Summer break


Summer breakSue was home from college for the summer. She was glad to be back home as she had missed her father a lot. He was a kind and handsome man. they had been very close as he had to raise her when her mom passed away. This morning she was in the kitchen fixing breakfast wearing just her night gown when her dad came up behind and ran his hands under her gown and cupped her tits. He kissed her neck and told her as he fondled her large breasts “I have really missed these big tits. They feel so good. Take off this silly gown and let me see all of you naked.” He then pulled her gown over her head and let it drop to the floor. “That’s more like it baby. I like you naked.” He cupped her tits then let his fingers play with the nipples as he ran one hand down her belly to her pussy. As his hand rubbed and felt her pussy she spread her legs for him. She loved how he could get her so wet with his magic fingers. He said to her “You are wet for me baby. You love my touch don’t you. Your cunt feel so warm and so wet. What do you want first, my tongue or my cock in that wet fuck hole? How about we just fuck all day?” He then pushed two fingers in her cunt and began to fuck her as he twisted on a nipple.Then he carried her to the table and sat her on it and spread her legs and began to lick her pussy first starting with her clit. Sue quickly began cumming for her father. He looked up and told her “That’s it. Cum for me. I want to taste your sweet cum. Yes, you do taste so good. It is going to be a wild sexy fucking summer. I am going to have my cock in you all the time.” He then shoved his tongue in her cunt and began to tongue fuck her as he sucked the cum out of her love hole. Sue was moaning and cumming hard as she had missed the touches of her dad. Then he stood and pushed his hard cock into her cunt and began fucking her hard and deep. She yelled “More. Give me more cock. Fuck me harder. Fuck me like a two bit whore. Fill me with your cum. I türbanlı hatay escort want that big thick cock deep inside my wet cunt.” He than began ramming his cock in her deep and hard as he told her “You are going to get a lot of my thick cock. I shall fuck you like a nasty slut. I know how horny and dirty you can get. You love cock. Now squeeze my cock with your cunt muscles, and squeeze it hard.” Dad rammed her cunt for over an hour before he filled her with cum. He then told her “I have missed you so much. You matured into such a sexy beautiful woman from the little girl I first fucked. I remember when I used to lick and suck your flat chest and run my finger through your hairless pussy. You loved it way back then and now you have turned into a sexy fucking woman. You not only love to fuck but I made you a great cock sucker too. Right now I am going to suck your tits till I have them swollen and sore. Then we are going to fuck more. I want to feel my cock in that tight ass.”Sue smiled and thought about the first time her dad ever touched her. They were watching Cartoons on TV and he pulled her shirt and panties off. He began rubbing her flat chest then licking each nipple. He then ran his hand over her hairless pussy and touched her clit. He played with her for a long time and she seemed to like it. Every night he would undress her and touch her and suck and lick her flat tits. Then he began licking her pussy and flicking her clit with his tongue. She also liked that a lot. She loved when he put his tongue just in her love hole. He then began playing with her and getting naked too. He taught her to touch his cock and rub it. Many times she made him cum with just her touch. He needed sex so bad. He told her to give daddy’s cock a kiss right on the tip and she loved kissing the big hard rod. He had her kissing and licking him and she even would lick his cum off the slit. He soon had her türbanlı hatay escort bayan sucking his cock as he rubbed her pussy and then one day he came in her mouth and he told her to swallow daddy’s juice. After that every night she would suck his cock till he would cum and she swallowed every drop of cum. Then he would spread her legs and lick and suck her clit before he shoved his tongue in her cunt and tongue fucked her.After a lot of oral sex he wanted to fuck her so he began putting just the tip of his cock in her tiny cunt. It didn’t take him long to cum once he felt her cunt against his hard cock. He did that for about six months before he figured he could actually fuck that tight hole. The first time he took her virginity he was careful and slow but he did get his cock in her and he only fucked her a little before he blew his load. He then fucked her often to get her used to his thick cock. Usually he fucked her three or four times a day. She loved sex and all kinds of it. She loved to be fucked and craved sucking cock. In her early teens he put her on birth control and this made her small flat tits grow. In less than a year she had huge tits. He had never bought her any bras so he would lift her shirt and suck her big globes any time he wanted. Normally he would pull her top off and suck those tits then end up fucking her and filling her with cum. She loved to suck his cock and drink his cum. She was a great cum lover and a powerful cock sucker. He even taught her to love ass fucking. The first time he pushed his cock in that tight ass was the best he could ever imagine. She did not seem to mind and now she even liked getting her ass fucked hard.The older she got the sexier her body got. She had huge tits and a nice round ass and a very tight cunt and ass. She also loved to fuck and wanted it all the time. Her dad noticed she was now staying naked during the day so she could türbanlı escort hatay sit on his lap and ride his cock or either suck his cock. She was a great cum lover and loved sucking the cum right out of his thick cock. With her tits she was perfect for tit fucking and she loved him to push his cock between her tits and she would let him fuck till he sprayed his cum on her face. One morning he awoke to her sucking on his cock and balls. That night he had fucked her three times and she had also sucked his cock for over an hour. She could not get enough sex any more. He laid back and watched her mouth take over his cock and balls before he filled her with his cum. Then he pushed her on her back and began to suck her tits and then kissed down to her pussy and gave her pussy a good two hour eating. He had her moaning and squirming as he ate pussy like he never had before. Then he moved his face to her ass and tongue fucked her and then back to her pussy. He had three fingers fucking her ass as he tongue fucked her cunt. He worked her ass and cunt another two hours and she had soaked the bed and his face with her cum. That day they did not even bother to get up. He was either licking, sucking or fucking one of her holes all day. By evening her ass and cunt was raw and so was his cock. They laid side by side and laughed exhausted. They got up and showered and got something to eat.Now Sue was on her hands and knees and her dad was ass fucking her hard. He had every inch of his monster cock in her tight ass and was ramming her hard. He also gave her ass a few whacks as he fucked her. He then said to her “Have you missed my big cock in that tight ass? Are you hungry for my cum in that cunt and ass and especially in your mouth?” Then he pushed the last few inches of cock in her ass and fucked her hard till he filled her and cum ran out her hole. That morning it was non stop fucking and dad spent a lot of time sucking her tits and clit. Sue sucked his cock taking him deep in her throat and swallowing his cum. Then they looked at each other and laughed and headed back to bed. Once in bed they fucked in every position possible and licked and sucked each other all day. They would nap then wake and fuck more. He couldn’t get enough of her big tits and wet cunt and she wanted his cock in every hole.

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