Sulphurette, Part III


Sulphurette, Part III”Fuck.”Sulphurette Brimstone swore under her breath as she watched the man tear off down the alleyway, holding up his opened pants as he went. There was no catching him as he ran in terror, maybe caused by the pair of sharp horns protruding from her forehead, or perhaps by her huge leathery wings which nearly touched both sides of the narrow alleyway. She snapped her wings shut, snatched her trench coat, and stalked off in the opposite direction.—Umbra Grimesbath heard the heavy steps on the stairs, and bolted upright with a glance at the clock: much too early for the hunt to have ended well. She sprung to her feet, out of the apartment, and down the hall to the outer door. She could hear someone fumbling at the lock just as she arrived, drew back the bolt, and popped the door open.A tall, broad woman was standing on the outdoor landing, a trench coat d****d over her shoulders like a cloak, revealing a silver babydoll with matching panties and heels. Enormous breasts bulged over the top of the straining brassiere, and the gauzy, hanging fabric of the babydoll did little to cover her olive skin overflowing with curves upon curves. Wild, kinky, black hair cascaded halfway down her back and chest, with highlights glinting in the light from the hall.Being a Succubus herself, Umbra immediately recognized Sulphurette, despite her unfamiliar form. “S-Sulphurette?” she quavered in surprise. And then, with just a glance at her stormy face: “Oh no. What happened?”Sulphurette growled as she swept into the narrow hall, and then into the apartment, dropping the shoes and coat on the floor as she entered. Umbra wordlessly picked them up and followed her into the small, comfy living room. A small, flat-screen TV was on the opposite wall, showing a recording of a crackling fire. A love seat was facing it to one side of the doorway, and a squashy armchair on the other. A few small tables in the corners held fat red candles, much used, and already burning. Closed doors lead off to the right and left.As soon as the door clicked shut, Sulphurette exploded. Words tumbled out of her in frustration, hurt, and disappointment. She paced back and forth, silver babydoll and accessories throwing sparks of candlelight all over room.”Ugh! I can’t believe I lost him! He was so into this shape, and already worked up from watching a porno at the sex shop, and I blew it! Now the house mistress will have me Domme’ing in the dungeon for a week. No… that’s too good. I deserve to be sitting at a glory hole for twice that long. It’s these fucking wings! It’s been 400 years, and we’re still expected to seduce humans like this.”As she ranted, Umbra quietly dodged around her, (not easy considering her current form) hanging her coat, pouring out a finger of amber liquid from a crystal decanter, and holding it up to Sulphurette as she stormed past. It was taken and drained without a pause. Finally, Sulphurette dropped into the armchair, still growling to herself.”This is what I do, Umbra—what I *have done* for *centuries*—even before all this,” she fumed: sweeping a hand to encompass her own body. “I’ve had *kings* in my bed! Men *do not* walk out on me. I must finally be losing my grip. I may as well be one of those pathetic human waifs on the street selling themselves to filthy slobs for pennies.”Umbra knew better than to answer her when Sulphurette was on a rant of this sort. A failed hunt was rare for a Succubus of her experience, but it happened to all of them. Still, the humiliation of it always seemed to sting her as deeply as eskişehir escort though it was the first time.—As she fumed to herself, Sulphurette watched as her companion dropped her robe and stood momentarily highlighted by the candlelight. She appeared to be about 20 years old, short and petite with sandy blonde hair and a pretty (but unremarkable), round face. She wore a plain white shift of some light, gauzy material. It only just came to her thighs, and she was obviously naked underneath; her prominent nipples and dark areolae showed clearly through the material. As Sulphurette slumped into moody silence in the chair, her companion knelt submissively in front of her, placing her head in Sulphurette’s lap.Absently, Sulphurette stroked her hair for a while before breaking out of her grumpy reverie and looking down at the sandy blonde curls, and the small glossy wings sprouting from her back: still maturing. A tiny, gentle smile came to her lips as she murmured: “La mia bellissima margherita. *my beautiful daisy.