Step-Daughter and Her Friends


I met my wife, Linda, when I was 25. Her and I had a short whirlwind romance and after six months of seeing each other, we decided to get married. Now looking back on it, there was really no love involved, we were just two horny people that enjoyed sex. Now Linda was five years older than I and part of the package deal in marrying her was her ten-year-old daughter, Marcy.

Back when Linda was in her second year of nursing school, at 20 years old, she had gotten pregnant from a guy that she met at a party one night, that she had gone to in the city, with several of her girlfriends. According to Linda, the condom had broken and nine months later, Marcy came along. Linda never saw that guy again, and the only father figure Marcy knew up to that point was her grandfather, since she spent most of her days with him and her grandmother, while Linda finished school.

So, when I came along, it was safe to say that Marcy was not a fan of me, especially when Linda and I moved her away from her grandparents, shortly after we got married. It did not help matters that we moved across state, so Linda could work at a large university hospital on the nearby campus. Marcy blamed me for the upheaval of her life and my name was shit for a good while, even though it was Linda’s idea to move there.

I eventually won over Marcy’s heart, and it was not long before she really began to look up to me as if I were her real father, especially when both of her grandparents had passed away, not long after she had turned fifteen, within just a few months apart from each other. Marcy was devastated to say the least and since I worked from home as a network consultant at the time, I was the one who was there to comfort her during the roughest time of her mourning.

Linda, on the other hand, seemed cold about it, especially when she found out that they did not leave her much in their estate. They left the bulk of it, in a trust fund, under Marcy’s name and no one could touch it, except for Marcy, after she turned twenty-one. Well, that just infuriated Linda and from that point on, she just acted colder and colder to both, Marcy, and me.

I did the best that I could to keep our marriage together, but after a few more years, when Marcy was getting ready to graduate, Linda decided she did not want to be married anymore and was going to file for divorce. I should have seen it coming but I really hoped that we could make it work and thought that since we still had regular amounts of sex, we would eventually be okay. It was not to be.

It turned out that Linda had been secretly stashing money aside and was having an affair with a former patient, that she had met at the hospital that she worked at. One Saturday morning, a week before Marcy graduated, I woke up to the sound of Linda’s car pulling out of the driveway. She had cleaned her closet, packed her bags, and left, leaving only a note on the kitchen table.

When I went out, there was Marcy sitting there at the table, crying her eyes out, reading the note that Linda had left. I put my arm around Marcy to comfort her and read the note.

“John, as you know by now, I am leaving you. I can’t say that it’s been fun because for me, it was miserable. The only thing good about us the last few years was the sex, and frankly, I got tired of just fucking you. You can have the house; I do not want anything from you. Just take care of Marcy and give her the house, since she does not seem to love me anyway. She has always been so attached to you that one would have thought that you had given birth to her. Do not try to find me, because you will not be able to.

“Marcy, I’m sorry that I was not a good mother for you. Be good for your dad, and I hope you do good in college next year. I hope that one day, you will forgive me for leaving. It is for the best for all of us. I love you.”

I started crying right along with Marcy, who had now turned and had wrapped her arms tightly around me, with her face buried in my side, bawling her eyes out. How could Linda do that to her? How could she do that to me? I slid a chair over with my foot and managed to sit down alongside Marcy as the two of us just sat there for what seemed like an eternity holding each other in tears.

Marcy and I managed to get through her graduation okay, with plenty of emotional support from friends around us. She had graduated at the top of her class and was voted in as her class valedictorian. I was so proud of how well she did to get through her speech to her classmates, only wavering a few times, during mentions of her family. Marcy came running over to me, and jumped into my arms, after the ceremony was over, letting all the emotions flood out of her as she thanked me for being a wonderful Dad.

Now Marcy had grown up into a beautiful young woman and I could not help but worry about her around all those horny guys, when she headed to college this coming fall. Standing at 5’8″ tall with strikingly gorgeous flame red hair, a peppering of freckles, piercing ice blue eyes and a slim modelesque figure, I thought for sure she would be a target of all the hound dogs, samsun escort but I guess I did not give her enough credit because it turns out, she was a lot stronger than I anticipated, keeping the boys at bay, for the most part while she concentrated on her schoolwork.

