Slave Booth [Part 1] [GloryHole Series]


Slave Booth [Part 1] [GloryHole Series](DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction. I do not recommend or encourage anyone to engage in unprotected anonymous sexual activity of any kind.Of course, you do not have permission to copy my work unless I am credited for it. If you want to share my writing outside this site, just let me know first.This story is about the GAY! So, if you happen to be uninterested in that kind of material, can’t say I didn’t warn ya. If you’re a gal, just imagine you’re me! That’s the beauty of fiction isn’t it?)I was very anxious while walking beyond the black curtain into that dark hallway, and very happy that Mike was into my idea. The only reason I was so dismissive toward him yesterday was because it was my first time at an arcade. Once I became comfortable with the environment, I left regretting not letting him into my booth. Tonight, I came prepared. I shaved my entire body and got my hair cut so the hood would fit appropriately.Mike chose a booth right at the front, away from the wall, and locked the door behind us. I could hear a man moaning and failing to keep his stance against the wall next to me. I couldn’t tell if he was cumming or not. Most men were rather quiet yesterday.Once we were in, I immediately undressed myself completely. The floor was a bit unclean, but I expected it anyway. Mike got to work setting up two separate cameras, not including his phone, and when he was finished, he reached into my coat for the materials I decided to bring. He positioned me with his hands, kneeling me down in front of the hole facing the center of the room. I guess the man in the neighboring booth had cum, as I could see him buttoning his shirt, preparing to leave. His cock was still hanging out above his jeans, wet, throbbing, and expelling little drops of cum onto the floor. Whoever sucked his cock must have done a fantastic job. I never saw a man’s glans so red and swollen in my life. The thought of pleasuring someone to that extent made my own cock stiffen and press against the wall türbanlı kayseri escort in front of me.After tying my ankles together, Mike tied my knees together, then my wrists behind my lower back, and then I felt the hood slipping over my head. He fastened the bottom of the hood around my neck, and covered the eyes with a blindfold. I had already parted my lips in anticipation of the gag, and in no time, I felt the tip of a firm rubber cock at the entrance to my mouth. It wasn’t long, but it was thick and forced my jaw open. The tip rested just at the back of my throat between my tonsils, spreading them open. I wouldn’t have chosen this attachment had I known it would be so uncomfortable. The base of the gag was attached to an over-the-mouth strip that matched the hood. The rubber itself wasn’t the greatest taste I’d ever experienced, but it did tease my taste buds and make my tongue wet.The sounds of porn and subtle grunts, as men lost their ability to remain silent, made me so anxious I hadn’t noticed the precum rolling down my leg. Once I did, I couldn’t ignore it. I huffed and quietly grunted into my gag, hoping that Mike would show some sympathy for me, but he didn’t move or make a sound. I have no idea what he was doing.The first visitor to the booth in front of me left almost as quickly as he walked in. He likely looked through the hole and decided he didn’t want part in this. I was getting frustrated, but a couple minutes after the next hesitant visitor entered the neighboring booth, I felt Mike lean over my shoulder, and I heard a tapping on the wall. Then my gag was unclipped from my hood, and the artificial cock was pulled from my mouth.I couldn’t take two breaths before Mike’s hand was gripping the back of my neck and a soft, warm, thick membrane was on the tip of my tongue. The glans wasn’t very thick, but I could tell the cock was still limp. The flesh beneath his head yielded when I tightened my lips, forcing his glans to swell against my tongue. With türbanlı kayseri escort bayan Mike’s hand holding my mouth against the wall, I couldn’t very well treat this cock with enough respect to lubricate it properly, and the man had trouble getting deeper into my mouth with his skin balling up against my lips. He wasn’t as timid as I thought at first, showing his determination by backing up and pressing harder.Trying to force his cock into my mouth was clearly getting him off. He got hard fast and I started tasting precum under my tongue. I was going to try and open up a little wider, but he was enjoying himself. Unexpectedly, he backed up about an inch, flexed his cock, and thrust his pelvis against the wall. When his glans left my mouth, he must have made the outide of my lips wet. I felt the ring of dry skin, that was preventing him from filling me fully, roll over my lips, and his head collided with my back of my throat, making me choke and wince. He immediately grunted out loud, probably not anticipating the harsh sensation, but I tried my best to make him not regret it.I closed my throat around the swollen knob, still soft, but much firmer beneath the surface now. It wasn’t the largest stick, but that didn’t bother me. Somewhat thin, long enough to get between my tonsils, lots of loose skin to roll my tongue around. Mike took his hand off of my head, and I could hear him unzip his jeans. I decided to keep my head still at first with the man’s throbbing mushroom against the back of my throat. I used my tongue, pressing up against the bottom of his now rock solid cock, rolling it forward and backward as if trying to stick it out of my mouth, doing my best not to gag or choke.I had only done this six or seven times before his whole cock jumped inside my mouth, his glans swelled firm and thick, and I was surprised with the taste of cum. My reflexes made me want to pull him out of me, but Mike’s hand was back on my neck and his control was unyielding. His cum türbanlı escort kayseri was hot and thick, and there wasn’t much I could do but let his shots run down my throat. His cum tasted good and the amount was no problem at all, but every time he shot, his glans would jump into the top of my throat and it made me want to gag. I think sitting with the gag in my throat was actually a good precursor to this, as it loosened my muscles and prepared me for a little discomfort. I’d never been forced to swallow every drop fast as it could be released before. The submissive feeling washing over me was riveting.I wasn’t sure how ‘givers’ at glory holes behaved before yesterday, but the four gentlemen I pleasured all left just after they came. I figured this was standard, but this man refused to leave my mouth. I wasn’t sure how much cum I swallowed, but the taste filled my mouth as he drained himself. A cock that’s just orgasmed is one of the best things in the world when it’s not taken away from you. This one in particular got a little softer but remained fully erect. I could feel his heartbeat through his pulsating flesh as began to relax.He began pulling out, and just as I thought his glans was about to slide out through my lips, his cock was making its way back toward my throat. I moaned softly with approval. His strokes were gentle and long. He liked bringing the base of his glans up to my lips, and sliding it all the way back until he touched my throat. Once I figured out his rhythm, I developed a little pattern. I would dance and roll my tongue around his tip as he pulled back, and thicken my tongue as I sucked my cheeks together while he pushed in, creating as tight a warm hole as possible.He very slowly got softer, and throughout the process I was gifted with a mixture of more cum and precum. One, in particular, I felt laid out across my tongue from back to front during one of his slow out-strokes. I swallowed every time if it wouldn’t interrupt his pleasure. He took his final stroke from the back of my mouth until his glans slipped out from between my lips with a wet click.“Ugh! Plea- mm!“I could only gasp and begin to ask Mike to please touch me before my cock gag was back inside my mouth. He gave me a couple pats on my cheek as he re-secured the gag and adjusted the hood, and then I heard the door of the neighboring booth open, and the man walked out.

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