Sexy mother in law


Sexy mother in lawShe was always leaving her underwear about for me to see i’m sure of it the little tart, my mother in law, has a great ass and her tits are still pert, she trims her fanny to a tiny triangle, frankly i love her pussy to bits its still nice and tidy as she likes to put it not over shaved but perfectly formed.i had gone round to fit a cooker in for her i knew it would be a warm night so i just wore shorts and t shirt and no undies, very common for me at night like to hang free. I called at the door did my own special ring so she new it was me, Peg answered thr door in her orange and black pyjamas, now normally she would wear her dressing gown as well but not tonight, i couldn’t work out why at first but this all became quite obvious as the night went on. She made me coffee and we discussed what had to be done so i started work, she hung around to help and stare at my crutch, she does that all the time, its my faulty really , the trousers i used to wear to work always had dodgy zips, cheap basically, any way my boxer shorts had button up front and on more than one occasion my flies were un done and Percy made the odd appearance, and she never told me that it was showing but i realised after i would catch her staring at my crutch. Anyway this night my shorts were quite loose and my cock would sometimes slip out of the side, some women like this she did, some women dont.I got down to work and asked for her help putting the oven in front of the opening, she obliged then i noticed as she bent down no bra, now this was un heard of she always wore a bra even in bed, hence the lovely breasts. Anyway as she helped me with the moving around of the cooker i could see down her to and kept getting glimpses of her nipples hanging there, god that was it instant hard on, i love to look down women’s tops and get an eye full. We carried on and türbanlı bartın escort she kept checking out the obvious increase in the bulge in my shorts. I looked at her and she would smile, when i came to moving the oven again she somehow managed to get my hand against her tit and the oven and left it there as her nipple hardened against my hand my cock really went hard then so i crouched down to hide it but it popped its head out of my shorts i pretended not to notice but hse did, i could see her eyes widen and a great big smile cum over her face, that was it i was in.We mucked about with the oven and hob fro about half an hour in that time she had rubbed her tits against my back my arms, my hands my leg at one point and she brushed against my cock so many times i lost count, eventually the job was done so she made me a coffee, and we went and sat in her dining room, she kept saying how hot she was and kept pulling the neck and bottom out on her PJ,s and leaning forward,it left nothing to my imagination. She kept doing this for ages then eventually she accidently knocked over my coffee into my lap, luckily it wasnt hot but i just said it was she rushed to the kitchen and brought in a cold flannel and told me to get my shorts off quickly i did this very quickly, oh yes….she didnt say a word and just looked at my cock and balls and my cok went straight upright, hard as it could be, i loved exposing my big hard cock to my mother in law, she smiled and said well that hasnt been affected she dabbed the flannel round it and on it and then said did i want a shower to get rid of the smell of coffee she’d rinse my shorts and dry them on the rad.i went up for the shower my cock hanging out and totally naked she was rinsing both t shirt and shorts out in the kitchen. I got into the shower and left türbanlı bartın escort bayan the door a jar hoping she’d cum up…..she did as i had hoped, she walked in the shower and asked if everything was okay, i sadi it was but she wanted to make sure i wasnt scolded in any way so could she take a look, ….of course she could…she reached round the curtain and i couldnt see her orange PJ top on any more she had stripped naked. Can i get in i’m so hot and its not fair i saw you naked is it so heres me….she looked fucking fab she might be 68 but her body is only 45, absolutley fucking horny as hell, she climbed in and i couldnt help but look at her pussy it was lovely grey hair with a bit of the old brunette in it , she cut it and trimmed it and looked after her self, her nipples were hard and her tits did droop a little but i love that nothing wrong with a gracious mature woman, she moved over to me and said would i like her to wash me and then i could do her, she started on my back and shoulders soaping me up as she went every now and again she would rub her breasts into me, my cock was so hard now ready for fucking, but i wanted to savour and remember every moment with this wonderful lady.her hands explored every nook and cranny of my body paying particular attention to my bum and then to my cock, she grabbed it and started to wank me slowly and very carefully, she asked if that was ok……oh yes…..she then asked if i could wash her boobs, i took great pleasure in soaping up her wonderful tits and gently rubbed sopa into her tits and played with her nipples, she groaned and said it was lovely, and she loved my cock, i then slid my hand over her stomach and down between her legs, i looked as if to ask and she said yes….my fingers found the groove between her fanny lips and türbanlı escort bartın the groove was so wet and silky smooth. I gently teased her clit which stood out asking to be played with. My fingers exploring the lips of her cunt and then slowly i slid them into her she parted her legs to alow better access this helped and i could get some really deep fingering inside her she gasped as she enjoyed all the attention. Her pussy dripped love juice and my hand was covered by her gorgeous fluids. She continued to wank me then asked if we should dry and go to her bedroom she had wanted to fuck me for nearly 10 years, but had never had the courage to ask me.We dried and went to her bedroom she lay on the double bed naked with her hand playing with her clit as she sat and just looked at my hard cock. I climbed on top of her and inserted my hard cock into her cunt thrusting it as deep as i could go she held me to her to keep me deep within, oh that is good she said her eyes closed and her lip quivering, i felt her shudder slightly then she started to shake i wasnt sure what was happening but by god she was cumming she went rigid as my cock was against her cervix and my pubic bone hard against her clit she had a massive orgasm the likes i have never seen before and i had only just got my cock into her, she suddenly relaxed and started swearing fuck fuck that was fucking great my god my pussy is on fire….i started to thrust into her again and made sure my pubic bone rubbed against her clit, each thrust made her tense up as again she started to cum…her juices flowed but this time each thrust produced a hot squirt of love juice from her pussy all over y inner thighs, it was incredible this 68 year old woman had cum within seconds of penetration and then minutes again of me fucking her, i was getting so worked up that i could feel my cum rising inside me i wasnt gonna last long, we fucked for about 10 minutes then again another orgasm i couldnt hold back and my cum splattered the inside of her lovely pussy filling her with hot cream and she held me to her as i came again swearing and saying fuck me cum you cunt cum, i love your cum fill me up with it…well lets say i didnt let her down…….more to cum.

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