Sex with Rachel


It was Monday morning and Rachel was back in the shop. She couldn’t stop fantasising about the really pretty grey haired lady she had served a few weeks ago. Actually she wasn’t grey rather a very dark brunette but she had lots of grey in her hair. Her eyes were the most beautiful brown to die for. She wasn’t the most attractive woman in the world by any means. Rather flat chested, but there was something about her. Very coy perhaps. Not the sort of woman you would expect in her shop. God she wished she could serve her properly. Down on her knees naked preferably! If only she would come back into her shop again and she could try to chat her up for a date. The day that the grey haired lady had come into her shop Rachel had gone home after work thinking about her constantly. She was called Debby and Rachel couldn’t help but wonder how Debby was getting on with her new sex toy. She reminded her slightly of one of her teachers at school. Miss Turner, she must have been about the same age as Debby and always seemed quite prim and proper. Then Rachel remembered her first school girl crush. She recalled when she was in her late teens at school after being in the gym and then stripping off to get into the shower with the other girls. There was one girl, what was her name? It was Mary, she had forgotten how beautiful Mary looked naked in the shower next to her. Those guilty shameful feelings came rushing back to her. She had secretly fallen in love with Mary. She remembered her perfect full breasts and the thick brown bush of her pubic hair. Oh how she had longed to touch those breasts and run her fingers through her pussy. Rachel recalled that feeling of naughty excitement as her nipples had hardened and of the arousal between her legs. Rachel was 17 and Mary was 18. It had started in the showers after gym. It had been a hot day in late April and all the girls had got very sweaty running around in the heat. Rachel couldn’t help staring at Mary’s beautiful naked body as she stood under the stream of hot water in the shower. Rachel had pretended to accidentally rub herself up against the other girl. But then felt a hand softly brush against her naked bottom and when she turned around Mary was looking at her. She whispered into her ear “You are so lovely Rachel I wish I could kiss you.” Rachel recalled when Miss Turner had caught her behind the school bike shed kissing Mary. Rachel had her navy blue knickers down around her ankles with Mary’s fingers stroking her pussy. In her head she could still hear Miss Turner shouting at them. “I will deal with you later Mary. Right Rachel you come with me.” She shuddered when she remembered the headmistress marching her up to her study. “Wait outside the door Rachel.” Rachel had stood outside the door for what seemed like hours before she had been ordered into the study. Rachel could still recall all the shocking details. “Sit down.” Miss Turner had commanded as she locked the door to her room. I’m going to give you a choice of punishment and if you don’t make a fuss I won’t tell your parents that their daughter is a dirty little dyke. I presume you know what a dyke is?” “Yes Miss.” Rachel had nearly started to cry at the sight of the cane on the desk in front of her, “Now do you want the cane or do you want this.” Rachel had been startled as her teacher had then pulled a large silver shaft from out of her drawer. “I take it you know what this is?” Miss Turner had put it on the desk. Although Rachel had never seen a vibrator before she had heard about them and instinctively new what it was. She’d looked up at her teacher in surprise. “It’s quite big isn’t it Rachel. Now you’ve got a choice of punishment. The cane or the vibrator.” and she had picked up the cane to flex it between her hands. “Now Rachel tell me how long is this vibrator?” and she had handed a 12 inch ruler across to the young woman. Rachel had then put the ruler up against the length of the vibrator. “Now quickly girl how long is the vibrator?” “It’s eight inches long Miss.” “Now then I am not so sure you could manage a full eight inches Ataşehir Escort what do you think.” Rachel had gulped with trepidation at the thought of the huge sex toy inside herself. Ever since she had first found out about sex toys she had longed to try out a vibrator but not something this big. Not only was it extremely long but the circumference of it looked quite substantial as well. “So what’s your decision or do you want me to make it for you.” Miss Turner had suddenly hit the desk with the cane which had made Rachel jump. “Come on girl I haven’t got all day.” Rachel had started to cry. “Right that’s it bend over the desk.” the headmistress had quickly walked around behind Rachel pulling her to her feet so that she could bend her over. Her skirt had been lifted and her knickers pulled down. Rachel remembered grimacing as she had felt the headmistress place the length of the cane across her bare buttocks. “No Miss please don’t hit me.” she had cried out. “So you’d rather be punished with the vibrator?” “Yes Miss” Rachel had just about managed to speak between her sobs. The headmistress had then dropped the cane to her side. “Okay I’ll reconsider your punishment. I’ll make a final decision tomorrow. Report to my office at 4 o’clock tomorrow.” “But I need to be on the school bus to get home. I might miss it and then Mum and Dad will start to worry if I’m not home on time.” “Well you’ll just have to be late home. You can tell