Soft and Sensual Release…


Soft and Sensual Release…The Night OutAs I checked into the hotel I was tired but feeling very successful, the day had gone well, so a little celebration was in order tonight. Being away from home was painful but there was scope for a little chance to let my hair down and the locals had invited me for a drink and perhaps dinner later. I walked into the room, it was comfortable, I knew this hotel well, I had stayed here before. I put my overnight bag down and then proceeded to check the room. I took off my coat and hung it up in the cupboard. Unpacked my clothes and hung them. As it was getting dark outside I decided it was OK to raid the mini bar and get out the half bottle of white wine, chardonnay, not my favourite, but a reasonable drop.After I poured the wine into a glass, and looked at the clock. We were going to meet at 8 so I had a little time to myself. I decided to have a bath. With glass of wine in hand, got in the lovely and warm bath, washed, shaved my legs and other bits.All done, I got out and dried myself. A little lotion here and there and then put on that nice black shiny, satiny and lacy bra and boyshorts I got last week. Nice lace camisole over the top, looks good – a present to myself from Simone Perele some time ago. Next get some nice shiny stockings, roll them on carefully don’t want to rip them, lovely feeling that is on freshly shaved legs and hook up the suspenders. Put on some trousers and a top, slipped bahis siteleri on some shoes, and my jacket. All looking and feeling good. I was ready to go, good timing five minutes to spare. The group was there in the lobby when I arrived, they had a little bistro in mind and so off we went. A couple of bottles of wine and some nice pasta later and everyone is finished, I had been chatting away to a couple of them and we decided we could go on to the nightclub just across the road.The night club was dark, the girls in their little nothings were circling the guys. A strip club – always good to see the girls in action, never know what gets you going! We sat down and ordered some drinks. The girls weren’t wearing much – very like what I had underneath. A few of them came up and started chatting. A gorgeous tall lithe girl approached me, the white lacy lingerie on her coffee coloured skin looked fabulous in the club lighting. A lovely white lace bra and white lace boy shorts with satiny rear (a match for mine!). The panties curving between the cheeks, all accenting her bodies lovely curves and shapes. Her name was Selene, the moon goddess – seemed appropriate. She sat down and we talked, her mouth was full, her eyes deep pools, her breasts large and full pushing against her bra. All in all a lovely package, she was making me horny.After some small talk she leaned over an asked me if I would like a dance, I said sure, a private one? The canlı bahis others seemed engaged with their new friends or looking at the show on stage. So we wouldn’t be noticed, so off we went to the private back room in the big comfortable leather chairs and low lighting.As I sat back in the chair, she came and stood by my legs, brushing against my thighs. In the half light the lingerie seemed to be moving in mid-air but I could sense the beautiful body it surrounded. Starting to move her hips slowly and she was rubbing her hands over herself, then up my legs and chest. She leant over me and breathed in my ear “What is that I can feel round your thighs, stockings?” I nodded, she said “What other surprises do you have for me?” I described how my underwear matched hers but in the opposite colour. I got a warm grin and chuckle, “Lovely, can I see?”. She looked under my shirt and said “Nice.”She removed her bra showing me her lovely gorgeous boobs, hot chocolate ready to be coated in whipped cream and slowly licked off. I licked my lips. Then her lovely white boyshorts, she turned around and slid them down, the satin and lace, ohhh so slowly. Wriggled and teased, and finally removed them. She then turned and put her knees on the arm of the chair slowly brushing her boobs around my ears and nose and mouth, then straightening giving me a full view of her lovely smooth pussy. So close if my tongue was just a little longer I was sure I could güvenilir bahis have tasted it.Each time she came close she tweaked my garter belt or a bra strap “just to remind you”, once or twice she slid her hand under my shirt and whispered she loved the lacy camisole.We finished our dance and she kissed my cheek and said she hoped I could return. Maybe we could discuss our common interests at length…Needless to say this all made me very excited and so I wound my way back to the hotel.As I lay down in the hotel room, my hands wandered down over my body, my nipples were hard and then the lower the hotter. Thinking of the day, the session with Selene, the nice slinky underwear I had on, I reached down and started rubbing the front of my panties. All the while getting further into the mood. So taking the little bullet vibrator I had brought with me, I started rubbing the button on the pleasure spots. Then I slid it round to the back playing with my ass, could I get it in? A little lubrication – ahhhh yes…. Mmmm lovely feeling.I could feel my pleasure building, so gently rubbing myself, fingering myself, vibrating myself, keeping up the pressure. My mind still focussing on Selene and the other sights of the club, my body feeling the slinky garments, feeling the mounting pressure. Ohhh lovely.Here it comes, oh so gently, then mounting, mounting, squirting, cumming, rubbing, stroking. The orgasm rushed through me, through and through in waves. Then subsided, I caught my breath, the afterglow. Wow, that was a good one, on and on. As I slowly released my hand from around my cock, I realised a little clean up was in order before I could drift off to sleep.

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