*” She continued to stroke the soft hair, and her pique drained away as she quietly recited ancient-sounding verses in a language which wasn’t quite Italian.Her normal wicked grin flitted over her face as she opened her mind to the young woman’s erotic fantasies. All of them centered around a single woman. She had reddish auburn hair, cropped close in fluffy curls about her head, and a face with strong—almost masculine—features. Her figure may have come from a roman sculpture with small, high breasts, round hips, and coloring which was all porcelain and pale pink. Without deliberate intention, Sulphurette’s form shifted to match the fantasy: her own body from more than 400 years ago when she was still a mortal woman. At the same time, her lingerie morphed into the same simple shift the girl in kneeling in front of her was wearing.Feeling the change, the girl lifted her head, and looked up into the older woman’s eyes. Quietly, almost reverently, she said: “I love you, Miss Franco.”The last of Sulphurette’s anger and worry melted away. Leaning forward, she reached out to caress Umbra’s face with both hands. Holding her, Sulphurette stared at her with a look of such fierce tenderness that could only be known by a creature with centuries of love and loss behind her. She brushed Umbra’s hair back from her face, and, after contemplating her for a long while, kissed her gently on the forehead and leaned back in the chair again.With a twinkle in her eyes, and mock sternness in her voice, Sulphurette said: “Dimostralo. Dammi baci. *Prove it. Give me kisses.*”. With the corners of her mouth quirking, the young woman answered, “Yes Mistress,” and bent forward to start kissing her toes, then feet, then continuing up her legs. As she did so, her short shift slid up her back, exposing her round bottom to Sulphurette’s view. Her breath hitched, and she fought down the urge to lean forward to caress it. Working upwards, the kisses passed her knees, and Umbra slid up Sulphurette’s own shift to end her kisses just at the crease of her hips and thighs.Sulphurette imperiously lifted her arms, looking sternly downwards, still unable to completely suppress the hint of a smile on her face. Standing, the other woman lifted the shift from her body, laying it neatly aside before returning to her kneeling position. Sulphurette slouched down in the chair until her knees spread wide, and her hips were balanced just at the edge of the chair. “Più baci. *more kisses*,” Sulphurette demanded—grinning eskişehir escort bayan openly now—indicating her exposed pussy now only inches from the kneeling woman’s face. —Umbra’s vision was filled with porcelain thighs, and neatly-trimmed, dark hair. Her hands slid slowly along the skin, meeting in the center. Long inner labia extended outward in pink folds, revealing a deeply hooded clit when she gently spread them open.Kissing first one thigh, then the other, Umbra proceeded to run her tongue slowly from the bottom of the inviting, pink groove to the top, the two forks of her tongue just passing by the clit on either side. She slowly ran her tongue around the opening of the vagina, enjoying the salty, savory, mildly pungent taste before returning her attention upwards.Ever so gently, she slid her tongue under and around the clit, which had already started to swell and peek out from under its hood. With a few more gentle licks, it had become hard and stuck out prominently: eager for more attention from Umbra’s teasing tongue.Continuing in gradually increasing speed and firmness, Umbra’s tongue flickered, licked, and lashed as the hips pressed upwards into her mouth and contented moans emanated from above her head. Her tongue became harder and flickered ever faster, the two sides working in tandem to caress and tease the entire length of head, hood, and shaft. As the moans changed to panting, Umbra felt strong fingers tangle themselves in her hair urgently. Finally, the legs and fingers stiffened while an ecstatic blend of whimper and shriek burst out above her. After long seconds, the thrusting hips gradually slowed, and Umbra felt her lover’s body grow limp. Knowing what was expected, she rocked back into her kneeling position and waited.Twice more, she heard the quiet, imperious, but slightly breathless: “Di nuovo. *again*”. Each time, with a simple: “Yes, Mistress”, she repeated her performance, returning each time to her original kneeling position while her lover recuperated for a few moments in between.—After her third orgasm, Sulphurette was feeling limp, contented, and much more herself. Opening her eyes, she could see her partner’s pale form kneeling before her in the candlelight. The feeling of tenderness swelled in her again at the sight. Caressing the young face, she said: “Now it’s your turn.”Rising from her knees, Umbra disappeared through the door to the right. Lazily, Sulphurette rose and followed.The sight that followed was enough to make her recently-satisfied nether regions start to swell and tingle all over again. Rising from the bed were two pale thighs crowned by a perfect, round bottom, with nothing else to be seen. A tiny dimpled pucker was on clear display above a thin, glistening line in the slightly puffy flesh. All was perfectly smooth, and almost seemed to glow softly in the dim light. A tiny pearl of liquid slowly dripped from the perfect slit. Sliding open the top drawer of the dresser, Sulphurette contemplated her options.