Soccer Mom Slave, Chapter 10


Saturday Evening By 7:00 they had finished their room service dinner. Master had showered and dressed, Brenda was nude. Brenda didn’t eat much, she couldn’t stop thinking about what might happen tonight. They were going home tomorrow so she knew that she whatever happened tonight she would be wearing the white dress. The only thing she was sure of is they weren’t going out to dinner. She thought Master was probably going to take her into the casino for more gambling. It was fun showing off in the casino last night but the white dress was so much more revealing. Even after the afternoon at the pool, the white dress still intimidated her. Could she really wear it in public? Master finally broke the silence. “We’re doing something special tonight slave. You’re going to wear the white dress. I want to be downstairs at 8:00 so you had better get ready.” “Yes sir.” Brenda got up and went into the bathroom. She showered, shampooed her hair and shaved carefully. After fixing her hair she put on her makeup and looked at herself in the mirror. She closed her eyes and tried to steady herself. After a moment she walked out into the room, it was 7:45. Master was not in the room. Brenda walked to the sliding door and looked on the balcony, it was deserted. She turned and noticed the white dress lying on the bed. As she walked toward the bed she noticed a pair of shoes on the floor below the dress. There was a necklace of some sort laying on the dress partially covered by a note. The pearl panties were just below the note and necklace. Brenda picked up and read the note. “Get dressed and meet me in the lounge where we had our drinks last night. Do Not Keep Me Waiting.” Brenda looked at the necklace on the dress. It was like nothing she had seen before. It was made of fine silver chain. It had a choker collar with two long chains attached at the center of the choker. The necklace was laid on the dress to simulate how it was worn. The long chains hung down from the choker and then looped up to the area of the dress that covers the nipples. On the end of each chain there was a small adjustable loop. Hanging from the loop was a short piece of chain about two inches long with a small silver bobble attached. Brenda realized immediately the loops were to be attached to her nipples. Brenda was still holding the note, her hand shaking. She swallowed hard as she thought of wearing the necklace. Brenda looked down at the shoes on the floor, a pair of white stilettos. She picked up one of the shoes. The first thing she noticed was the extremely high heels, at least 5 inches. The shoes had ankle straps that were about one inch wide. There was a small metal ring attached to the strap and holes in the leather for the rings to pass through. A small unlocked pad lock was hanging from the metal ring. Brenda recognized that the padlocks would attach the leather straps to her ankles. Holding the shoe in her hand, she looked at the dress and necklace again. I’m going to look like a whore, she thought. Brenda felt tears well up in her eyes. She looked up at the ceiling and fought the urge to cry. First off, you’re not going to ruin your make up! Brenda thought. Second, you’re a slave. Third, you’ve been given an order, so stop acting like a little girl and do as you’re told. Brenda’s emotional moment passed quickly. She put down the shoe and picked up the necklace with shaking hands. She adjusted and attached the choker around her neck, then turned her attention to the little loops. Seeing they were easy to adjust, she attached first one and the other to her nipples. After some minor adjustment she had loops set so they were securely attached but were not too tight or uncomfortable. She stood for a moment looking down at her tits. The bobbles disappeared from sight below her nipples. She shook her body back and forth and felt the bobbles bouncing about on the lower part of the tits. That’s really not an unpleasant feeling, she thought. Brenda picked up the pearl panties and put them on, the double row of pearls slipped between her wet cunt lips. Brenda took a moment to adjust the pearls on either side of her clit as Madam Claudette had instructed her. She walked across the room and back to the bed. “Oh, that’s really and truly not an unpleasant feeling” Brenda picked up the dress and quickly put it on. It seemed even more revealing than when she was in the store. She didn’t look in the mirror, afraid of what she might see. Brenda sat down and put on her shoes. Realizing that she wouldn’t be able to change the fit once she locked the padlocks, she took some time adjusting the ankle straps. Finally she locked each padlock. The heels were higher than anything had worn before. Brenda walked carefully to the door. She felt like she was on her tip toes. The shoes forced her to walk with short jerky steps swinging her hips in an exaggerated movement that made her ass wiggle seductively. Every jerky step made her tits bounce enticingly under the loose dress. The bobbles attached to her nipples