Fast forward a couple of years later, and Marcy, now quickly approaching her 20th birthday, was ready to start enjoying her summer break from her second year of college. I was very happy that she had still decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps, by going to nursing school, at the same university hospital where her mother had worked, but her desire to help people, surpassed any lingering hurt feelings she had towards her mom, even though she had not heard from her mom, since she left us. I was just happy that she would be staying here with me while she attended.

About a week after she had finished for the year, Marcy and I were eating breakfast together and she asked, “Dad, do you mind if I have a few of my girlfriends over for a little pool time tomorrow to celebrate my birthday? It will just be four of us, so no worries about hosting some big party or anything.”

I nodded and said, “Sure, sounds like a plan. I was planning on hitting the grocery store today so I could make you a birthday cake, so I’ll buy some extra food, to make for you, too.”

Marcy smiled and said, “You’re the best, Dad. I love you.”

Marcy got up, leaned over, and kissed me on the cheek as I smiled and said, “I love you, too, sweetie.”

When she leaned over, I could not help noticing that her fuzzy, thigh length robe had fallen open a bit, giving me a glimpse down the front of it. She was not wearing anything under it, as far as I could tell, and I could see her small, barely B-cup breasts with cute puffy nipples capping off the tip of them. It was a very brief view, but that image instantly burned a hole in my mind as she stood back up, smiled at me, and headed in to take a shower.

Why did seeing her breasts like that, seem to spark my feelings of arousal? Why did I suddenly see my sweet Marcy like that? I had seen her nearly naked hundreds of times, on accident, while she was going from the bathroom, back to her bedroom after showering, or when she just forgot to close her door all the way when I happened to pass by.

None of those incidents ever made me feel this way, so why now? Was it because I had not been with or seen a woman like that since before her mom left us? I had been so busy trying to get my life back together over the past year, that I had never even entertained the idea of meeting someone or dating for that matter. Hell, I had not even masturbated one single time and I was beginning to think that all sexual urges had long disappeared.

I was wrong, because in that moment of thought, I looked down and realized that I had gotten a very strong erection. I must be some kind of sick deranged pervert to have these thoughts of my daughter like that. Wait, she really was not my real daughter after all, so… WAIT! STOP ALREADY! Where was my mind and how could I get the right mind back?

I cleared the breakfast dishes and hurried into my room and closed the door, looking down at my still very hard cock sticking straight out like a missile inside my pajama bottoms and boxer shorts. I pulled them down and just stared down at my thick cock jutting out like that and asked my dick why it had a mind of its own?

All I knew in that moment was that I needed to try and satisfy my sexual hunger, to get my mind back, so I sat back on the bed, grabbed some lotion off the end table and slathered some on my pulsating organ. I wrapped my hand around it and started to stroke up and down. Oh wow, it had been so long, and I could not believe how good it felt to just simply jerk off.

I got into a nice rhythm, keep my hand concentrated mostly on the upper portion of my fat, eight-inch cock, squeezing the swollen purple head as my clear juice began to ooze out of my small orifice. Suddenly, my bedroom door swung open! Marcy, to whom usually always knocked first but sometimes would occasionally forget.

This was one of those times that she forgot as she walked in saying, “Dad, I need to ask you… OH MY GOD, DAD! I AM SO SORRY!”

Marcy stood there with her mouth hanging open for several seconds, staring right at my cock as I was frozen in horror, mid stroke. She then covered her eyes, turned away and quickly ran out, slamming the door shut behind her, apologizing profusely as she went, then I heard her bedroom door slam shut right after that. I could not move as I sat there, cock still in my hand, leaking out a stream precum. In the next second, as I moved my hand, still in a daze as to what just happened, I began to spasm and shoot stream upon stream of my seed onto my chest and abdomen.

As my climax subsided, the remorse quickly moved in as I felt so guilty that Marcy had seen me jerking off, EVEN though, it was her fault for coming in without knocking. I should have locked the door, but I just was not in my right mind. How was I going to talk to her escort samsun about this? How could I make her understand that I am a man, too, and still have urges, but wait, how could I explain that those urges were triggered because of seeing her beautiful breasts?

