Sex, Drugs and My Neighbour Daddy


I was 18 years old at the time of this story.


I was a very horny boy throughout my teenage years and despite being straight, I always had fantasies about getting fucked by older, straight and MARRIED men.

I am an average sized guy with a really small dick (like 3 inches) but a big bubbly ass (lots of people mistake it for a women’s) and I fulfil my fantasies but messaging loads of men all over the internet pictures of my naked body and me wearing my mum’s lingerie and lots of kinky shit like that.

I also enjoy sending them videos of me pleasuring my ass with my fingers and anything dick shaped that I can could get my hands on.

My fantasies have never gone past my internet relationships until one day. My parents went out of town for 2 days and my brother was busy at university so naturally I spent the day wearing my mum’s bra and panties whilst sending lots of men pictures and videos of me.

However due to no one being in the house I left all the windows uncovered, so whilst I was in the living room – in my mum’s tight black crop top, a lacy black thong and high heels – I was recording myself rubbing my boy pussy through the thong when I realised that my next door neighbour Bill was right at the window looking in shocked.

I was so embarrassed but I didnt move, we stared at each other for about 2 minutes until he moved towards the door and knocked.

Embarrassed, I put on my mum’s dressing gown and answered the door.

Bill was around 6ft 5 and built almost like a bodybuilder. Despite being 46 he was a very handsome man, he reminded me of Daniel Craig.

Before I had the chance to beg him not to tell anyone he barged inside slammed the door and picked me up by my hips, forcing my back on the wall, and tongued me.

We passionately tongued for about 5 minutes and it was the hottest thing that I have ever experienced. By the end of the kiss my gown had fell off and I was up against the wall in his arms exposed in my top, thong and heels.

After he ended the kiss he told me that I was a hot little slut and that if I don’t do what he says from now on he’d tell my parents what he had seen. I was a little scared but very horny and turned on when he said that.

He then said that he had to go but that I should go round to his house at 8 that night as his wife and two daughters would be gone for a while. He also told me to wear something nice. Before he left he called me a dirty little slut and took a few photos of me in the thong.

For the rest of that day I felt sick with nerves, despite the the hot kiss and my fantasies coming true, I was still really young and was intimidated by Bill who threatened to tell my parents about my dirty secrets.

Despite my nerves, I decided to go next door at 8 as I didn’t want my parents to find out (also there was a little part of me who wanted to taste his lips again and maybe even his cock).

I Betturkey went to my mums wardrobe and put on a very tight fitting white vest with lacy bra underneath. I then put on an extremely tightly fitted short black skirt which ended high up my thigh with some hot lacy panties underneath. Then I put on my mums best high heels and wore stockings to match my panties which came up to my thighs.

Before I left I took one look at myself and I was stunned, I looked so fucking hot. Especially with my mum’s hot red lipstick on and my medium length hair up in pigtails.

I quickly ran to Bill’s house and rang his doorbell to avoid being seen. He answered whilst wearing only boxers and pulled me into his house.

He lifted me up into his massive ripped body and tongued me harder than before. In between breaks he would say dirty stuff like “You’re such a little dirty faggot”, “What a pathetic whore you are”, “I cannot wait to cum deep in your big slutty arse”. I was so turned on at this point.

He quickly got rid of my vest, skirt and even my heels whilst he was tonguing me senseless. Then he broke the kiss and put me down.

He then took his phone out and took dozens of pictures of me just standing there in only my bra, panties and stockings with my lipstick around my mouth. I got used to it doing little poses and teasing the camera. I was such a dirty little slut!

He took me to his kitchen and gave me a drink of something, I didnt want to be rude so I drank it. I realised that the drink was vodka and was almost sick on the spot, I was very young and had never even been drunk before let alone downed a glass of vodka.

He gave me another big glass but I refused. Suddenly he got angry and said that I was a pathetic faggot and I had do what he says. Somehow turned on, I downed the drink to please him, he gave me three more and I downed them too.

Super drunk, he led me to his bedroom and I was surprised to see a camera at the end of his bed, I was so drunk and horny that I didn’t care.

He threw me on the bed and turned on the camera and I instantly started posing for it. He said he was gonna put it on the internet so everyone could see what a slut I was unless I was a good girl, this got me even more horny.

Then he threw a small packet of white powder on the bed and told me to be a good girl and take care of it.

In my drunk, fucked up state I dabbed my finger in the packet and sucked my finger seductively in front of the camera. Then I emptied the rest of packet onto Bill’s wife’s pillow and sniffed it all off.

There I was on camera being filmed in bra & panties sniffing cocaine to pleasure a married man, it was the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me but at the time I had never been so horny and turned on.

Bill jumped on the bed and put me down on my back. Then he stood over me on his knees, with each knee on either Betturkey Giriş side of my neck, and took out the biggest cock I have ever seen, it was at least 10 inches long and uncut.

