Straight Guy Asks Me To Use Him

Ass Insertion

I must say Submissive sluts are my favourite type of partner. I get loads of requests from guys to use them as such. Occasionally a woman too. The following tale was originally sent to me, via an online swingers site, by a young newbie from nearby who claimed to be straight but was seeking a first time experience with a man.

Needless to say he didnt turn up when it came to it but I kept his original message and later embellished it a little so that girls/guys on other sites could understand what is in store for them if they ever choose to meet with me?

So read this as if you were the one writing it and see if it turns you on or off?

“I meet you at a hotel. I walk in and after the usual pleasantries, you tell me to strip naked. You order me to lie on the sofa/bed face down. You tell me to spread my ass cheeks wide open.

I then feel you squirt something around my hole, I think it must be lube but it turns out to be shaving cream. You tell me to hold still while you shave my arse crack and all around my anus. You also shave my balls so my entire man cunt and perineum are hairless.

I’m told to sit up and you hand me some stockings from a pack. You tell me to put on the seamed stockings as well as the sheer, see through panties you’ve bought for me. I stand up and roll down the silky nylon material before stepping into the stocking and gradually pulling it up my leg. It feels soft, sensuously so, it makes me feel a little bit feminine. I eagerly pull the Betturkey other one on too and then the soft flimsy panties. When they’re fitting snugly around my legs and cock you tell me to turn around and bend over while you inspect me.

While I’m bent over I’m told again to spread my arse cheeks out while you pull my panties to one side and I feel you, up close, sniffing my hole then licking it, wetting it and moving your fingertip around the outside of my anus. It arouses me so much that pretty soon you’re able to work your finger inside me. You rub your finger over my prostate which makes me hornier than ever.

My cock is now straining to be free from the thin wispy material. You squeeze my cock through my panties while you finger my manpussy, you make me want to cum. I’m getting breathless now and you can feel me struggling to keep my footing as I so desperately want to cum.

Then, sharply, you tell me to get on my knees, between your legs, and you command me to undo your trousers and get your cock out. While I’m looking into your eyes as you tell me what a nasty little whore I am.

I’m ordered to lick and kiss your cock until its hard then you tell me you’re going to use me for your pleasure. You shove the shiny bell end right in my face, slapping me with that hot hard weapon. Then you order me to do your bidding.

“Suck it slut!”

You face fuck me and make me finger your hole until you’re really turned on. Then you get me to Betturkey Giriş stand up and direct me to bend over the arm of the sofa. You lick and finger me again spitting in my mancunt so it’s nice and wet then you tease me with your shiny cock head, pushing it up against my tight, virgin hole.

You tell me you wont enter me until I beg for your cock, all the while you’re teasing my cunt with the slippery head of your hard dick. I have to tell you I want it in my “virgin” asshole. You coerce me into reaching around and holding your cock and you make me push it up against my own ass. You use your pre cum as lubricant, letting it leak out, smearing my boy pussy. I’m so breathless I can only whisper the words you want to hear.

“Please Daddy I want your hard cock inside me, I want to feel you spurt your manseed right up into my rectum. Please Daddy make me your cock hungry whore”

Which you do by easing the cock head slowly, painfully up inside. When the head is inside me you tell me to push back and forward onto your penis while you film it entering me again. You film your cock pushing in then pulling out almost all the way as you watch the slime from my hole coating your cock.

You fuck me for what seems an age. Sometimes slowly rubbing my G spot as you tease me then sometimes roughly telling me I’m a cock hungry slut who will do anything to get fucked. Then you cum inside me almost too easily. No fuss just emptying your balls inside my man pussy making me feel the warmth of your seed.

You pull out, shove me on my back onto the sofa and tell me to spread my legs for you. I can see lust in your eyes and I do as I’m told without hesitation. You climb onto the bed and play with my hard cock through my now soaking wet panties. You ask me if I want to cum and I just murmur “Yes” as you jerk my hard cock in my panties then finger my now sloppy hole to the point where I cannot take any more and my cock explodes with bursts of white sticky stuff.

You then pull my knickers down a little around my knees and scrape all my seed off the sopping wet material. Now forcing my legs high up in the air you smear my sticky white cream all around my mancunt and inside past the ring. Then without warning you force your, now hard, cock back into my poor fucked hole and pound me senseless until eventually you tell me you’re on the brink again. You pull out of my ass and make me suck you off until you cum in my mouth.

I have to lick you clean afterwards and get all the stuff off your cock plus your balls until you’re happy. While I’m squatting, licking your dick and balls, tasting my pussy juice combined with your seed, we both hear my cunt farting out your cream from inside me. You pull me up and tell me to bend over so you can film your seed dribbling out of me.

Then you finish, you zip up and, as you turn to leave, you place £20 on the table. As you walk out the door you tell me “I’ll be back slut, you’re pussy is mine now”.

The money on the table is the icing on the cake – not because it’s money – but because I’ve prostituted myself for you like a cheap dirty slut and you’ve used me as such.

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