I managed to get up and go climb into my shower, washing off the copious amounts of cum that I had sprayed all over myself, still trying to piece together what I was going to say to her. I finished showering and purposely took extra time getting dressed, still formulating some sort of explanation in my mind.

When I had finished, I took a deep breath, opened my bedroom door, and walked out into the hallway. I went to Marcy’s bedroom, but her door was open, and she was not there. So, I headed out to the family room and just as I came around the corner, there was Marcy sitting at the end of the sofa with a pillow up over her face. I had to fight back the urge to laugh, but I did want to make light of anything, still not sure how she would react.

I sat down near her and said, “Marcy, I’m sorry about that, sweetheart. I do not normally do that, but just had the urge. It has been so long, and I just needed release. I can’t tell you how embarrassed I am to even have this conversation right now.”

Marcy, still with pillow over her face, said in a muffled voice, “Dad, I’m the one who is sorry. I was so preoccupied with what I had to ask you, that I totally forgot to knock. Let me tell you, no one is more embarrassed than I am right now!”

I nodded, even though she could not see me, and I said, as I reached over and pulled the pillow away from her, “Okay, enough is enough, it happened, now let’s just let it go, okay? I’m sure mine will not be the last that you see a man’s penis, especially with you training to be a nurse.”

Marcy still would not look at me as she now kept her eyes closed so hard that she had crow’s feet sprouting out the sides of her head, as she said, “Yeah, but they won’t be my dad and they probably won’t have huge erections!”

I could not stifle my laughter at that point, Marcy may be almost 20 years old, but she was acting like a silly young girl again. As I kept laughing at what she said, she slowly opened her eyes and began to half laugh with me.

“It’s not funny, Dad,” she said with a big grin on her face, the flushing of embarrassment slowly leaving her freckled skin.

I nodded and said, “Uh huh! It is too, ya goof ball, now promise me that you will knock next time, okay?”

She nodded and looked down at the floor and said, “I promise, as long as I don’t forget.”

We laughed a little more together and I felt like the whole thing was now forgotten and we would be able to move on with a different topic of conversation. She was able remember what she was going to ask me before the door incident. She wanted to know if it would be okay if the girls stayed over the next night after the pool party. I told her that it would be fine, and she smiled, hugged me and got up to dance her way down the hallway. What was I going to do with that silly girl?

I headed into the main part of town to get the stuff that we would need for her pool party, and I bought some cheesy birthday decorations to hang up. I know she would give me an eye roll because of them, but hey, part of the celebration was for me, in a way. After getting what I needed, I stopped by the car dealership that I had been secretly working with to surprise her for her birthday.

Marcy had been driving an older, hand me down SUV, back and forth to school and I was beginning to worry about how much longer it would last, so I had been working out a deal with a friend of mine, which worked at the dealership, to get her a nice upgrade. I bet she wondered why I took her car when I left to go to the store earlier, well now she was in for a big surprise.

I had gotten a promotion for the online company that I worked for, to a senior analyst, and along with that promotion, I had gotten a considerable pay increase, to a little over six figures a year, more than enough to provide for the two of us, and then some, so getting her a nice car, to provide safe reliable transportation for her for the foreseeable future, was my first priority.

We wrapped up the paperwork and the guys there transferred all the stuff from her old car, to the new one, quickly washed it up and I was on my way home. I hoped that she would not see me pull in the driveway when I got there, so I would have time to throw a big red bow on it before calling her out.

I was in luck, she was in the back, making sure the pool was cleaned and the deck chairs all wiped down. I quickly loaded the stuff I had gotten from the store, into the kitchen, then went back out to put the bow on the car. I then went around back and called Marcy to come around front.

Marcy came around the side of the house and when she turned the corner, I yelled, “Surprise! Happy Birthday, Baby! I hope you like it!”

Marcy took one look at the car, then to me, then back to the car and burst into tears as she ran over to samsun escort bayan me and hugged me for dear life. Through her bawling, she said, “Oh my gosh, Dad! I can’t believe you did this for me! Thank you so much! I love you!”