With pre cum oozing from his monster head, he got me to lick his cock up and down until finally he took control and started to shove the monster down my throat.

After a while of pushing slowly Bill finally got the whole thing in me and once he did that he started to fuck my mouth.

Laying on my back, helpless, whilst my big strong neighbour fucked my throat for about 10 minutes with his 10 inch monster made my dick harder than ever. Bill never took his eyes off mine until eventually he had a massive orgasm, inside my mouth.

I could do nothing but just lie there and take Bill shooting load after load into my mouth until he eventually stopped and fell on his back, tired.

Though Bill had cummed, I knew that he wanted more, and if I’m being honest so did I. I crawled over seductively to him and quickly jumped on top of his big muscular body.

I started to tongue him whilst he began to feel up my big bubble butt. After about 5 minutes of this Bill pulled down my thong and started to massage my ass hole. I moaned with pleasure as he began to start pushing his fingers. First he stuck only one in and started fingering me whilst I was nearly shouting at him to keep on going as it felt so good.

Eventually Bill had me back on my back and had 3 fingers in my ass, he then took the camera of the tripod and videoed my body and my ass getting finger fucked.

I was fucking loving Bill fingering me as I was super turned on from the situation of me being super drunk and hyper from the coke and this caused me to cum everywhere in about 5 squirts.

After my orgasm Bill started to call me a dirty slutty fag on the camera and said that he wasn’t finished with my sissy ass. Bill forced me on my hands and knees and walked around the bed. I’ve never, to this day, seen a hotter sight than Bill’s nude muscular defined body walking around with his 10 inch monster on display, he looked like a Greek god.

Bill went over to his wife’s drawer and took out some baby oil. Then, with the camera in one hand and the oil in the other, he continued to video me whilst he covered my whole body and, in particular, my big ass in oil.

He just stood there for a couple of minutes stroking is cock whilst staring at my fat ass gleaming in oil, I seen what I looked like in his mirror and I have to admit that I looked so fucking hot.

Bill then took out another packet of cocaine and emptied it all onto my ass and quickly sniffed the lot. Bill then suddenly got super hyper and was shouting at me saying that he was gonna fuck my big beautiful faggot ass and that he was gonna make me scream. I got so turned on.

Without being gentle, Bill grabbed my hips and pushed his cock inside me. Betturkey Güncel Giriş I have never felt a more intense pain than Bill brutally shoving his 10 inch cock into my ass.

After he finally got his whole monster in he started to fuck my ass really hard. Fortunately I recovered from the pain quick as I realised that the feeling from being fucked by Bill was amazing.

Pounding after pounding Bill kept smashing his dick of my prostate and I was screaming as loud as I could.

I cummed way before he did and let out a massive moan whilst doing so. I started moaning at Bill asking him to cum in me.

But then, just as I thought Bill was about to blow his load inside my ass he took his cock out.

Bill lifted me of the bed and I started moaning at him and did my best slutty voice asking him put his dick back inside me.

Bill then lay on the bed and took out a cigar. Whilst lighting it he said that he was doing too much of the work and that a pathetic faggot like me needs to earn his cum.

I was so fucking turned on by this. I did my best slutty smile and walked towards him as seductively as I could, swaying my hips and ass like a girl would.

Quickly, I climbed aboard his bulky body and teased his rock hard cock with my oily ass. Whilst Bill was still smoking the cigar. I lifted my ass up and planted it slowly on his cock.

This time, my bubbly ass swallowed his cock up easily and after about 2 minutes I started to bounce up and down on it.

Bouncing up and down on Bill’s cock whilst staring at him in the eyes as he kept blowing smoke into my face and calling me a faggot got me so hard. I even cummed again!

He took out his phone and took more humiliating photos of me bouncing on his cock and he then – as I learned later on – sent the photos to his friends.

Bill stubbed out his cigar and said that I had been a good girl and earned his spunk. He lifted me up and put me on my back and said that he wanted to see my face when he cummed inside me.

After about two more minutes of Bill fucking me I felt his balls tighten and finally he cummed. It was so fucking hot and gooey.

He squirted at least 6 times inside my ass and then he spooned me until his dick went soft and fell out my out ass.

I then stood up, with all the cum oozing out of my ass and dribbling down my thighs, and got dressed. I put on the bra and vest before sexily pulling up my panties in front of him.

I didn’t manage to get the rest of my clothes on – the skirt, heels and stockings – as Bill glanced at his phone and told me to leave as his wife and kids would be home soon.

He called me a dirty girl and that he would be seeing me again. I just smiled and gave him one last long hot kiss before he kicked me out on the street.

I made the short walk across the street – dressed only in my lacy bra and panties and my skimpy vest – whilst still being very drunk and high from the cocaine I sniffed.

I had two feelings. I was worried thinking about what Bill would do with the videos and photos he took as I didn’t want to be outed as the dirty fag I was.

But mainly i was happy, as my fantasy came true for the first time and not the last.

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