She Washed Bill’s Dick


She Washed Bill’s DickI have always enjoyed exchanging fluids with women, but I always gave more than I received…until I discovered the “Dick Wash.” The trick is for her to have a VERY full bladder before you get together. I have three lovers and they avrupa yakası travesti all know not to pee for at least an hour before I pick them up. On several ocasions, they were dancing around trying to avoid pissing in their pants.They kadıköy travesti were all were reluctant to do this first time, but now they see how much I enjoy it and look forward to pleasing me. Usually I get into the bath tub, or I lay maltepe travesti on the tub edge while the straddle me and sit on my dick. When the flow starts, it is so warm, unless the room is overheated to 98.6 degrees. The warmth flows dosn over my balls and runs over my ass hole. It is unbelievable. Try it and let me know how it feels. If you’re near Richmond,VA, contact me and I’ll let you watch…or if I’m in a good mood, I’ll take half her bladder capacity and let her give you the rest! You’ll be my friend forever.

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