Slave Life: Part 1


Slave Life: Part 1Prologue: My thick thighs quivered and shook as the man standing behind me, my Master, fucked my tight cunt into the bathroom wall. My loud moans filled the room as I shot a huge load all over my thighs and the floor. I had never been fucked like this before! I didn’t care who heard my loud moans as they echoed across the tile filled bathroom, and I didn’t care who heard the sound of my Master penetrating my ass with his enormous cock. Just then my Master moaned and shot his load deep into my tight, warm, and heavily fucked ass. When he had finished pumping his load into my ass, the warm and sticky goodness caused me to cum yet again! Without him having to utter a single word to me, I whipped around and sank to my knees. My well trained mouth found the tip of his cock and I deepthroated my Master on the first try. He was gripping the back of my long, dark, and freshly straighted brown hair and forcing me to lick his cock. With Denton’s cum dripping out of my ass and my saliva dripping from his cock, he forced my mouth from his giant 11 inch cock and made me stand up. He smiled at me as he dragged me off towards the showers…This has become my life’s reality over the short course of a year, but yes, let me back up and start at the simple stuff. My name is Alice Claire Dojinovic, I am barely 18 years old, I weigh 125 pounds, I am 5’8 and I have a very toned body. My years of working out, building body tone, taking hormones, getting my body hair waxed, and growing long hair has left me a very feminine person. Oh, and lets not forget one of the more important details! I am a slave… A personal slut, cumdumpster, maid, and I am Master Denton’s little slave. His very own fucktoy… Wait, before I continue, let me tell you the story of how I got here. It is very special and so very true. My personal story of how I became a transexual slave…————————————————————————————————It had been so long since I have seen my beloved girlfriend Brooke, we have been dating for quite some time, yet she knows very little about me. I have a c***dhood friend in Pennslyvannia, one of my faraway friends that I have little opprotunity to see or communicate with, but we did things when we were extremely little. I miss the South, it is my home, I was sent away because of my late mother’s surgery, and, being untrustworthy alone at my house (having snuck out and thrown parties several times), my parents asked if I would go and stay with my grandparents for a while. I didn’t mind really, I have been itching to leave, or, I should say that Joshua has been itching to leave town. You see, I am a crossdresser and a bisexual, and I have been for quite some time. Alice is my preferred personality and I feel so alive when I crossdress and act like the sissy-slut that I truly am! As I look through my dufflebag full of Alice’s… I mean… My clothes… I pick out some clothes for the evening. I have two bags full of girly stuff, thongs, nail polish, bras, eyeliner, make-up, lingerie, perfume, razors, and everything else a girl needs for two months away from home! My other bag is Josh’s clothes, baggy pants, swimming trunks, boxers, brass knuckles, that whole deal. I quickly glance through both bags and decide with overwhelming force! I decide to wear a lace black thong (a gift from my girlfriend), a black bra with green padding, booty shorts that even a hooker would consider too short, and my black converse. I sigh as my phone begins to ring… It is my grandmother of course, reminding me of the picnic that I am forced by social pressure to attend. I snap out of my daydream and throw on sweatpants and a ZooYork shirt and finish packing my backpack. In my backpack I throw in a condom (just in case), my make-up, eyeliner, my lipstick, and my favorite torn Whitechapel t-shirt that reveals far too much of my chest and back. I quickly run down the stairs into my red 2007 Camry and throw the keys in the ignition. I begin daydreaming again but am yet again intterupted by my cellular phone.I thought to myself “Really Kathy? Now is not the time to be bothering me with your stupid mannerisms and rules!” I quickly glance at my phone but am shocked to see that it is not Kathy (my grandmother), but an unknown number. I flip my phone open and say “Hello, may I ask who is calling?”, a man’s voice sounds on the other end.”Is this Josh?”. I switched to my male jargon in an instant.”Yeah, what’s up nigga? Who be ringing my phone up? celtabet giriş You callin’ about JS? He isn’t here, he is down South at his house, doin’ his thing, you know that.” The same voice sounds back at me and says “This is Denton, we used to hang out as k**s! Remember? Jesus man, you have changed a lot… I am going to be at the picnic today, celebrating my mother’s retirement.”I could almost picture him now, the same little boy that I had known so many years ago. We concluded our conversation and I drove off on the terribly paved road that led to the picnic. My heart was dark with sadness as my thoughts traveled as I drove… My thong wedging up my ass as I drove, making me semi-hard as I parked my car.”Damn cigarettes!” I thought to myself, I had left my favorite lighter and cigarettes in the car, I starting back to the car to get them.As I rounded the corner, running towards the parking lot, I barreled into a tall, muscular man, dressed in skater clothes. I apologized, but as I turned to start back on my way to the car, that same voice from the car stopped me. I whipped about in a virulent fashion, wind rushing past my ears as I heard “Damn Josh, I didn’t recognize you! Where are you going before you shake my hand and say hello? Where are those famous Southern manners?”I frowned at Denton, even though I grew up in the South, my real home was Belgrade, Republic of Serbia. I continued scowling and talking as a man, explaining why I was returning to my car. My scowl was really hiding arousal and disbelief, and I think that Denton knew it or sensed it. My cock was stiffining and I had to walk