your parents tonight that you’ve been a very naughty girl and that you are in detention.” Rachel had felt her teacher brush her hand ever so slightly across her bare backside. “Of course I can always tell them that I caught you having sex with another girl?” “No please don’t tell them.” The next day after she had finished her final lesson Rachel had knocked at the door of the room where she was to receive her punishment. “Who is it.” she’d heard Miss Turner’s stern sounding voice. “It’s Rachel Cummings Miss.” “Come in” Rachel had entered to face a stern looking Miss Turner who had then locked the door behind her. The large vibrator and the cane awaited Rachel lying on the desk in front of her. “Right you can start by undressing me.” Miss Turner had said Rachel had been completely taken by surprise at this. “Don’t just stand there you stupid girl get on with it!” she had barked at Rachel. With trembling hands Rachel had started to undo the buttons of her teacher’s blouse to reveal a black leather corset. Then she’d slipped off her teacher’s skirt to reveal matching leather knickers, suspender belt and black lacy top stockings and suspenders. Rachel had unsuccessfully tried not to gasp in amazement. Suddenly the strict little Miss Turner didn’t look quite so prim and proper, Miss Turner had then picked up the cane from her desk and tapped it against her hand, walking around Rachel. As she did so Rachel had noticed that the knickers her teacher was wearing was actually a thong. Rachel had immediately noticed how firm and sexy her teachers buttocks looked with the thin line of black leather tight between her bum cheeks. “Right bend over the desk.” Rachel had done as she was told. Next the cane had been tapped gently against Rachel’s backside and then Miss Turner had said “Lift up your skirt and pull down your knickers.” Rachel had reached down and then pulled her knickers down to her knees to let them drop around her ankles as her teacher helped her lift up her skirt. It had been cold in the room and she could still remember the feeling of the goose bumps on the bare skin of her buttocks. “I’m not going to cane you.” Miss Turner had then picked up the large eight inch vibrator. and Rachel had gulped as Miss Turner switched it on so that it started to buzz. Apart from the sound of the vibrator the only other noise had been the high heels of Miss Turner’s shoes tapping on the wooden floor boards as she had walked around Rachel. “Now spread your legs apart.” Rachel had slid her legs a few inches apart and Miss Turner had tapped her cane against her bare bottom. ”A bit more girl.” Ataşehir Escort Bayan Rachel had been made to slide her legs apart a bit more. “That’s better” and then Rachel had suddenly felt the vibrating shaft being pressed gently against her exposed vagina. It had felt quite nice but she had gritted her teeth as she had expected it to be painfully pushed inside her. But instead she had only felt it being rubbed against her between the tops of her legs. Then she had felt the tip of the shaft being gently pushed against her clitoris and it had felt fantastic. She had then shuddered with pleasure as the power of the vibrations had been increased as her teacher slowly adjusted the setting of the vibrator to maximum. “Oh oh” Rachel had started to moan with pleasure. Then Miss Turner had seductively whispered in her ear “Do you promise to be my naughty girl or would you like me to switch off the vibrator?” “Yes, yes but please don’t stop.” Rachel had gasped as she had felt herself on the brink of a massive orgasm. “And you are forbidden to kiss or have sex with your friend Mary” Then Miss Turner had suddenly turned off the vibrator. “I think you’re enjoying it too much” “No please don’t stop” Rachel had cried out in dismay as the shaft of the vibrator was moved away from her wet vagina. “I will let you come later but first I want you to pleasure me. Turn around and get down on your knees!” And so in her last term of school they had become lovers. Miss Turner had turned out to be a really dirty bitch with a really voracious sexual appetite. They’d had some marathon sex sessions during the summer holiday after Rachel had finished her last year in the sixth form. How she loved it when Miss Turner would fuck her with a strap on dildo while wearing her thick rimmed glasses. Sometimes she had let Miss Turner smack her bare bottom with a cane while she had a large vibrator rammed up her vagina and another smaller one up her arse. It had been fantastic sex back then but unfortunately they had gradually drifted apart after Rachel had moved away to University. When Rachel got home from work she quickly stripped off and ran herself a bath and then lay in the hot tub thinking about Debby. She wondered if she made any noise when she came using her vibrator and how often she masturbated. She imagined what Debby looked like without any clothes on, picturing her black and grey pubic hair and small breasts. She presumed that Debby didn’t shave herself between her legs. She got quite horny thinking about all this as she played with herself. She closed her eyes and had a little fantasy that she was shaving Debby’s pussy. After she had her evening meal she poured herself a large glass of wine and then had any early night. When she got into bed she played with herself using various sex toys for the best part of an hour before she fell asleep still imagining what it might be like watching Debby using her new vibrator. The next