Sex in the classroom


Sex in the classroomHi, this is my first story. It’s about a teacher, feet fetish, and a dark stormy night.I’m a married man, who decided to take some night classes for my associates degree. The classes I took were generally men teachers, only 2 women taught classes. Both were sexy, but only one got my attention. Her name was Betty, and the first day of class with her had my jaw drop. She walked in with a suit dress, but it was when I noticed her feet that got me. Betty walked around the class barefoot, cause she wore heels all day. I watched her play with her feet, staring at her sole when she sat down facing the class. I would have her for 4 classes in my time there. What we did one night was during a period I didn’t have her class.It’s starts with me at school early, in the computer labs, working on a project. I got a text about a big storm was brewing, but was so focused I didn’t see how bad it would be. As the storm got worse, night classes were canceled, and most of everyone went home. I stayed, trying to finish up, when Betty walked in. “It’s just you and me here, i guess we wait it out”? She said. I turned to her as she sat at the desk, her feet laying the desk. I rolled over to talk to her about the last class I would take with her. I sat right in front of her, staring at her feet, talking away. “Do you like the view?, are my feet turning you on?” Betty said. I replied with a yes, but my red face said it all. Normally I shy away, or most cases walk away. This time, I reached out and touched her toes, talking about my fetish. I waited for her to say stop, or eww, but I got ” then massage them, I don’t mind it”. So I did, I worked her toes, the the sole of her right foot, I türbanlı edirne escort moved closer to really world them. I leaned over her toes, lift her foot up, massaging the heel. I would normally stop, but this time I started to suck her big toe, followed by the rest. Once again, I waited to hear her tell me to stop, but just watched her head lean back. I started to kiss, and suck her soles, I teased her toes, and continued to massage away. My eyes focused on her feet, but noticed her left hand reach down to her panties, and massage her pussy. I would if I could make her cum, wanted to see her pussy drip out with her juices, all from feet play. I got hard, so much that I had to move it around. With one foot in one hand, I had to let my cock out, pulled out and stroking it. I knew that I was all in, I was going to fuck her pussy. I stroked away, watching her play with that pussy. I rolled right up to her, and pulled her panties off. ” oh my,” she said, ” you want this pussy, want to fuck it, you want to feel how you feet suck got me so wet”? I watched her eyes see my below average cock as I stroked it, and waited for a comment, but her eyes got bigger with wanted to jump on it. So she did, climbed on me, and slide her tight pussy on. She was tight, but my cock fit just right. She started to hump me, riding my cock, I turn to lean against the wall for support. Shirt and bra came off, i want her boobs, in my face they were. There were perky, not too big, but bouncy. My face was in them, playing with them, licking her nipples, and enjoying the feel of her soft sexy boobs. It didn’t take long for her to start cumming. I could tell she türbanlı edirne escort bayan was near, her nails dung in my back, and scratching it up as she leaned back. Her tight pussy hugged my cock as I felt her wet pussy exploded with more wet juices. As I sat forward, she was down on the floor, and sucking my cock. ” I want some of that precum, so I can lick your cock like a ice cream cone” she said. It didn’t take long for that. Her skills were amazing, she control my cock like no other. Betty would speed up, me would feel my cum moving up to the end, then she slowly suck it to slow my cum. Her slow approach was, her taking it all I n, right to my balls, and very slowly slide out. Betty teased me such much with that way, I wanted to just let it come out. As I was feeling the last urge to cum, ” got on the table so I can cum on your feet” I said. Betty did that and I stroked my cum on to her toes, and soles. I finished up cumming, then right into cleaning up her feet. ” oh the warm cum, and you mouth as me so wet”. I went down on her pussy, eating her tight sweet juices. Her moaning increased my licking her pussy. ” oh my, right there, my G spot, play with it” she said. Before long she was cumming again, now she head my face down as her juices squirted my mouth. Her pussy was so sweet, I could eat it all day. As she was sowing down, I couldn’t wait, my cock went in, fucking her pussy. The words Oh My were repeated. Usually my second go is short, and it was; but this time I shot on her breasts as she moved for me to do that. I stand and watched her massage my cum into her boobs. As she sucked away again, I pulled her up, climbed türbanlı escort edirne on the desk( knocking things off) and we went into the 69. I love position do to the mutual oral play, and she came soon after we started. Since the desk is small, we couldn’t move around much, but she climbed on me again, her pussy hugged me well. She say right on my cock, riding it up and down, watching her had me so hard that i really was going to unload soon. As I moan, with her moans, my cum was coming. ” I’m cummin I whispered”. Betty looked at me, “baby please hold it, I’m ready to cum to”. I held, watching her fuck me harder, faster, moans getting louder. I felt my cum easing out, the pre-cum was over my shaft, her juices were eased down my cock as she rode it. I yelled,” Omg, I can’t hold it”. Then Betty yelled “cum, cum in me”. The feeling of letting it go, was something I never felt before. I mean I had her ass grabbed tight as I pushed so hard to ram my exploding cock in her, I left imprints. Betty on the other hand had let some deep scratches on my chest. I came off that high, flipping Betty over on to her back, and went on fucking that pussy. This time I came quicker, and Betty kept my pumping, she wanted it keep it going. As I fucked her, I leaned back to take in her feet one last time, sucking her toes. I knew I was near the end, so did Betty, that we just went hard and fast. As we got close, I pulled out, sucked her pussy, and right back went my cock. We finished with me holding off again, she came first, then I pound my cum into her pussy, feeling it suck cock up. I climbed down to see her oozing cum out of her pussy, I went right in to lick it up. We got dresses, saw the stormed had passed…two hours ago.. She whisper to not tell anyone at school. I said it’s our secret. I wanted to ask about me cumming in her so much, chance of something happening, but she knew to say, I’m fix and had nothing to worry about. Wow, what a night.One that I have not redone, but remember always. Ps. Betty was 47, I was 31, she is that much a goddess.

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