slowly to keep it from coming out of its tucked position within my thong. We walked and talked, I grabbed my cigarettes lit one and we walked past the picnic, down a dirt road, talking about the past and what not. Sex and experience eventually surfaced in our conversation and we both admitted to being bi. He told me that he was always attracted to my small figure and lean body, that he fantasized about me once or twice. Then he said something shocking… He stopped me cold in my tracks and asked “Are you a sissy-slut?” I didn’t know what to do!I stammered over my words and said “N-n-n… n-n-n, no way man!” He laughed and turned me around and said “Why are you walking with such a strut then, swinging your ass like a girl? Oh, and do you think I am as blind as your grandparents? I could see your hard dick half a mile away, you are wearing sweatpants dude!” It took some convincing, but I told the truth. He smiled and told me to get ready… I was by this time very excited, I hoped he was going to do what I wanted him to do. Denton pulled me into some nearby bushes and ordered me to feel his muscular body. I was nervous and paranoid… My shaking hands roamed over his perfectly sculpted body, then I saw it. Protruding out of his gym shorts was a huge but slim, 10 inch cock. I guess I stood there with my mouth open for quite some time as he said “Don’t stand there with your mouth open unless you want something in it! Josh…” He commanded me to take off my guy clothes and I complied without thinking. I was on my knees in my sexy lace thong and bra before I knew it, staring at his now free 10 inch cock. He didn’t even give me thirty seconds to admire its beauty before a powerful hand grabbed the back of my neck and forced my mouth unto his cock. The first time my mouth touched his dick I knew I wanted more. I deepthroated him on the first time down on it, not gagging a bit, trying to impress him. As I pulled my mouth off of him to regain my breath I looked up at him and said “Call me Alice.”, then I was back to blowing him. I licked up and down his shaft and then deepthroated him in one swift motion, licking the head after every few bobs of my own head. His moans and growls told me that I was doing a good job as Denton told me to suck him harder! I used my mouth as a vacuum, sucking hard on the top 1/4th of his cock, making him yell with my name with some lusty words.”Aliceeee!!! Oh fuck yes you slut, suck my hard cock. Make me cum all over your little harlot face.” I proceeded to say “Yes sir.” on his dick, the vibrations driving him insane with lust for me, his new slut. Then he told me to stop… I looked up at him and he forcefully grabbed the back of my head, pulling my hair and making my yelp in the process. The pain of fighting my gag reflex, the dick resting firmly in my mouth, my sexy clothes, and the beautiful specimen of man in front of me celtabet yeni giriş was driving me crazy; driving out almost all of the surroundings. These thoughts were nearly thrown out of me as Denton fucked my face, taking no mercy whatsoever on me. His thighs slapped against my face and his cock poked the back of my throat making my tear up. His violent thrusts soon caused my nose to become smashed, blood dripping out of one nostril. Then in one motion, Denton prodded down my throat, farther than anything else had ever gone before; then I felt it. His sticky goodness, his ropey, hot cum was being shot down my throat! I was practically drowning in his cum as I swallowed and swallowed more cum. His long jets seemed to last for hours as he pulled out of mouth, still spewing cum all over my face. I kept my eyes open as he did so, staring at his dick, not flinching a single bit. Once Denton finally stopped he let out a barbaric shout full of sexual conquest, sexual conquest over me… I licked the cum off of my lips and wiped the rest into my mouth. Its sweet but salty taste made my mouth thick with it, making it hard to swallow even my own saliva. The back of my throat was sore, I could already tell that I would barely be able to speak for a short time…As Denton stood there, his massive body shaking before me, he did the unexpected. He ordered me to turn around and face my ass towards him. I felt my thong being brushed away as I knew what would come next. I heard something hitting the ground though, I wasn’t sure what though, I panicked but knew Denton was right there and nobody could see us.Instead of the massive 10 inch cock I was expecting to be thrust against the entrance to my ass (I refer to it as my cunt from now on), I felt a wet, soft, and pleasuring tongue against my cunt. My eyes must have gotten 1000x bigger when I felt this! I smiled deeply to myself as Denton began to rim… I mean… Eat my cunt out! Before long my thighs quaked in pleasure, and out of this blind lust came the faint cry of “Master Denton!!! Master… You are my master… Please, this is so good. Don’t stop… Ah!!! Ah!!!! I am going to squirt my juices… Oh fuck! Fuck….”, with that I squirted juices everywhere and swiftly collapsed unto the ground. I vaguely remember him standing over me smiling at me as he picked me up.. I was in no condition to go anywhere, I was still in an orgasmic haze. I woke up about an hour later in a strange car, with all of my personal belongings next to me, I jolted upwards and cried out before a hand was shoved over my mouth.It was Denton… He said to me in a soothing voice, “Alice, calm down, you are with me now. Sh… I already talked to your grandparents and parents, they are letting their “big boy” crash with his friend for the remainder of your time here.”I fell back into a deep sleep listening to his voice, barely registering that I was clad only in my thong. When I awoke again it was morning, and I was laying next to Denton, his cock being pressed against my ass. I noticed my stuff was laid out for me, and a note was there explaining my new situation, what was expected of me for the rest of the day, and so on. I slipped on a white and black lace corset which was