Such a Sexy Evening

Hot Ass

Rodney and I had been out shopping together for the first time, so we rushed back to the flat eager to try on our new clothes. The lift was empty when we got in, I pressed for the sixth floor, turned to Rodney and gave him a long kiss full on the lips. Ping ping, the doors opened and we ran down the corridor, me fumbling for my keys, opened the front door, went straight to the bedroom and collapsed onto the bed, giggling like crazy people.

“You did look lovely in that little cotton dress, it came down just below your bum,” I said, “Why didn’t you buy it?”

“It just didn’t do anything for me. The length was right but I didn’t like the material and it wasn’t sexy enough.”

“I thought you looked gorgeous, like a sweet innocent little girl.”

“Yeh but it’s not how I want to look, at the moment,” said Rodney, smiling.

“Fine. What shall we try on first?”

I emptied the bags onto the bed, laying the clothes out carefully.

They looked fantastic. I picked up a long black satin dress, shaped round the waist, very swishy, cut low at the back and a long slit up the side. I held it up against me and looked in the mirror, feeling like Greta Garbo. Rodney was going through his stuff and selected a sweet little tartan skirt, very short. He took off his trousers and panties and held it against his waist, jiggling about a bit to show off.

“Go on darling, put it on. You’ll look divine,” I said.

He took off his trousers and briefs, mmmmmmmmmm, and slipped on the tartan skirt. He paraded around the room, showing off his physique, and then came up to me, swaying his hips, teasing me, lifting up the skirt to display his semi-erect cock.

“We all know you’re amazing, Rodney, but you need some stockings with that skirt. Did we get any hold ups?”

Rodney picked up a sachet of black nylon escort izmir hold ups and waved them in front of me “De durrrrr” he said.

He is such a tease but that is why I love him.

“Well put them on, darling, do you need any help?”

I always love looking at Rodney as he slides his stockings up his legs. He looks as if he’s done it for years, he’s so practised. He then holds his leg out to stroke my thigh with his foot, smiling. I can’t resist him. But he knows that.

I put on a grey satin skirt which is mid-thigh length and walk round to show Rodney. Of course by this time I have a massive erection which points up through the skirt like a tent pole. Rodney bursts out laughing, but then clutches me round, and tries to suck me off, biting me through the skirt. My hand passes round his waist and my fingers feel between his bum cheeks. He pauses, looks at me, kisses me and then strokes my neck.

“Come on Della darling, get onto the bed, let’s have a snog.”

“But we’ve got friends coming round in twenty minutes Rodney, we must look our best,” I say.

“They could come round and watch us fuck, you know how I like to show off.”says Rodney.

“No no no, they are my special friends and we must behave nicely,”

“Mmmm I get it, so which friend do you fancy most, you know I’ll know, so you might as well tell me?”

“I love them all, but you are always extra special for me, and you know that, now don’t tease, get the cocktails ready so we can have something to drink.”

Rodney flounced off into the kitchen his little skirt bouncing around his bum, while I went back to the bedroom to check my make up. I was concerned about the skirt. It was the right length and had a nice A-line cut. The ad for the dress had said ‘sleek, stylish and great for showing off your figure’ so I knew that izmir escort bayan one was for me. I also knew that my cock would really stick out at the front, if things got hot. Oh well maybe that’s the point. I looked at myself in the mirror, walking towards it and back a few times and then gave my cock a little squeeze through the satin. That would have to do.

“Rodney,” I called out, “come and put that little purple dress on, you’d look so cute.”

I chose that dress for Rodney because I thought we’d look great together, me in my grey satin dress and him in the little purple number.

Ring Ring, Oh no that’s the front door bell. “They are here Rodney, but don’t worry, I’ll go and get it, you keep mixing the drinks.”

I had a quick check in the mirror to see how I looked, straightened my dress, checked my eyebrows, flipped my fingers through my hair a few times and opened the door.

“Hello darlings, lovely to see you all, love the dress Vincy, you look gorgeous.” I gave Vincy a kiss on the lips, as he smiled at me. I felt just the touch of his tongue on my lips, and felt a little twinge in my groin, I patted him on his arm.

They all came in a group, and they all looked wonderful. Vincy, the best looking of the lot, wearing a tight little black number, very short and cut low round his back, with heels and black stockings, very sexy. Marcy looked so flamboyant, which is his way, a blue satin dress with a lovely bust, very made up of course, he is such a tart. Stephi was there wearing a long wrap-around cloak, so we all wondered what on earth he was covering up, something amazing I bet. Two women also came, Sammi and Nikki. They love Cders, and are very sexy and smart, but classy. They like to help with our dresses, though I think they just like to see us men wearing little dresses with our izmir escortlar cocks out. It amuses them, but they are good fun.

It was good to see Sami as well. Sami doesn’t dress, just a pair of worn jeans and a white t — shirt, but he has such an amazing body, so muscular with a tiny waist and a cute round bum, that he doesn’t have to. I know he’ll be busy tonight, we’ll all want some of him, he’ll just sit on the sofa with his legs stretched out and his zip undone, looking splendidly available.

“Well girls, here we all are, looking gorgeous and sexy. Let’s have the drinks, Rodney can you serve please? And let’s make ourselves comfortable.” We disported ourselves rather louchely on the sofas and chairs, showing off our best sides. Stephi removed his cloak and we all gasped: he had gone full Cher and was wearing a stripper costume with the highest heels, a black fishnet body stocking, the cutest little black sparkly g-string round his cock, and a black basque. His legs look stunning. He sat down next to Marcy giving him a big kiss on each cheek.

I don’t know if it was Stephi’s display but the temperature in the room rose about ten degrees and we all seemed to feel hornier. I started to slowly stroke my cock, looking across at Marcy, and, oh bliss, Sami came over and sat across me, his knees either side of my tummy. He unzipped his jeans and rubbed his hard cock over my face. My hands held his bum pulling him towards me, as he fucked my mouth, first slowly and then with more vigour. I could feel his balls on my chin, so I put my fingers round the base of his cock, holding his cock in my mouth so I could suck him with more control.

Someone, I couldn’t see who it was but I think it was Marcy, I could smell his perfume, had started to stroke my cock and then to suck me, very wet and sort of sucky with lots of saliva. With one hand on Sami’s cock, my other hand felt for Marcy’s bum, my fingers probing and prodding inside her. This was turning out to be a great evening, I was having sex with two men and I hadn’t even started with Rodney.

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