never stopped moving. Brenda was breathing rapidly now. She looked at the clock, 7:55. Master expected her to meet him at 8:00. It was time to go, right now. Brenda looked at the dresser where she left her room keycard. It wasn’t there. She looked around quickly bit didn’t see it anywhere. It suddenly occurred to her that her Master probably took it. Brenda closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes she looked at the door. It seemed like it took all her effort to make that first step toward the door. When Brenda reached the door she hesitated briefly, opened the door and stepped out into the hallway. The door automatically closed behind her. The sound of the door latching shut seemed much louder than before. Brenda walked down the hall carefully. She found a pace that while still jerky, gave her a sense of confidence in the high heels. By the time she reached the elevator, it was hard to ignore the pearl panties. The pearls were rubbing against her clit and stimulating her in a way she had never experienced before. Madam Claudette was right, Brenda thought. This really does feel divine. Brenda stood in front of the elevator and pushed the down button. She could see her indistinct reflection in the metal doors. Finally she stepped to the side almanbahis and looked at herself in the mirrored wall. Not a whore, she thought. A slave! Even though Brenda knew what to expect her appearance still shocked her. The dress left her almost totally exposed. The necklace was so sexually suggestive, the shoes with the impossibly high heels and locks on each strap screamed “SLAVE!” Brenda shuddered. How can I go through with this? She remembered the door to the room was locked, there was no going back. Brenda jumped when the bell announced the arrival of the elevator car. The door opened but Brenda didn’t move. She continued to look at herself in the mirror. After a moment, the doors started to close. Brenda quickly reached out and pressed the down button again. The doors stopped, then reversed and opened again. Brenda stepped into the car. As she rode the elevator down Brenda did her best to steady herself and resolved to follow through with her Master’s orders. She was a slave, if her Master chose to dress her this way she would comply. She wondered if she would be the same after this evening. The elevator stopped, the doors opened. The din of noise unique to a crowded casino on a Saturday night hit Brenda like a shock wave. Brenda took a deep breath and stepped out. Brenda walked in her jerky steps keeping her eyes straight ahead. Her ass wiggled under the tight skirt. Her tits bounced under loose top of the dress. The slinky material rubbed against her nipples making them even harder. She could feel the tiny bobbles hanging from her nipples bouncing off the bottom of her tits. She could even feel the small locks on the ankle straps of her shoes swinging to and fro with each step. People stopped and heads turned as she walked by. Even in a town known for excess and exhibition, people don’t see a slave on display every day. Brenda kept her eyes straight ahead but couldn’t help noticing the attention she was getting. It excited her being watched. It excited her knowing her Master had planned this all along. Brenda remembered what Madam Claudette told her. “Don’t you understand that your master wants to show off his beautiful slave?” You were right about that, Brenda thought. The Pearl Panties were rubbing on Brenda’s clit. Between the excitement from being exhibited, the anticipation of seeing her Master and the pearls stimulating her clit, Brenda thought she might cum. Brenda was so distracted by the sensations from the pearl panties, she wasn’t sure if she was headed in the right direction. She tried to get her bearings but nothing looked familiar. She kept walking and forced herself to focus. Soon she sighted the Craps tables. She thought she remembered the lounge being beyond and to the right. She headed that way and finally saw the neon sign. Brenda walked into the bar, stopped and looked for her Master. Every eye was on her, she was so turned on she had to make an effort to control her breathing and fight off tunnel vision. She looked at the table where they were sitting last night but he wasn’t there. Finally she saw Master sitting at table in a corner with his back to the wall. Brenda walked toward her Master with everyone watching her. As she got closer she saw Master had his legs crossed and he was holding his phone propped up on his knee. The back of the phone, the side with the camera lens, was facing Brenda. Video, Brenda thought. Master did not get up as she approached. Brenda stood in front of him uncomfortably as he looked up and down her body. Finally he said, Slave, you look ravishing.” He paused as he continued to look at her. “Turn around and show me the back.” Brenda took little steps in her high heels until she was facing back toward the bar. Everyone was looking at her. She picked a spot on the far wall and stared directly at it. After what seemed like