day during her lunch break she went over to the local supermarket and then she saw her!!! It was Debby. She looked as beautiful as she remembered her. Pretty silver strands in her dark brunette hair. She looked lovely standing there at the checkout. Rachel followed her out of the store. She walked up the high street and after about 5 minutes she saw her walk into the local library. Rachel followed her. She nearly lost sight of her until she suddenly saw her go to a door marked staff only. So this was where Debby worked!! After that Rachel had to admit to herself that you had a huge crush going on even though she had only briefly met this woman and there was probably little hope that Debby would be interested in her as she had noticed her wedding ring in the shop. Debby was probably just a bored housewife. But she thought to herself, wouldn’t it be fantastic if Debby was bisexual. The next day Rachel decided to visit the library to see if she could see Debby but when she enquired after her she was rather disappointed to learn that it was her day off and that Debby also didn’t work Saturdays. Escort Ataşehir Rachel visited the library again on Monday. She took with her a couple of sexy “gifts” that she put into an Anne Summers carrier bag from her shop. When she got to the library she was overjoyed to see Debby helping someone at a computer in the music section. Rachel stood there waiting for Debby to finish helping her customer and was immediately ogling Debby’s tiny very gorgeous backside. Debby was standing over the computer wearing tight black trousers and Rachel could just make out the lines of the thong that she was wearing underneath. She got a real eyeful when Debby had to bend over to pick up her pen off the floor which she had accidentally knocked off the computer table. The material of her trousers was pulled tight over her firm buttocks and Rachel felt a huge twinge of excitement in the pit of her stomach which proceeded to move quickly down to her pleasure zone. God Debby had the most perfect backside. She could just imagine smacking it and then pleasuring her vagina from behind with her favourite vibrator or strap on. She could just make out the top of the black thong that Debby was wearing which had appeared above the top of her trousers while she was bending over. After picking up her pen Debby walked away from the computer and Rachel caught her eye. “Hi there, it’s Debby isn’t it?” “Hello” replied Debby although Rachel could see that she hadn’t remembered her and immediately felt a pang of disappointment. “You remember me? I helped you when you bought your vibrator in my shop” Rachel said rather too loudly for Debby’s liking. Then almost immediately she could see that Debby had remembered who she was. Debby immediately went bright red with embarrassment and then couldn’t believe it when the young girl immediately proceeded to hand her a carrier bag with the words Ann Summers written all over it. Rachel could see that she had caused Debby a great deal of embarrassment and was cruelly enjoying the moment. “I thought you might be interested in some freebies” “Ssssssh, not so loud we’re in a library” said Debby and she ushered Rachel to a corner where there weren’t any other library staff or members of the public who might be over hearing all of the conversation. “How are you getting on with your new sex toy, have you worn out the batteries yet!!” Rachel laughed. “Please not here you’re embarrassing me.” Implored Debby. “Would you prefer to talk about this over a drink somewhere else?” asked Rachel Debby didn’t know what to say. She was far too polite to say she would rather not. Rachel could see that she had upset Debby but the woman was too nice to say so “Look I’ve left my mobile number in the bag. If you fancy being friends then give me a call” With that Rachel promptly turned round and was walking out of the library before Debby could think of anything to say. She was left standing there holding the Ann Summers bag in full view of everyone else in the room. She quickly rushed to the staff room door to conceal her embarrassment as well as the Ann Summers bag. When Debby got home her husband had got back from work before her. He called out from the kitchen “Have you had a good day at work?” “Hi there, not too bad a day” she replied and went upstairs to their bedroom to quickly hide the Ann Summers bag in her wardrobe. She hadn’t even bothered to look inside the bag to examine the contents. The next day Rachel visited Debby at the library. She couldn’t see her so she asked for her at the customer services desk and the lady picked up the phone saying “Rachel has called in to speak to you” Oh no not her again thought Debby and she buried her head in her hands almost wishing she had never visited the Ann Summers shop. However the recent memory of the last orgasm she’d had with her vibrator made her think that on balance it was probably still worth it. With a heavy heart she went out to meet Rachel. “I was hoping you might have given me a call” said Rachel. “Sorry I’ve been busy and I was a bit cross about the way you embarrassed me yesterday” said Debby. “How do you fancy coming round to place for a drink?” Rachel suggested. “I’m not sure.” Debby was desperately trying to think of an excuse not to but her mind seemed to have gone completely blank. “Oh go on I’ve got some things you might be interested in” “Like what?” said Debby. “Well I can’t say.

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