SissyMandy – Mistress’s Little Cocksucker


I wake up the next morning to the sounds of waves crashing into the rocks below our resort suite. The coast is always a good place to escape the summer heat of Sacramento, and I’m thinking about how hot it was yesterday when Mistress sent me to suck a stranger’s cock. I’m becoming more of a sissy, it seems, as each day passes.”Morning, sissy,” Mistress says as she wakes.”Mmmm…” I snuggle myself into her, “this is a beautiful place.””That it is. Beautiful things happen here. You’ll see that as the weekend progresses.””So there’s other sissies here?””You’ll probably see quite a few.””So… everyone has a sissy?””Not everyone. The owners usually set their sissies free to play around for the weekend, so there’s always guys looking for sissy-sex. You’re free to do that, if you like.””What do you mean?””I mean if you see a guy you like, you’re free spend the night with him.””I don’t know about spending a whole night with a guy. I’d be afraid he’d want to start kissing me.””We’ve already talked a lot about kissing guys, Mandy. I know you don’t like it, but it’s something you’re going to have to learn to like.””Yuck…! I’ll never learn to like it! I just can’t do it.””Funny how you’ll kiss his cock, but can’t kiss his lips. You’ll start liking it eventually, and probably sooner than you think.”Anyways, while we’re here, I’m going to start teaching you about flirting and attracting cock to you. So far, I’ve been setting you up with cock, and I still will, but it’s time you learned how to go after your own cock.””How do I learn?””For starters, by dressing up for breakfast. Go jump in the shower, while I lick your wife’s pussy as she’s waking up.””She’ll like that.”~~~~After my shower, Mistress dresses me in black, fishnet stockings and a tight, gold-colored skirt. My blouse is satin-black, with a gold collar around my neck. I don’t like wearing heels again, but Sherry says the more I wear them, the better I’ll get at walking in them.They make me walk around the suite in my heels, showing me how to stick my ass out to catch a man’s eye. Mistress pulls my shoulders back so my tits stick out as we go downstairs to eat.As the hostess takes us to our table, I notice two other sissies eating with their owners. I’m glad Mistress dressed me up because those sissies are cutely dressed as well. They’re easy to spot since they’re wearing collars like me.As we’re eating, Brenda directs my attention to a very masculine gentleman taking a seat by himself.”See that guy who just came in…? He’s looking for sissy-sex.””How can you tell?””You just know after a while. Do you think he’s handsome?””I dunno. Kinda, I guess.””You can tell he’s got a nice cock by the confident way he carries himself. Maybe you should get up and walk by him. You know, test the waters.””Just walk by him?””Yeah, walk kinda close to him, but not too close. Wiggle your ass at him, like we showed you.””Naw,” I resist, “I don’t think I can do that.””Do it, Mandy. Start flirting with him, and see if he’s interested.””Do I have to?””Yes. It’s not a request.””Do it, Mandy,” Sherry prods. “You don’t have to walk up to him right away. Walk out to the hall first, and get yourself psyched up.”As I reluctantly get up and walk out to the hall, unbeknownst to me, Brenda starts texting with the guy.’I see you made it, Rob,’ she sends him a text.’Yeah,’ he texts back, ‘I left Carmel at six to get here. Where’s your sissy?”She’s in the hall, working up the courage to flirt past you. She’s the blonde wearing a gold skirt and black blouse. Act nonchalant when she walks by, but give her a smile to let her know you’re interested.”You know I’m always interested in virgin sissy ass.”That’s my Rob. I wish you were interested in my ass.”I would be if you had a cock. You know you’re not my flavor.”You gay guys are all the same, but I love you anyways.”If we liked pussy, we wouldn’t be gay. Is that her coming in?”That’s her, what do you think?”I think she’s gonna get bred tonight.’~~~~~I’m nervous as hell with my heart pounding as I walk toward him. The closer I get, the more attractive he looks to me, which is a very weird feeling, being attracted to another man.”I’m only interested in his cock,’ elvankent escort I tell myself. ‘Sucking a load of cum out of his balls is all that matters to me.’ Or so I think.His face is buried in the menu as I walk by him. I’m sticking my ass out like the girls showed me, but he doesn’t seem to even notice. I walk about twenty feet past his table, then turn around to approach him again. This time he raises his eyebrows as I get close. I smile at him, and he winks his eye and halfway smiles as I pass.I don’t know why, but getting a smile out of him makes my heart throb. I nearly stumble in my heels, barely making it back to the table without falling on my face.”That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Brenda says as I sit down.”I almost tripped over myself when he smiled at me.””That means he’s interested, and it’s obvious you’re interested in him, you little slut.””Maybe I am,” I admit, “So what do I do know?””Nothing. You’ve made your move and let him know you’re available. We’ll go about our business and let him think about it. If he’s interested, he’ll start stalking you. Just let it play out, we’ve got all day.”I keep staring at him as we eat breakfast, but he’s playing Mr. Nonchalant, barely looking my way only a few times. Brenda and Sherry giggle to each other, but I don’t have a clue what it’s all about.”The sun’s coming out,” Brenda says, “it’s time to see what our sissy looks like in a bikini.””That’s gonna be weird,” I say.”No it won’t,” Sherry says. “We’re not in Sacramento, baby. It’s normal to be a sissy in this crowd, so just let yourself go and have fun being a girl.”I’m starting to have fun being a girl. I have to admit, I was feeling kinda sassy prancing around in my tight skirt when I was flirting with that guy.~~~~~Back in our suite, I get my first experience of wearing a gaff. It’s not so bad having Brenda stuff my male parts into the little pouch. It’s when she ties the strings around me and pulls my package between my legs that things get uncomfortable. A thin string intruding up my ass crack isn’t the best feeling in the world, but when I pull my bikini bottom up and look in the mirror, I see the benefits.”Wow, my cock has disappeared!” I say to Brenda.”Hmmm…” she grabs my crotch, “no trace of a bulge anywhere, not that there’s much to hide. You’d look a lot better in that bikini if you were thinner. I’m gonna put you on a diet when we get back home.”It feels kinda cool trotting out to the beach in my bikini and flip-flops. Brenda looks so fucking hot in her bikini top that barely covers her nipples. Sherry’s top doesn’t cover much more, and my fake boobs make me feel hot as they bounce with every step I take.We walk quite a ways down the beach before Brenda finds a spot to lay out our towels. I’m getting ready to lay out and soak up the bright sun, when Brenda stops me.”We gotta switch tops,” she says.”Why?””I want you sissy-branded, with sissy lines,” she says as she gets a different top out of the beach bag.The top she puts on me is nothing more than two triangles covering my nipples, held together with strings that she ties around my back. She has me lie on my back while she and Sherry rub suntan lotion into my lily-white skin. It feels wonderful being pampered by my Mistresses.Probably an hour goes by before Brenda tells me to turn over, and the girls spread the lotion over my backside. Brenda then places several objects on my lower back as Sherry giggles.”What are you putting on my back?” I wonder.”That’s for Mistress to know, and for sissy to accept. Don’t you dare move.”By now, I know the futility of arguing with Mistress, so I just close my eyes and take a nap under the hot sun. Unbeknownst to me again, Mistress gets her phone and starts texting with that guy.”We’re on the beach, Rob, what are you doing?”Relaxing in my room after the long drive.”Rest up, sweetie. I’m getting your sissy ready for you. She’s napping right now while the sun brands her. We’ll stop at the bar for a drink after the beach. I want to come in after we get there.”Just text me and I’ll be right down. Does she know what’s going to happen?”Not a clue. I’m letting her think she’s seducing you emek escort bayan all on her own.”What a bitch you are.”I know. I’m gifted that way. Text you later… stud.’