forever she heard her Master tell her to turn around. “Turn a little to the right, slave,” he said. “Good, I want to make sure I got the locks on your shoes in the video”. Finally Master gestured to a chair directly across from him and simply said, “Sit.” Brenda sat down quickly facing the corner. A small cocktail table separated her from Master. She held her legs together tightly with her hands in her lap. She kept her back straight so the material on the front of the dress would not droop and reveal her tits. She stared at her Master wide eyed. Master kept the camera lens pointed at Brenda. “Relax slave,” he said. “You look fantastic, even better than I imagined. I sure everyone in the casino would agree.” A broad smile spread across his face. “I’ve ordered you a drink, it should be here shortly.” “Yes sir,” was all that Brenda could manage. “The necklace is very sexy, don’t you think so slave?” “Ah, yes sir.” “I’d like to see all of it,” he said. “Show me.” Brenda breathed in deeply and tried to think of what to say. It took her only a few seconds to realize there was no chance for negotiation. She lifted her hands from her lap and used her fingertips to spread the fabric away from her tits. Master’s eyes locked on to Brenda’s nipples held securely by the little nooses. Brenda’s rapid breathing made the bobbles sway slightly. Master looked up and made eye contact with Brenda. He smiled and said, “Oh yes, very nice. Just the look I was going for. Are you wearing the pearl panties, slave?” Brenda cleared her throat and said, “Yes sir.” “Of course you are,” he said still smiling. “I’d like to see the panties as well. Show me.” Brenda swallowed hard. Leaving her tits exposed, she slid hands down to the hemline of her dress. She continued to look at her Master as she lifted her skirt with the fingertips of both hands. Master broke eye contact and looked down. He looked back into Brenda’s eyes and said, “I really can’t see much, you’re going to have to lift your skirt and spread your legs a little more slave.” Brenda spread her legs and lifted her skirt slightly. Master looked back down. “More,” he said. Brenda sighed and spread her knees about shoulder width apart. Her fingers trembled as she lifted the skirt almost to her navel. Master looked at Brenda’s swollen cunt. Her lips were flowering open, the two strings of white pearls contrasted clearly against the glistening pink tissue. Her clit, obviously enlarged by stimulation, almanbahis yeni giriş dwarfed the pearls. Master gazed between Brenda’s legs momentarily. A big smile slowly spread across his face. He looked up into Brenda’s eyes. “Well, it appears you enjoying yourself.” Brenda blushed and cast her eyes down. “Yes Master,” she said in a shaky voice. Master held the phone pointed directly at Brenda as he gazed up and down her body. Brenda saw him glance over her left shoulder. He quickly looked back at her and said, “Cover up,” as he started to put the camera away. Brenda’s thighs made a slight slap as she quickly closed her legs. She lowered and smoothed out her skirt. She reached up and closed the front of her dress, fumbling with her left hand, it took her two tries to cover her tits. When she was finished she noticed a movement out of her left eye. She looked over and saw the cocktail waitress standing next to her holding a drink tray. The waitress leaned over the table with the tray and placed a large margarita glass in front of Brenda. “Margarita Especial,” she said with a smile. The waitress turned her head slightly to face Brenda. Her hair fell forward, blocking Master’s view. Brenda recognized Twila, their waitress from last night. Twila made eye contact with Brenda, raised her eyebrows, opened her eyes wide and formed a tight O with her mouth. She held the exaggerated expression while she looked Brenda over head to toe. When she looked back into Brenda’s face she mouthed, WOW, then bit her lower lip while smiling with excitement. She held that expression for a few seconds, then her face became impassive as she looked back at Master. Smiling coyly, she said, “Another drink for you, sir?” Master returned the smile and said, “Nothing else for me. Thank you Twila.” “Oh, nothing?” she asked, lifting her eyebrows slightly. “No thanks,” he said smiling. “You can leave the check.” Twila’s expression changed to disappointment. “Leaving so early?” “Yes, afraid so, we have plans for the evening,” he replied. “Well,” Twila said as she glanced at Brenda briefly, then back at Master. “I hope you enjoy yourselves.” Master chuckled. “Oh I’m sure we will. Goodnight Twila.” As she turned to leave, Twila made eye contact with Brenda and winked, then walked away. Master picked up his half empty glass and said, “Cheers.” Brenda picked up her margarita and they touched glasses. Brenda took a sip, her expression changed to a look of shock. She swallowed, opened her mouth and said, “Whoooow.” Master chuckled, “I ordered you a double. I thought you might need a little fortification.” Brenda paused, then lifted her glass and took three