Storm, What Storm?


About two months ago, Phil Peterson completed an online survey for the hell of it. A few weeks later, he got a call and was informed that he had won a free trip to a Cancun resort for a family of four. Since it was just him and his son, Nathan, he invited his business partner and friend Jack, and his daughter Missy, to accompany him. Jack likewise wasn’t currently married, so it made sense for the four of them to go together.The four woke up before the sun was even up to fly to Mexico for a week of fun in the sun. They arrived at the resort in the early morning, utterly exhausted and content to do nothing but sleep for the entire first day of their trip. The next morning, they awoke fully charged and eager to take part in all of the activities they could squeeze in.Jack wanted to rent a jet ski, and not sure what to start with himself, Phil decided to join him jet skiing. Nathan and Missy were both more interested in checking out what was under the water, so they decided to go snorkeling. After breakfast, the crew split up and agreed to re-group at noon for lunch.The white, sandy beach the teens were walking on was positively breathtaking. The sun sparkled off of both the blue water of the ocean and the sand, almost as if the beach was blanketed in diamonds. It was actually so beautiful that Nathan and Missy decided to walk down the beach a bit and take in the scenery a bit before going to the snorkeling place. As it turned out, though, they weren’t the only ones enjoying the, um, scenery.Nathan began to notice a disconcerting number of boys and, more distressingly, men, checking out Missy as she walked by them. He did have to admit, that if he were one of them, seeing Missy for the first time, he would definitely stare at her as well. The sixteen-year-old filled out her red string bikini quite well, so it really wasn’t a surprise to Nathan that every male on the beach was checking Missy out. Still, would it be so difficult for them to be a little subtle and not look like a bunch of drooling, horny idiots?Missy and Nathan had known each other since they were kids, as their dads were friends and business partners, so they spent a lot of time together as they grew up. Nathan had just turned eighteen, and Missy had turned sixteen a few months back. Although Nathan was familiar with her form since she was young, it wasn’t until she turned sixteen and a few new friends introduced her to a new style of fashion that Nathan had begun to look at Missy as less of a little sister and more as the object of his hormone-fueled bahis siteleri fantasies.Missy was a hot girl with a personality just as attractive as her body. She had a stunning figure, combining both a sexually impressive body and a cute, adorable face. Her body type was that of a slim hourglass and her measurements were 35-27-35, Nathan guessed, as it’s not like he ever actually measured her. She was 5’ 4” and she had beautiful long, shiny blonde hair and a pair of fiery green mesmerizing eyes.Both Nathan and Missy worked at their dads’ landscaping company when they weren’t in school, so she maintained a slim, athletic build, but not an overly muscled one, like a bodybuilder. She loved to show off her breasts, and her ass. For her slim build, her breasts looked slightly larger than average, and while her ass might have looked a bit small, it was clear that it was as tight as it looked.Missy didn’t mind having random guys staring and drooling over her. In fact, she rather enjoyed it. She was used to the boys at school staring at her. Even when she was just wearing a t-shirt and shorts with her hair in a ponytail for gym class, all the boys would look her over, even her PE teacher, so it was natural that guys would stare at her when she was walking around in a revealing bikini. She smiled at them and didn’t give them much thought, provided they didn’t try to take a pass at her. There was only one guy she was currently interested in, and he was walking right next to her, which led to the one thing she wasn’t okay with.A lot of the girls and women on the beach were also checking Nathan out. They were a bit more subtle in their approach, peeking over their books or sunglasses, but Missy could tell what they were looking at, and probably what they were thinking. Nathan was tall, had jet black hair, blue eyes, and was covered in muscles thanks to the heavy lifting he did at work for their dads. Missy didn’t hesitate to admit that she had a thing for Nathan, and she wouldn’t approve if any of the other girls on the beach attempted to flirt with him.After about an hour, they finally went to the rental place and got their snorkeling gear. They had a quick lesson in the hotel’s pool and were repeatedly reminded to follow all of the safety procedures laid out to them during the lesson. The snorkeling area consisted of a small section of the beach that was buoyed and netted off from the rest of the ocean. This meant that they shouldn’t have to worry about things like boats or sharks, but it also meant canlı bahis siteleri that they might not get to see many of the more interesting sea life in the area.When they were far out enough that they felt safe enough to break the rule to stay on the surface of the water, they smiled at each other and proceeded to dive underneath and explore the ocean floor. They would remove the snorkels from their mouths, dive down, and take a look at the interesting creatures and rocks found at the bottom of the water.When their thirty minutes of snorkeling time was up, they dried themselves off a bit, returned their gear, and proceeded to meet with their dads for lunch. They ate quickly, though they spent over an hour taking turns talking about what they all had seen and done. They all talked excitedly about what they’d done so far, and what they wanted to do next“Well, I have got to get back in the water,” Missy stated.