. “He is going to go ape shit at you. You know that right?” I say even as I feel myself getting turned on again. She doesn’t reply apart from moving her body to sit between my still spread legs. I watch Lauren intensely as she moves my fingers towards her mouth; rubbing the tips along her lips covering them with my cum. Her tongue moves and runs along the cleft between my fingers, collecting cum on her tongue and showing it to me. I’m transported back to our second year at university where we would regularly ‘take care’ of each other needs.

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