Summer Woods CD


Summer Woods CDSchool was just out. My mother and father worked and my sister was older than me and slept most of the summer it seemed. She would get up late and i spent many summer days dressing in her panties and bras, experimenting with her makeup and acting the slut. I was settling into the summertime vacation routine.This summer though i started riding my bike to the state park that was a few miles away. I stashed a box in a secret place deep in the woods by the river bank. Well away from all the trails that people sometimes wandered. Initially when i discovered these woods, i would simply wander naked and play with myself. I had some porn magazines that my older cousin gave me. They were tattered and worn. My favorite were the bisexual pictures where the men and women were together but the men also sucked each others dicks. I liked that, but i always imagined me being the female and being used by the men in the pics. They looked so pretty.Well this summer in my stash box i had some porn and lipstick and nail polish. As well as a compact mirror and the ever necessary nail polish remover. Just the simple essentials a budding tgurl needed. I took panties and bras from my sister but returned them to the laundry every day, as long as they weren’t dirty from the forest floor. I felt so pretty and sexxxy and free in the woods.This particular morning was no different. I had put on my makeup the best i could and brush my hair away from my face. it 1xbet yeni giriş was long hair. i used some of my sisters hair things to try and make it girlish. definitely a work in progress but i did my best. I had painted my toenails bright red. My summer tan was beginning to darken, so i thought my legs and feet looked awesome. I was very tall and thin for my age, and absolutely hairless. Something i was very self conscious about in gym class around the other boys with their growing-manly hairy bodies. But here, i was glad to be this way.All finished prepping by the river edge, stood up and put on my panties and bra and was admiring myself as much as i could in that silly compact mirror. completely oblivious to my surroundings.”Very Pretty” was all i heard. My heart and body jumped a foot in the air. “Who? What? I am not alone?” i was thinking. I turned in a start and just a few feet from me a man was standing ogling me. I stood frozen not knowing whether to run or cry. After what seemed like a minute of shaking he started talking to me.”dont be afraid. i was across the way and can see you plainly from the boat ramp. I come into these woods all the time. I have for years. I love to be naked out here”. And with that he started taking off his shorts and tee shirt. I didnt know how old he was, at my age everyone seemed 40. Immediately his cock sprung out hard. He instinctively stroked it. He was leering at me. “you are very sexy, you 1xbet giriş like being a girl honey”? i just nodded. “I can see by your magazines that you like seeing cocks, have you ever sucked one?” “yes my cousins” i murmmered. I was starting to calm I had been sucking my cousin off for a few years, i loved it. But his was the only one. He was older than me but his cock was NOT as big as the one i was looking at. “do you dress up like a girl for him?” i shook my head no. “does anyone else know about it?” he asked. Again, i shook my head no.”well this is our secret honey, you are VERY sexy. Lets step away from the opening and into the woods where is out of sight and you can show me how well you can suck dick with those pretty lips of yours”. With that he took my hand and led me into a pine area that seemed like a room because it was so secluded. It was only a few yards from where we were. i walked femininely barefoot through the woods, feeling sexxxy and like a girl.In the pine-room he turned around and said nothing as he put his hands on my shoulders and put pressure on me to kneel. I knelt on the soft pine floor and he presented his cock to my lips. “ok you beautiful little slut, show me” he said. I opened and took his huge head into my mouth. As he moaned i licked and made him as wet and slippery as i could. I stroked his huge ever hardening pulsing throbbing dick while i went up and down on it. Ever faster to his motion and moans 1xbet güvenilirmi pf pleasure. Like the girls in the magazines, thats how beautiful i felt. I felt in his control and beautiful.”thats it little girl” he moaned. “ohhhh im gonna cum, suck me u slut, you are going to take a man load”. i discovered at this point that my little cock was out and i was stroking it. He was reaching down with one hand and pinching my nipples. Then all at once he grabbed my head with both hands and furiously pumped his dick into my face. I tried like crazy to keep my wet mouth on him Then he bucked and convulsed and his cock grew to what felt like another half its size. Then with a loud grunt his cock exploded in my mouth. He held my head fast as it all gushed in and made me cough. It oozed out of the sides of my mouth and ran everywhere. “Swallow” he ordered. I started swallowing and licking and coughing the best i could. Then when he finished, he stood back and said i was an excellent little slut. He asked me if i liked what i did and i still couldn’t really talk. “yes” i mummbled, still feeling his cum all over my face.As he dressed and i knelt there covered in his cum and sweat and dirt, he asked me how often i come here and would i like to be his little summer bitch. All i could do was nod yes.”good” he said. “I will be here on Wednesday at about the same time, can you be here? i nodded yes.”Bye honey, dont let me down. I will bring pretty things for you to wear”He walked into the woods towards the boat ramp, and i sat in the pine needles completely ravaged and covered in cum. I smiled and masturbated my tiny cock to a shuddering whimpering orgasm in the woods.This was going to be the best summer ever.

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