I finally managed to pry her off me, wipe her tears away as she looked up at me, and said, “Well, go ahead, get in and look at it. See if you like it.”

Marcy smiled and nodded, then acting like a giddy schoolgirl, ran over and jumped inside, looking all around it, pressing buttons, and fiddling with the mirrors. She sat back in the seat and just looked out the window at me with the biggest smile on her face that I had ever seen, and my heart just melted for her. I loved her so much and it thrilled me to no end to see her happy like that.

She got back out of the car and came back over to me and hugged me once more, saying, “I really love it, Dad. Thank you for always being such a wonderful dad to me. You are the best and I love you so much.”

We stood there and hugged for a bit longer before she said she wanted to go for a ride to show it off to her friends. I nodded and laughed, and she ran back over to the car, got in, started it up with a huge smile again, and pulled out of the driveway. Oops, she had forgotten the bow, as it blew off down the street. I laughed, walked down to the street to pick it up then headed back into the house to make her birthday cake.

She must have really gotten sidetracked because it was going on 10 pm by the time she got back home. I was sitting in the living room when she came in, with a frown on her face, looking like she had been crying. Of course, being the overprotective dad that I am, I quickly stood up and came over to her.

“What’s wrong, Marcy,” I asked her as I got closer.

I could tell then that she was mad about something as she said through gritted teeth, “Some moron opened his door into my new car and put a scratch on it!”

I almost felt relieved, knowing now that it was nothing major, but to her it was. So, I said, “Marcy, I will look at it, okay? Come out and show me.”

We headed outside to the car, and I could almost see the steam rolling out her ears when she showed me the scratch, which was no bigger than a fingernail clipping. She said as she pointed, “There, see? That asshole didn’t even bother to say he was sorry!”

I had to hold back the urge to laugh but that would not have soothed my fiery red headed daughter’s temper one bit, so I held up a finger for her to wait a moment, while I went into the garage and got a little bit of polishing compound. With just a few rubs and wipes, the scratch was gone and when I turned to her, you would have thought I just gave her another new car again.

My girl was smiling once more and she said, “Thanks, Dad! How did you do that? That was like magic! My Dad is magical everyone!”

I had to shush her as I laughed, reminding her that some people were already in bed. She then looped her arm through mine, still beaming from ear to ear, and we headed inside after I opened the garage door and had her pull her car in. The meteorologist said it was supposed to storm that night and I wanted her car to be inside in case it did.

Sure enough, about an hour after her and I had gone to bed, the storm rolled in, bringing with it, lots of torrential rain, wind, thunder, and lightning. If Marcy feared anything, and that was not much, it was thunder and lightning. She was terrified of it and even though she was an adult, thunder and lightning turned her into a scared little girl again.

After the second flash and boom outside, I heard a loud knock and her voice coming from outside the door, “DAD! I’m scared, can I come in?”

“Sure, sweetie, come on in,” I said in a sleepy state.

The door swung open hard, and Marcy nearly dove into the bed and under the covers, just as another crack of thunder shook the entire house. She pressed herself up against me so hard, I thought she would literally crawl into my skin. She wrapped her arms around me and hung on for dear life as the storm continued to roar outside.

One thing I had totally forgotten about in my half sleepy state, was that I was completely naked under the covers and normally whenever Marcy had come in, in the past, she would just wait moment until I put on some shorts before coming in, but as scared as she was this time, I was not fully awake to respond fast enough.

So here I was, now wide awake, laying on my back, with my terrified daughter, clinging to the side of me like glue and with each clap of thunder, she buried her head further into my side and pressed her body harder against me. Another realization hit me, just then, Marcy only had on a pair of panties as I felt nothing but her soft delicate skin against mine except for the flimsy material covering her nether region.

My body began to feel the long absent feeling of a female body, pressing so close to me that my real brain failed to stop how my body was reacting, and I grew horrified once again, as my cock started to get hard. NO! Not now, I screamed in my mind, but it was too late, the “other” head was no longer coordinated with the right brain. I thought that if I did not move and Marcy stayed just the way she was, I would be okay and I could just go off to sleep and when the storm was over, Marcy would realize her own predicament, and sneak back to her own bed.

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