Sister in Law Stops By Pt. 03


So from my previous stories you know my wife’s sister seemed to always show up whenever my wife was away. Well it was time to turn the tables on her.

My wife was once again out with the girls so I was all alone. I loved this time. I put on a new peach colored strapless bra, then a pair of very light blue see thru panties. I topped this off with a dark blue top of my wife’s that barely covered my ass. I topped it off with a gold necklace and a red bangle bracelet. I felt very sexy.

I had decided to surprise my sister in law, Gayle, at her house. I knew her husband was gone all day.

Getting into my car in the garage no one would see me in my little short outfit. So I started to drive over to her house, I was quite excited.

Apparently I was too excited as soon there were flashing lights in my rear view mirror. I had to laugh at myself, dressed up sexy for Gayle and the cops pull me over.

He was a young guy and as he walked up to my window looked inside the car. My legs were exposed and my pretty panties too. I couldn’t help but realize that I was semi hard under those panties.

He explained I was speeding and asked where I was going. When I said my sister in laws, he laughed and said lucky her. His eyes stripped me naked as he stood there, then he said I guess I shouldn’t have you come back to the car.

I told him I didn’t care and I would if he asked.

He said maybe another etimesgut escort time and that he would keep an eye out for my car. I told him I hoped he would that I might not always be dressed so sexily. He smiled and said we would see and let me go.

As I pulled away I could not believe the precum that was dripping from my panties. I was so turned on.

I drove carefully to Gayle’s house. Their house was a secluded lot so no one would see me. I got out and pranced to the door. Ringing the bell I waited on her, a huge spot on my panties very visible.

She laughed when she saw me at the door. Turning the tables I see, she said.

I brushed by her letting my shirt shift open showing off my new bra.

Inside we sat on the couch and talked. We always got along well so it was easy to talk with her, but I was excited as well. My cock was half hard as we talked.

She was wearing jeans and a t shirt but after a little time passed she went to her bedroom to change.

I could not peek so I snuck up the stairs and watched her slide her jeans down over her cute little ass. Her pink panties were pretty and complimented her black bra. Her tits were pushed up and out of her bra, I loved her like this.

Slipped the panties off and then unhooked her bra and tossed it aside. I was slowly rubbing my cock in my panties as I saw her naked body. It was so etimesgut escort bayan hot.

She went into the bathroom and I slipped downstairs. Sitting down my panties were visible and the shirt gapped open showing my peach bra.

When she came back she had on gray leggings, tight and a camisole top.

Smiling she came and climbed into my lap.

I began to nuzzle her neck and caress her breasts. He nipples hardened with my touch and she pulled my mouth to them. Slipping her top up I sucked a nipple into my mouth. Kissing and sucking I fondled the other breast. I grew even harder in my panties.

She said she had a surprise for me and then she peeled her leggings down.

She had trimmed her pubic hair and shaved her vagina lips. She looked so sexy.

Kneeling at her feet I dove in and began to lick her lips and clit. She pulled my shirt off leaving me in bra and panties.

She told me how she liked to see me in bra and panties, so sexy she said.

I was completely turned on as she talked and I licked her pussy.

By now I was quite hard and she pulled my cock out of my panties. Her hot wet mouth slid over the head of my shaft and began to slide up and down the length of my penis. I got even harder.

I couldn’t wait any longer and climbed between her legs. I didn’t ease in I rammed it hard into her raging hot wet pussy. escort etimesgut She took me deep and met each thrust.

In and out my rod hammered her twat, over and over, harder and harder. I sucked her nipples as well. We were so turned on.

She turned over and got on her hands and knees, letting me drive in from the rear. Her cute little ass pointed at me as I shoved my cock into her pussy. I reached around and began to stroke her clit. Soon she was ready to cum.

I wanted that cum so I crawled under her and began to eat her again. Soon she orgasmed and cum leaked from her pussy. She was sopping wet, so I licked her clean.

As she recovered I stood over her and let my cock hang in her face. She turned and began to suck my dick. She took most of it into her mouth. Fondling her tits I hoped for more.

I slipped one finger into her pussy as she sucked my cock. Getting it good and wet I let it slide down to her ass. Before I could slip it in she pulled it away. She wasn’t ready yet I knew.

Instead she pulled her legs up to her chest, opening my view of cleanly shaved lips. I drove my hard cock into her pussy and began to pound it hard. It wasn’t long until I was ready to cum.

Burying it deep in her vagina, I let loose with stream after stream of hot creaming cum. I pulled my dripping cock from her pussy and let her lick me clean.

I then returned the favor savoring her pussy under my lips. Licking my cum and hers from her pussy. It was so very hot and sexy.

We lay there naked in each others arms and talked about the get together at her house the next day. She promised to wear something sexy and let me sneak a peek or even a feel.

I hoped she needed me in the garage and I could see her titties again. MMMMM…..

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