Sharing Wife With Another Friend


Sharing Wife With Another FriendMy friend and I started talking about each others wives one day and I brought the topic of swapping up. I wasn’t to sure how he would react but was surprised when he agreed it sounded like a good idea. He wasn’t sure what his wife would think about it, that’s when I told him about our past experience. He was more than game to fuck my wife so we started to make plans.I spoke to my wife about it and she was game as it has been quite awhile since we had done this. We made plans a couple of times but something always seemed to come up. Finally we had a plan and we were going to fuck her when we got home from work. Everything looked like it was going to fall into place when my wife phoned me and said that his wife had just called and was going to come and meet us when we got home. We thought oh well just another time it wasn’t going to work out and made plans to meet up with them. We met at a local tavern and had a few drinks and talked about our plans for the next day. When I mentioned that I could use his help the next day his wife suggested that he stay overnight at our place rather than drive back the next day. I couldn’t believe it when she said it, finally it looked like it was going to work out. After a few more drinks it was getting late and his wife decided she should head home, we were all getting tired and headed home as well. When we got there I knew my buddy would be more than game for the opportunity but I wasn’t sure if she would be to tired or not. We all had a shower and woke up a bit and then took advantage of the situation. My buddy and I had talked about me video taping them together and he had no problem with it. I got out the video camera and got ready for the show. It all started in the living room. My wife came out of our bedroom dressed in one of my shirts. I grabbed the camera took my place and started filming. My buddy moved in behind her and started kissing her neck and rubbing türbanlı tunceli escort her body through her shirt. It did not take long for things to heat up. He started playing with her breasts through the shirt then lifted it up and began to move his hands all over her body. Next he slid his hands down and started rubbing her pussy, then he slid in a couple fingers. He was playing with her clit and she reached around behind her and started stoking his dick. After a few minutes of this she turned around dropped to her knees pulled down his pants and started sucking his cock. She gives awesome head and had him ready to blow in her mouth in no time. He pulled her off his dick stood her up and gave her a long kiss, then laid her down on the living room floor. He started by kissing her then moved down to her breasts , and then to her pussy for a long clit sucking session. He ate her pussy for at least a half hour and had her writhing on the floor. I only had a battery in the camera and it was going dead, so I suggested we go into our bedroom where I could plug it in and sit at the end of the bed and tape them.We moved there and while I was hooking up the camera my wife crawled on the bed and my friend joined her. I started the camera and she said to him “where were we”. Well he wasted no time he moved next to her and they started kissing and he stuck his fingers in her pussy. As soon as he did that she reached down and started stroking his cock. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and started playing with her clit which she loves. After a few minutes of this she started moaning loudly and I knew she was ready to fuck. He then rolled over, pulled up her legs and positioned himself in front of her pussy and got ready to enter her. My heart picked up the pace as we had been waiting a long time for this again and it was about to happen.I had a good view from where I was sitting and türbanlı tunceli escort bayan could see him place the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. She looked around the side of him at me just when he slid his cock into her pussy. I said to her “have fun baby I know I’m going to”. He lifted her legs up pushing them against her chest and fucked into her slowly, the site of him holding her legs like that and driving his cock into her was awesome. He fucked her that way for awhile as I moved around with the camera getting different angles and shots. He then grabbed her legs and pulled them up over his head lifting her ass up off the bed and started fucking her hard. I thought he was getting ready to cum but he just kept drilling it into her. She started moaning loudly and was encouraging him “yeah, yeah, yeah” and grabbed him by the ass and pulled him into her pussy getting ready to cum, then he grabbed her rolled backwards on the bed and told her to ride him.She was on top of him and started to rock back and forth slowly. She did this for awhile and then started to pick up the pace. She started riding his cock harder and harder. She was starting to sweat and riding him hard when I zoomed the camera in on her face. She looked into the camera and said “don’t even go there” and rode him even harder. She fucked his cock hard and started moaning loudly and saying “oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah”, and then ground her pussy onto his cock and stopped. I said to her “ is your pussy full of cum”? She didn’t say anything as she was out of breath. He had not cum yet. He then grabbed her and put her face down on the bed and entered her from behind. He started fucking her slowly from behind as they were both out of breath. As he regained his strength he started fucking her harder. He grabbed her hips pulling them back against him hard and drove his cock into her. He kept picking türbanlı escort tunceli up the pace and fucked her hard, she was moaning loudly again and I could tell she was getting ready to cum. Just when I thought he was going to blow his load again, he stopped saying his cock was sore as they had been going at it for at least 45 minutes steady. He then laid back on the bed, and then pulled her back onto him into the 69 position and started eating her pussy.She just sat there for a few minutes and looked at me while he ate her pussy , then reached down grabbed his cock and started sucking it. They stayed in that position for quite awhile when my friend got up and said “now from behind again and this time I’m going to cum”. My wife looked at him and said “from behind….Ok”. He then rolled out from under her and got behind her. She lifted her ass up in the air and placed her head down on the bed. He grabbed her by the hips and entered her slowly. He started fucking her slow and easy for awhile and then started to pick up the pace, when he did this she started to rock her pussy back into him. I knew from personal experience that it would not take long for him to cum once she started doing that. He slammed her hips into him and pounded her even harder. He plowed her pussy like that for a few minutes and she was moaning “ oh yeah, oh yeah”, and was driving her hips onto his cock when he grabbed her ass pulled it into him, grunted loudly and then filled her pussy with cum. As he was filling her pussy she rocked back and forth, as well as up and down milking every last drop of cum from his cock. He held her ass tight enjoying the pulsing of her pussy until his cock was empty and then pulled out of her. She had milked him completely because when he pulled out, she said “Oh I’m leaking” he had filled her full and it was running out of her. She laid over on the bed and said “ holy shit”. He leaned over kissed on the side of her ass and said “ thanks Heather, that’s the best piece of tail I’ve ever had”.I shut off the camera and I knew I had some awesome footage. My friend then went to bed. I crawled into bed and she rolled on top of me, and slid her cum filled pussy onto my cock and fucked me until I filled her again. That was the first time we shared her. It was awesome. We both fell asleep exhausted.

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