Special times with my brothers


Since a little girl I had always looked up to my two older brothers. Following them around like one of their shadows. As we grew older I became closer to the eldest Jason, 19 occasionally going to the movies and drive-ins with him. I would pretend he was my boyfriend and always felt safe and loved when with him. Jason was shy and felt no girl would want him. Yet he was tall handsome and quite athletic in build. He had everything except confidence and I know he felt safe with me on our trips out. Tony my other brother at 18 was confidant and the real lady’s man. I was the baby of the family 2 years younger than Tony my 16 year old body though small was well proportioned with ample breasts for my age.              One day I came home from school early. My mum and dad were away visiting relations interstate and it was just the boys and I at home. Our parents thought they could trust us at home alone saying it would do us good to fend for ourselves for the week. The first day I came home from school I entered through the back door and noticed how quiet the house was. I dumped all my school things in my room kicked my shoes off and padded to the kitchen in my socks.  Passing the boys room I heard the TV on. Thinking they had left it on when they went school I pushed the door open and walked in to turn it off. There on the screen before my eyes were two people fucking and both my brothers lying on Jason’s big double bed warring only their T-shirts and both sporting massive erections poking Göztepe escort out from their fists. I realized that they were masturbating. Even though I went to a Catholic school that had no sex ed program I knew a little about sex. Girls talk about it as much as boys.   Well my two brothers froze for a moment not knowing what to do. Till finally the youngest Tony flicked off the TV jumped up yelling that I should knock before entering their room. I could not stop looking at his stiff dick swaying as he spoke. All I could do was mumbling how sorry I was and I would not tell anyone what I saw.  Tony said no way would I get off that easy.  You’ve seen us naked now we get to see you naked and he demanded that I strip off. Well I loved my brothers and this was a dream come true. Many a night I had dreamed of being naked with them and now was my chance. I was still nervous no man or boy except my doctor had seen me naked and every girl is unsure of her body and scared that she may be laughed at.  I looked at Jason and he smiled and reassured me I would be OK. How could I refuse him?   I removed my white regulation school top and brown skirt standing in only my bra, panties and white socks. Next I released the hook of my bra and felt my small breasts burst free of restraint as it slid off my shoulders and down my arms to the ground. I did not hide them but stood their letting the boys get a good view before hooking my thumbs into the sides of my white Caddebostan escort bayan panties before sliding the down to my ankles and stepping out of them.  Both boys were at first speechless. The first to move was Tony he was by my side cupping a breast in his hand and feeling the tightness of its hardening nipple. He asks if he could suck it and for the first time I spoke up and said that they could do anything they liked to me.    Tony did not wait for a second invitation and was on his knees sucking on a breast and letting his hands wander over my body. I moaned as he explored. Jason Stood staring at me and I looked him in the eye and pleaded with him to touch me as well. He hastily moved forward and as he got nearer I grabbed his hand and placed it on my free breast. I stiffened and moaned as he touched me. I pleaded with him again to touch me and his hand moved to my pussy. When he touched me I exploded in climax and nearly collapsed if it were not for the boys holding me up. As my pussy juice ran down my inner thighs Tony tasted it before massaging it over my belly and his cock. Tony, always the direct fearless one, asked if he could fuck me. I said they could both fuck me but the honor of taking my virginity was to go to Jason as the oldest.  After all he was the one I fantasized about the most. Jason was reluctant saying it was wrong for brothers and sisters to do that. I told him the truth how I had fantasized about them both Escort Bağdat Caddesi taking me, using me like a woman should. It would be our secret and one that we could easily keep.    I mentioned that I was on the pill something my mother would have been horrified over as she is a good catholic who did not believe in contraception. Luckily I went to see a doctor with out her knowledge when my periods were heavy and painful. He recommended the pill to regulate them. So I told the boys I was baby proof and how much I wanted to feel them inside me and especially feel them cum deep inside my belly. This got them excited and I was told to Knell. They both asked me to suck their cocks and as I said that Jason would fuck me first then it was only fair that I suck Tony first.   His cock was dripping a clear sticky substance and when he noticed me looking at it he told me it was precum and to taste it. My tongue flicked over the head of his cock collecting a decent amount of his fluid. It tasted salty yet sweet and wanting more I took him in my mouth and sucked. He grabbed my head in his hands and guided me into the up and down action. It took a little while but soon I was able to take most of him with out gagging. He was thrusting quite hard finally I pulled away and said he was not to come yet. I told the boys I wanted it deep inside my pussy. I promised them that later I would gladly suck them to climax anytime they desired. Jason was next and I had a little more trouble taking his longer and thicker cock managing to only swallow half of it. It was so hard and the head was so engorged with blood it was dark crimson.   Jason grabbed my arms and helped me up saying it was time. He made me lie on the bed. My head was swimming in anticipation soon I would feel what it was like to be a woman.

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