~~~~~I feel my skin burning when Mistress wakes me from my nap a few hours later.”Let’s get you out of the sun, love. You’re starting to turn red. We’ll get a drink in the bar to cool you down. Your tan is coming along very nicely.”Mistress removes the objects from my lower back, and as I turn over, I see her putting them in her purse. They look like the magnetic letters you stick on your refrigerator. I can only imagine the devious mischief Mistress is up to as she replaces my sissy-top with my bikini top and breast forms.It feels good getting out of the sun and sitting down for a cool, refreshing drink in the lounge. I find myself checking out every guy I see, staring at their bulges and wondering what it would be like to suck each one of them off. I’m getting hungry for cum. I haven’t had any since yesterday.Then I see him walking in. The guy I flirted with this morning, wearing swimming trunks and an unbuttoned, short-sleeved shirt. He looks hotter than fuck. I can’t stop admiring his muscular legs, so beautifully masculine, compared to my sissy bird legs. He stops to look around, winking at me when he sees me.His eyes sear into my brain as I stare at his bare chest. It’s obvious he works out a lot, judging from his abs and sculptured pecs. If I was to draw a picture of the perfect male body, I swear it would look just like him. He looks at me just long enough to make my clitty quiver, before taking a seat at the bar.”There’s your dream boy again,” Mistress says to me.”I knooooow,” I say in a daze, unable to take my eyes off him.”I told you he’d start stalking you. Better grab him before another sissy catches his eye.””I’m scared, Mistress, I don’t know what to do.””Just walk up to the bar like you’re ordering a drink. Let your body language tell him what you want. Then let him make the next move.”I don’t really want to, but my body is screaming for him. I timidly get up, suddenly feeling very sexy in my bikini and flip-flops. My unbuttoned beach blouse is open enough to let my breast forms stick out as I pull my shoulders back and rest my elbows on the bar. I stick my ass out as far as I can, hoping he’ll somehow notice me.”What’s your name?” I melt when he finally speaks to me.”Mandy,” I timidly reply.”I’m Rob. I saw you walking by my table in the dining room this morning. Can I buy you a drink?””Sure,” I say as I sit on the barstool next to him. “I wasn’t sure if you noticed me when I walked by you.””Are you kidding? The way you were flaunting your sissy ass? Of course, I noticed you. You looked hot in that blonde wig and gold skirt. You’re even hotter in that bikini.””Really?””Yes, really. I’d ask you to join me for dinner if we hadn’t just met.””True. We don’t really know each other.””Just because we don’t yet, doesn’t mean we can’t. Where do you live?””Sacramento.””I drove up from Carmel.”We talk for maybe a half hour, and I’m more attracted to him with every word he speaks. He leans forward a few times like he wants to kiss me, but I pull back. The thought of kissing a man still disgusts me, but I giggle like a girl when runs his hand up and down my legs. I can’t deny the strong sexual attraction I have for this man.”Do we know each other well enough now for me to ask you to dinner?””I like to,” I say, “but I’ll have to ask my Mistress first.””Go ask her. Ask her to come over and talk to me.””Okay.”~~~~~”Hey… hot bitch,” Brenda giggles when I return to the table. “He must like you. He talked to you long enough.””Gawd… I feel so light-headed. I don’t know what’s gotten into me.””I know what’s gotten into you. You’re falling for a man, sissy-girl. Enjoy it. Love it. Embrace the sissy that you are, Mandy. I’ve been training you for this.””He asked me to dinner!””Did you accept?””I did, but I said I’d have to check with my Mistress first. He wants to talk to you.””You know I’ve already given you permission. I’ll go talk to him and lay down the rules for my virgin sissy.””I’m so proud of you!” Sherry tells me as Escort eryaman Brenda makes her way over to Rob. “There’s nothing like having a man all to yourself and making love with him all night long.”