Sensual Master


The room is so still. Peaceful. It gives nothing away of what will happen here tonight. With my eyes covered I focus my other senses. I can feel the warm air moving around me; smell the lavender on top of the dresser. The only sounds I can hear are my slow breaths. He has not joined me yet. This evening, after time spent snuggling on the couch I was given one instruction. “Go to the room, put on what I have laid out for you, and wait in position for me. You have 5 minutes. “I promptly raced to the room searching my dressing table for what I was to wear. Upon seeing almanbahis şikayet only the blindfold, I removed all of my clothes. I walked to the side of the bed and assumed my position. Knees shoulder width apart, sitting on my heels, hands clasped behind my back, head down. I placed the blindfold and waited. I was focusing on my breathing; I knew it had been more than 5 minutes. Yet, I didn’t peak, made no move to search. He may not have entered the room, but I knew He was watching. I could sense His presence in the room, like lightning in a summer sky. almanbahis canlı casino So I stayed, still as a statue. He would be pleased in my ability to follow His direction. Breathe. I felt the gentle movement of air when the door closed behind Him, like a soft reminder that He was here. I felt him approaching me; I imagined He was appraising my form. I felt a sense of pride knowing that I had obeyed so well. “Beautiful, my pet.” He said, while stroking my hair. I fought my urge to nuzzle His hand. I felt His hand at my elbow as He told me to rise almanbahis casino and resume my position on the center of the bed. I quickly climbed up and resumed my position. “Do not move from this position. Do not vocalize in anyway.” I fought my natural compulsion to respond, but He had demanded silence and I would do my best to obey. So I waited silently for whatever He had planned. I felt something brush my shoulder, and then move down my arm. It was so light, almost tickling. He repeated the action on the other side. I then felt Him move across my collarbones and down my chest. It only stopped when He placed a kiss at my collar. He began murmuring to me how lovely I was and how proud He was to be my Master. He continued his torturous journey across my breasts, never speeding up or providing more pressure.

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