Fantasy about Being a Ladies Toilet


This story is about my fantasy about me becoming a women’s toilet and how I would like to be used and by whom.

Before I get into my fantasy of becoming a women’s toilet I want to explain what exactly drives my desire to serve females as their toilet. There are a few factors that drive my desire to be a women’s toilet. First, the ability to have a close intimate relationship with women. If a woman were to use my mouth as her toilet, I would be able to see and smell her private parts while she is in the process of using me. You can’t get much closer in intimacy than that. Plus, the humiliation factor. There is nothing more humiliating for a man than to be used as a women’s toilet by countless women.

With that out of the way, here is my fantasy for how I would become a women’s toilet.

I would be installed in a women’s restroom at a mall located anywhere in the United States. I would be put in one of the stalls preferably the middle stall with me being installed underneath the floor, my elevated head above the floor and the rest of my body beneath the floor making it impossible for me to escape, and I would of course have my head underneath a toilet seat, providing the ladies using me a nice comfortable seat to sit on while using me. My penis istanbul seks hikayeleri would be in a spiked chastity and balls would also be elevated and attached to a rope so the ladies using me could play with them while they are relieving themselves into my mouth. I would have braces attached to my mouth that are hooked up to the toilet seat. The way this would work is I am unable to open my mouth on my own. Anytime a woman sits on the toilet seat or applies pressure to the toilet seat in any way, my mouth would automatically open and stay open until the woman using me got off the toilet seat, then my mouth would be forced shut and I would have no way of opening it until someone else sits on the toilet seat above. This method not only ensured that I take everything while the lady is using me but also ensures that I am forced to swallow everything once she’s done and gets off the toilet seat.

Once my female user sits down on the toilet seat and uses my mouth as her toilet, I will be able to see and smell the her naked asshole and pussy while she’s using me and I will have the same view as a women’s toilet bowl would of my users’ intimate parts. My face would only be about less than a foot away from my female users ass while she’s using me.

I would be a toilet for all women. Black women, White women, Hispanic women, Asian women, lesbian women, bi women, straight women fat women, thin women, short women, tall women, pregnant women, old women, young women, middle aged women, all women!

I would obviously be forced to swallow women’s piss, shit, and used toilet paper. However, I would also be forced to swallow anything the ladies choose to flush down my throat. That includes spit, piss, shit, used toilet paper, used tampons, sanitary napkins, and among other things. If a lady comes in and uses me and she happens to clip her finger/toe nails whiles she’s on the toilet, she could stand up and press down on the toilet seat, then drop her nails in my mouth or she could just drop them between her legs while she’s sitting on the toilet seat. I would love it if the lady using me flushed her nails in my mouth then washed it down with her piss. Of course, there would inevitably be women who intentionally use to much toilet paper to try to clog me as well. There will be women who sit on the toilet seat above me even after they’re done just so they can listen to my gargle and choke on their piss/shit/menstrual blood and used toilet paper/used tampons. There will be women and girls who giggle while using my mouth as their toilet probably most. There will be women who will spit on my face or in my mouth before using me, and I fully expect women to sit on the toilet and masterbate above me in which case I will just lay their and swallow their vagina juices. I know there will be days when the mall is packed and their will be women and girls lined up behind my stall waiting to use me in spite of the fact that there are at least 6 other stalls empty. I know women will want to right fully humiliate me, so they’ll all be lining up to use me and some might even make me swallow some really gross things. I fully expect women to want to fart, piss, and shit on my face and many might even hover over the toilet seat instead of sitting on it just to piss and shit on my face.

Below is a list of famous women who I would like to serve as a personal toilet to:

Shannon Bream

Alyssa Milano

Harris Faulkner

Emily Lind

Emma Watson

Krystal Ball

Melissa McCarthy

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Finally, here’s what I expect my female users to feed me while they use me as their toilet




Menstrual blood

Used toilet paper

Used tampons


Vagina/butthole hair

Fingernails and Toenails

Hair from their hair brushes


Snotty tissues

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