big gulps from her drink. Master said, “I’m very proud of you slave. I wasn’t sure you would follow through with your instructions. This is all so new to you and I’m sure it was difficult. You couldn’t have pleased me more.” Brenda beamed with pride and took another drink from her margarita. Between her Master’s praise and the tequila, she was starting to feel more comfortable and even more turned on. Brenda wanted to ask about Master’s plans for the evening but knew better. She would find out when it was time. After what seemed like only a few minutes, Master looked at his watch and said. “8:30, time to go, slave.” Master dropped some cash on the table, stood up and held out his hand to Brenda. She gulped down the last of her drink, took Master’s hand and stood up. It took her a few seconds to find her balance but after taking her Master’s arm she felt much more comfortable walking in her new high heels. The Pearl Panties were starting to work their magic again. Brenda couldn’t believe how something so simple could turn her on so much. The feeling was addictive. She noticed everyone staring again but she didn’t care anymore. Holding her Master’s arm, knowing how much he was enjoying showing her off, she was starting to enjoy the attention. Before Brenda realized it, they were walking out the front door of the casino. Master stopped and looked around, then started walking toward a line of parked cars. Master guided Brenda to a black Mercedes-Benz sedan. As they approached the car, Brenda saw an Asian man standing next to the car holding a sign with the name ‘Master’ printed on it. “I’m Master,” he said to the driver. “Yes sir,” the driver said as he opened the rear door. Master guided Brenda in the car, she sat down and slid across the seat to make room for her Master getting in behind her. Brenda’s skirt immediately rode up. She felt the buttery soft leather seat against her bare ass and thighs and thought of the rough seat in the cab yesterday afternoon. Still aroused from her walk through the casino she wiggled in seat trying to get the pearls to continue moving on her clit. “Sit still slave.” The driver got into the front seat. He started the car and while driving away from the casino picked up a cell phone. He opened the phone, pressed one button and then held it up to his ear. A moment later he said, “I have picked up your guests, we are on our way.” The driver closed the phone and put it away. Brenda badly wanted to ask where they were going. It only took her a second to realize that the name on the sign meant that whatever their destination, the person the driver called was expecting a Master and his slave. As they drove away from the strip and approached the freeway Brenda became more apprehensive. She assumed her Master was going to show her off in the casino tonight. Now they were going somewhere away from the crowds. She was going to be someone’s guest tonight. A shiver went down Brenda’s spine. The driver did not look in his mirror once. He didn’t seem the least bit interested in the slut in the back seat with her dress hiked up. Master looked straight ahead. He put his hand on Brenda’s bare leg and ran his fingers up to the top of her thigh. He lightly brushed his fingers over her cunt lips and felt her wetness. Brenda spread her legs in response to his touch. He turned and looked at the pearls disappearing into her cunt, then looked at her face. He smiled but said nothing and looked straight ahead. He kept his fingers on Brenda’s cunt, gently touching the two strands of pearls just above her slit. His fingers slowly bumped over the pearls, up an inch, almanbahis giriş then back down, stopping when his fingers reached her vulva. As he repeated the movement with his fingers, Brenda laid her head back and closed her eyes. The vibrations from his fingers bumping over the pearls traveled down the strands to her clit. It wasn’t quite enough stimulation to make her cum but kept her on the verge. Brenda didn’t care where they were going anymore as long as Master was with her. After pulling off the freeway they drove on surface streets until entering a subdivision of large houses. The driver pulled into the driveway of a very large home. Everything about the home displayed the wealth of the owner. The extensive landscaping was highlighted by subdued lighting. The home itself was a two story with a modern design and a grand front entry. Brenda decided it wasn’t a mansion, but it was close. The driver stopped with the right side of the car facing the front entry. He got out and walked quickly to open the right rear door. Master got out first, Brenda followed taking his outstretched hand. The driver showed no interest in Brenda’s legs or exposed cunt, he looked straight ahead. Saying nothing, the driver gestured toward the front door. When Master thanked him he said nothing, just dipped his head slightly. The movement could have been interpreted as a slight bow or a nod. Master held Brenda’s hand and guided her to the front door. Brenda’s heart was racing. Her tunnel vision