—Umbra was kneeling in her usual position, with her tenderest parts to the door, and her face pressed almost completely into the bedclothes. Her backside tingled in anticipation as she heard a step behind her. Then, there was the rolling sc**** of a drawer, and the soft thump of several objects being placed on the dresser. She could feel a tickle as a drop of her own juices crept along her bare skin.Listening feverishly, she heard a click, and the deep hum of a powerful vibrator for a moment before it went escort eskişehir off again. Then, she heard the swish and smack of something striking Sulphurette’s palm. All the while, she felt blind and deliciously exposed with her ass and pussy on full display.The first sensation was hot and warm. Breath, gently exhaled over her cool skin. Next was a soft, warm hand tracing a gentle circle around her ass cheek. Then—in a shocking contrast—a stinging smack on the opposite side from the leather pad of a riding crop. Her pussy, already swelling with desire, pulsed as she gasped in pleasure. Soft caresses covered the smarting skin. Then, smack! Another blow landed on the opposite side. Caresses followed smacks as Umbra’s clit tingled, and her pussy oozed more droplets of excited lubrication.After a few more repetitions, Umbra heard a quick step away, and then back again. A firm, cool object was pressed against the opening of her vagina. In one gentle and irresistible motion, it slid deep inside her. It was long, thick, and perfectly smooth. She could feel it bump past her cervix and nestle firmly as deep as she could take it. She couldn’t help but grip it with her pussy and eagerly wait for what came next.She didn’t have long to wait before the deep humming sounded again behind her: much closer this time. Trying not to twitch in anticipation, she could almost *feel* it coming closer. Then, long expected, but somehow still a shock, there was a firm pressure and a strong buzz just over her clit. The suddenness of it made her almost feel like she would climax right then. But, a moment later, it was gone.The humming moved off to one side, and tickled her thigh, first on one side, and then the other. Then, she could feel it trace a circle over her bottom, then down to her knees, and slowly—so slowly!—back up the line between her legs. This time, it barely brushed her labia just over the clit and hung in place ever so lightly. Umbra could feel the tingles building as the dildo started to move ever so slightly in and out, gently stretching her back wall and rubbing her cervix: just as she liked best.She whimpered softly as she twitched and tensed her muscles around the dildo, trying to press her clit harder against the buzzing vibe only to find it fade away each time she tried. It was just barely not enough. It was a teasing tickle which brought her just to the outside edge of orgasm, and held her there for endless tantalizing minutes. A quiet litany of “please, please, please,” escaped her in barely audible gasps.Finally, she felt the vibe shift a bit and kick up to a higher setting. Panting gasps mixed with urgent, shuddering whines coming faster and faster as her orgasm crept closer. She clenched down on the dildo still just barely moving inside her. With unendurable slowness, the sensations transitioned from an endlessly swelling buzz to a feeling of inevitable, pending *arrival*, and finally she cried out loud as the waves of pulsing bliss exploded through her pelvis.—Sulphurette watched as Umbra writhed on the bed in front of her, convulsing in an orgasm which was over twenty minutes in arriving. Once she had calmed to mere twitching, Sulphurette retrieved the dildo and put aside the toys to clean up later. Pausing before climbing into bed, she watched the small form for a moment and reflected how this newly made Succubus had become so much a part of her so quickly. She’d had lovers among the Succubi before, but in her many years, never one she’d thought of as a wife.Climbing up, she curled herself around the petite woman—now purring softly—who cuddled back unto her soft body: delicate wings tucking up tight between Sulphurette’s breasts. Sulphurette’s wingtip reached out to flip the light switch, and then stretched out to cover them both. She quietly recited verses as they both enjoyed the satisfied afterglow of orgasms, home, and love.

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