~~~~~”Looks like you charmed the daylights out of my little sissy,” Brenda says to Rob.”I didn’t have to do much. Your little bitch is so ripe to be taken.””I can’t think of a better man to pop her cherry than you, Rob. I’ve loved you for so long. I’ve never been closer to a man I’ve never fucked.””We don’t have to fuck to be in love, Bren. There’s so much more to love than just fucking.””Yes, so much more indeed. You’ve taught me that over the years I’ve known you. So you think you can be gentle with her? This one’s very special to me, and I don’t want her hurt.””I’ll treat her like I’d treat you. She doesn’t seem to like kissing.””No, she doesn’t. We’ve talked about it, but the whole gay-taboo thing she was raised with is holding her back. We won’t tell her you’re gay until after you’ve de-flowered her.””I wasn’t intending to, and I bet I’ll have her kissing and loving it in the morning.””If anyone can, you can, Rob. You wanna pick her up at our suite? I’ll have her dressed to kill, and I’ll make sure she’s cleaned out real good inside before I give her to you.””Gotta have a clean ass to pop a bitch’s cherry. I’ll fill her ass so full of cum, she’ll never be the same.””They never are.”~~~~~”OK, kiddo,” Brenda says when she returns, “sissy’s got a hot date! Let’s go up and get you ready for sex! There’s a lot to do to get ready for a night like this.”I’m not sure why I feel so giddy when we get back to our suite, but Mistress seems to know. She takes me into the bathroom first thing and closes the door. She gives me the sweetest kisses, sweeter than she’s ever given me before. My little clitty is hard as hell.”Mmmm… sissy is excited,” Mistress strokes my clitty.”I can’t help it, Mistress. I’m so excited!””You don’t have to stop it tonight, baby. Your clitty is throbbing for a man. Let it stay hard for him. Let him make you cum.””When was the last time you pooped?” she asks me, out of the blue.Somewhat taken aback by such a personal inquiry, I tell her I did it right after lunch.”I have to teach you about something that’s not so fun,” she shows me an enema kit. “Do you know what this is?””Enema?””Remember watching the sissies doing it in the videos?””Yeah, it didn’t look very fun.””It can be, if you think about why you’re doing it. A sissy always cleans herself for her man. Do you think you can do it by yourself?””I think so.””Good, I’ll give you privacy then. Open the door when you’re finished. Make sure your liquid is perfectly clear the last time you rinse. Remember, you’re going to be sucking whatever goes up there tonight.”It’s somewhat embarrassing giving myself several enemas before I’m clean, but I’m glad Mistress gave me the privacy to do it by myself. Before opening the door, I gaze at my naked body in the mirror. The hours in the sun have truly branded me with the sissy lines Mistress told me about.There are lily-white triangles about four inches in size, prominently displaying my sissy nipples. My skin has started turning golden-brown, with white skin in the female shape of a bikini bottom around my ass. All-in-all, I kinda like the look, although now I won’t be able to take my shirt off around men, like at the gym.~~~~~Mistress takes extra care with my makeup while Sherry glues sexy fingernail extensions on my nails. She paints my toenails to match, as Mistress puts false eyelashes on me. I’ve never felt so sexy. I’ve never felt so girly. I’ve never felt so ready for sex, as I do right now.Mistress gives me a pair of sheer white nylons to roll up my legs and lacy-white panties. I ask her why everything is white, and she tells me it’s because I’m still a virgin sissy.The transparent nipple suction cups Mistress glues on make my nipples stick out about an inch-and-a-half. My nipples are clearly visible through my sheer-white, transparent bra. Mistress says no breast forms tonight. This is pure sissy-sex tonight, and Rob wants a pure sissy, not a girl wannabe.My see-through crop top blouse leaves nothing to the imagination. My nipples are fully exposed, with bare skin from my waist to just below my bra. My tiny, hot-pink mini-skirt barely covers my ass and my clitty throbs when I see myself in the mirror. I’m dressed in full-blown sissy mode, my clitty is bulging against my mini-skirt, and I feel fuckin’ hot!

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