Sleeping Over With Aunt Bethany


Sleeping Over With Aunt Bethany”This is so fun!” I said, feeling myself beam at my beautiful Aunt Bethany as I snuggled up to her in her cozy bed. “I never got to do this with my mom.” I was just so in love with her, though I didn’t know how to talk to her about it. Now laying with her, in our pjs, feel her breasts bare underneath her silky gown, smelling the soft skin of her neck right up against my face, I found her more intoxicating than ever. I couldn’t help nuzzling her and rubbing my knees against her thigh. I was getting really turned on. “You’re so beautiful,” she said to me a she rubbed my back and pulled me in close against her body. I about melted into her, aching to cover her soft mouth with my lips and kiss her all over. But, I restrained myself and saw her eyes starting to get heavy. I watched her falling asleep, noting the changes in her breathing and how her chest rose and fell, the faint kuşadası escort outlines of her dark nipples just visible through her night dress.I was so turned on, there was no way I was going to sleep. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and had to have a peek at her. I slowly eased the bottom of her night dress up over her knees and up, up expecting to see panties and found instead her naked vagina! She was covered in a lovely, natural coat of hair and I wanted to touch her.Suddenly she was stirring. My heart jumped into my throat. She was groggy and didn’t seem too clear what was happening. But she looked down and realized what I was doing. “We can’t…” she said, still waking up.”Why not?” I asked. “I love you more than anyone in the world. And it’s just us here, no one has to know.””But, I’m not a lesbian.” She said.”You don’t have to be. You only escort kuşadası need to enjoy being touched by someone who loves you, like I do. So much.” She paused and seemed to consider it. “It has been a long time since I’ve been touched…” she said.”I want to make you feel good. Please?”She smile. “Our secret,” she said, laying back down next to me.I nodded. I couldn’t believe it! It was like 100 Christmas mornings all at once! I lifted her gown again and rubbed her gently, watching the expression change on her face as I pleasured her. Her vagina was warm and soft, the skin pliable and pleasant to play with. Touching her was like playing a sensitive instrument. I loved how her pubic hair felt under my fingertips as I rubbed her in slow circles. Then I pushed down further, caressing her up and down. Some slippery liquid came out of her and I smoothed kuşadası escort bayan it over her skin. She let out a sigh as I did this. It was so hot!I kissed down her body until my face was nestled down between her thighs. I extended my tongue and took my first taste of vagina. She was hot and ready for me, her clit slightly swollen and poking out between her lips. I made circles again, hearing her moaning come up louder as I licked her pussy with a passionate curiosity, exploring every fold and crevice of her body with my tongue. I loved feeling her responses all up and down my body as I lay on top of her. Her thighs began to quiver. “I’m gonna cum…” she whispered. I couldn’t wait. Then it happened, she humped into my face, pushing my head down into her lap harder as I licked her through the orgasm. “Ohhh! Ohhh unnnggghhhh!” She groaned and writhed with the ecstasy of it. I felt her muscles twitching in my mouth, then they stopped and she let out a deep sigh. I looked up at her, she was looking down at me, my hair dr****g over her tummy. “I want to do it again,” I said. She smiled and pulled her knees up so her pussy blossomed in front me like a flower, a deep beautiful red inside. “You can do it as many times as you want!”

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