laying at the foot of the bed, as well as a black tutu. I decided to go commando and wear no underwear, “Easier access if I was to be eaten out again anyways!” I thought. I headed towards the bathroom and did my hair and make-up, opting for a whorish look today. Styling and teasing my hair into a scene style. I smiled to myself and began with my morning chores, which included but was not limited to cleaning the house (accomplished in 10 minutes), and making breakfast for Denton… I mean Master Denton, that is what the note said I should address him as from now on.I went into Master Denton’s bedroom, the room I had woken up in, and gently shook Master Denton out of his sleep filled paradise. He looked at me and said in a cool voice “Good morning Slave Alice, I see you have put on the clothes I set out for you and did your chores. Excellent! This will become your new routine Alice, disobey and you will be punished in various ways.” I smiled at him as he ate his breakfast and got ready for work. I helped him into his suit (my Master is a computer designer) and other articles of clothing. All the while he teased my clit (former cock) and played with me. When it was time for him to leave at 10:30 AM, I was erect and my ass was begging to be fucked. He told celtabet güvenilirmi me to expect him to be back about 8:30 PM tonight, and that I was to prepare dinner and set the table for tonight. He gave me explicit instructions that dinner was to be steaming hot on the table when he walked in, and I was to be kneeling to the left of the door, waiting for him with my face on the floor. Oh… I was to keep all the windows open and wear only a necklace that said “I <3 Cock" from the time he left till the time he came back. As he walked out the door, me kissing him as he left, he turned to me and said "Alice! One last thing I didn't mention. On the kitchen counter there is a group of butt plugs, get the biggest one, slut. Keep it in all day, and don't you dare take it out! I can tell, I always can tell." With those and intructions and that vague warning, he left me at the door and started towards his car.I shut the door and sprinted to the kitchen, quickly stripping off my clothes and grabbing the biggest butt plug off of the kitchen counter. I set it on the floor and forced myself unto it, splitting my cunt apart and earning several screams, moans, and tears from me. I got it wedged inside of me well and was satisfied by its stability inside of me. When I stood up and walked towards Master Denton's room, the huge butt plug caused me to walk strangely, waddling and taking small steps, grimaces of pain sweeping across my face with every step. After 5 minutes of merely walking 15 feet down a hall way, my cunt was already gaping and sore, wanting relief already. Master's warning reverberated within my mind as I almost yanked it out of my aching cunt.. I let it be as I retrieved the necklace and started towards the kitchen. I sat on the floor and masturbated, my clit fully erect and large. I ended up spewing cum everywhere and was forced to mop it up, no easy task with the huge butt plug inside of me. I did small chores until it was time to prepare dinner, I was cooking gorgonzola, my favorite dish. Every movement made me ache with pleasure and I had to stop several times to masturbate. Each time I felt hornier than the other, making myself become frustrated with my own slutiness. By the time dinner was served up on the table it was already 8:20 PM, giving me little time to prepare for Master Denton's coming. I waddled to the door and began the process of kneeling, something that took me several minutes to accomplish. By the time I was fully situated on the floor, Master Denton burst in, perfectly on time! He smiled when he saw me and told me to take the butt plug out. When I pulled it out, it made a distinctive ~plop~ sound that was well recieved by Master. He looked down at me in my pitiful state and said to me, "Excellent, I will no longer make you put in that big of a butt plug. That was a test to see if you were really willing to be a slave to me, and you are. Judging by your state and how much your cunt is gaping, I would wager that you kept it in the entire time. "Didn't you slut?"I continued to look down but nodded a firm "Yes" to him. He next gave me permission to sit at the table and eat, as well as talk. As we sat down at the dinner table he looked at my plate with a mixture of resentment and hatred. He said to me "What sauce did you use on yours?"I replied back "White sauce, same as the way I make it at home." Master Denton shook his head in a rather violent manner and said "You are not at home Alice, are you? You are never to season your food without telling me! How dare you slut!!!" With these harsh words he whipped out his hard dick and grabbed my plate and began to masturbate over it, meanwhile dumping the white sauce that I had spent hours preparing into his plate. He masturbated for what seemed hours until he growled and shot cum all in my pasta. He looked up at me and smiled, his eyes seemingly saying "Here is some real white sauce for you bitch, Alice!" I took one look and then greedily ate my new cum-covered meal, savouring the flavor of his cum. He looked at me with a sudden smile as I slurped his cum out of the bowl... He then said "Slut, tomorrow we are going to go swimming at the local aqua club. I have a unique day in store for you Alice! Tomorrow is the day you will remember for the remainder of your life." With that said... He got up and left the table, leaving me to clean up, but as he left he pointed down to his cock and winked. ;)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Afterword: This story is based on my life and is my first erotic writing. I am glad for all the inspiration that other Xhamster stories have given me, and I hope that you enjoyed reading it. Please give me as many comments and as much feedback as possible, I enjoy it. I love you all! -Alice

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