was back as she stared at the front door. It felt like she was moving in slow motion, watching herself in a movie. Master rang the doorbell, then glanced at Brenda. “Pull your skirt down slave. You’ll want to make a good first impression.” Brenda pulled down and straightened her dress, running her hands across her ass to make sure it was covered. The front door opened. Time suddenly seemed to stand still for Brenda. A tall blond woman with striking good looks stood in the doorway. She looked to be about 40 years old. Her shapely figure was accented by a black under-bust silk corset with red trim. She was wearing a black lace, long sleeve blouse tucked under the corset. The front of the blouse was cut very low and somewhat sheer. The lacy blouse was sheer enough that Brenda could see the woman was wearing a half cup bra. The bra enhanced the cleavage of her huge tits. The outline of her large aureoles and nipples were barely visible beneath the lacy fabric of her blouse. Over the bottom of the corset she was wearing a long, black leather skit that was slit up the front to the top of her thighs. Brenda could see the welts of her black stockings at the top of the slit. In her black high heels, the woman was almost as tall as Master. Brenda felt dazed looking at the beautiful woman. She had never seen a woman with such a commanding presence. “Master William, so glad to meet you.” “Mistress Juliana, it’s my pleasure,” Master replied as they shook hands. Brenda was stunned. MISTRESS JULIANA! An electric shock went through Brenda as she suddenly recognized the Domme in the photo with slavesuzi. This can’t be happening, she thought, Is this a dream? Mistress Juliana faced Brenda. “And your pretty little slave I’ve heard so much about. What a darling dress, it suits you perfectly.” Brenda stood motionless, unable to reply. After an uncomfortable moment, Mistress J turned to Master and said, “Does she speak?” Master touched Brenda’s bare back lightly. “Say hello to Mistress Juliana, slave,” he said tersely. Brenda’s mouth moved for a second before any words came out. Finally she stammered, “How…How..do, you do Mistress”. Mistress J looked from Brenda back to Master. Tilting her head slightly and raised her eyebrows. “Yes…well, won’t you come in”. Mistress J stepped out of the doorway. Master put his hand on Brenda’s back, guiding her forward. As she entered, Brenda saw the impressive home. The entry led into a Great Room that was impeccably decorated. She could see all the way through the Great Room to the glass wall on the back of the house. Beyond the glass was a large private patio and pool. The light coming from under the water in the pool shimmered on the palm trees in the yard. The home was immaculate. Mistress J closed the front door and stepped to a coat closet in the entry way. She opened the door and took out coat hanger. Looking past Brenda to Master, Mistress J said, “My slaves are not allowed street clothes in my home. Of course this is your slave, but my guests usually respect my house rules.” “Of course,” Master said as he turned to Brenda, “Take off your dress slave, hang it in the closet.” “Yes Sir” Brenda slipped out of her dress. She took the hanger from Mistress J, put her dress on it, and hung it in the closet. Brenda turned around facing Master and Mistress J with her eyes cast down. Mistress J said, “It is customary for a visiting slave to kiss the Mistress of the house on arrival.” “Kiss Mistress Juliana slave,” Master said. Brenda stepped forward raising her head toward Mistress J’s face. She felt Mistress J’s firm hand on her shoulder stopping her. “That is not where a slave kisses a Mistress,” she said impatiently. Brenda felt the hand on her shoulder pressing her down. She knelt down and Mistress J took her hand off Brenda’s shoulder. Taking a step forward, Mistress J used the fingers of both hands to lift the top of the slit in her dress. Brenda couldn’t believe her face was only inches away from another woman’s genitals. She took a few seconds to look closely. Mistress J was shaved except for a neatly trimmed patch of hair about an inch wide that rose up directly above her slit. Brenda leaned forward. tilted her head back, closed her eyes and put her lips between another woman’s legs for the first time. Brenda started kissing the smooth inner thighs, then worked her way to the top of her slit and then down. As her nose brushed past the soft pubic hair, Brenda caught the scent of an exquisite perfume. Brenda touched her lips to Mistress J’s vulva and was surprised to feel something very hard where she expected to find Mistress J’s clit. It did not feel natural, at least not in Brenda’s limited experience. Mistress J stepped back and looked at Master. “Would you like to come in and sit down?” Master took Brenda’s hand helping her up off the floor When Brenda was standing, he turned his back to her. Mistress J took Master’s arm and they walked together into the home with Brenda following a few steps behind.

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