“Yeah, me too,” Nathan added, “I bet we didn’t even manage to see half of what the area had to offer.“Well, don’t spend all of your vacation down there; there’s plenty to see and do on land as well,” Jack said.“I think I’m going to check out one of the hiking trails myself,” Phil said “Just remember what we talked about: snorkeling only, no diving, understood?”Both of the teens nodded and raced from the table towards the beach.“Well, what about you, Jack?”“Now that the kids aren’t here, I’ll tell you: strip club.”Phil nodded.“I think I’ll join you on that one.”When the teens made it back to the place where they rented their snorkels, they noticed that the crowd had dwindled to about only a dozen people. There were some dark clouds on the horizon, but they appeared to be dozens of miles away, and the wind was blowing towards the ocean, not the shore.As they approached the rental counter, Missy smiled at Nathan, who smiled back at her. They rented scuba gear and proceeded to explore the most far-off areas of the netted-off ocean. They became so engrossed by the amazing reef and the interesting schools of swimming fish that they almost went over their allotted rental time. Half an hour after they started diving, they realized how wrong they were about the clouds.While Nathan approached the surface, he began to notice that the water above had gotten pretty choppy, and it was darker than when they first dived down. When the two fully surfaced, the sky was dark, and it was starting to rain. By the time they returned their equipment, the waves had become very rough, and the rain was coming down so canlı bahis hard that parts of the hotel had become difficult to see in the distance.The two ran from the shore towards one of the shelters by the pool. The shelters that were dotted around the pool were basically just thatched roofs on four wooden posts that contained several lounge chairs. While that meant that they didn’t provide much shelter, they worked well enough for the purpose of getting out of the heavy rain.The rain was fairly warm, and they were only getting a light spray from the rain while under the shelter, so it wasn’t that bad. Outside, though, the rain was coming down in sheets, and even though the mist that made it under the shelter was warm, the wind was starting to get chilly.“Well, seeing as how we’re already soaked from being in the water, it wouldn’t matter if we made a run for our rooms. Whaddya say?” Nathan suggested.Missy smirked and gave him a fake irritated look.“What? Is getting stuck with me under a pool shelter really that bad?” she joked.Nathan laughed.“Of course not. It’s just that it’s getting colder, and we don’t know how long this rain is going to last, so I thought we might as well try to get inside so that we can warm up. Look, you even have goosebumps,” he commented as he stroked her arm.Missy smiled. She did have goosebumps, but not because of the cold; it was because of what she was about to do.“Well, if you’re feeling cold, I know a way for both of us to warm up.” She threw her arms around Nathan’s neck and pushed her body against his. “How’s this?”Missy already felt warmer from the excitement alone of pushing herself against Nathan, and, if she wasn’t mistaken, she could feel his body temperature rise as well.“Come on, Missy, stop playing around,” Nathan said as he tried to playfully squirm his way out of Missy’s grip.Although he sounded and acted playful, as if he was mildly annoyed at what she was doing, Missy had known Nathan long enough to tell that there was genuine uneasiness in his voice. She had been trying ever since she turned sixteen to get him to notice her as something other than his “little sister,” doing things like wearing more revealing clothing, making flirtatious double entendres with him, walking around in her underwear if they stayed over at each other’s houses; nothing. Nathan was either blind to her advances, or he was intentionally ignoring them on account of their close friendship.Now, Missy clearly had his full attention, and this time she was going to get what she wanted.“I’m not playing around, Nate,” she said as she pressed herself tighter against him. In doing so, Missy could tell that Nathan’s cock was beginning to get hard, and he knew that she could feel it.“Uh, Missy, it’s not what you think.”

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