Dream Wrestling


Alexander Voronov is the pseudonym of a professional writer of erotic stories in German language. Some years ago he has published a short novel “Glücksfall” (Sheer luck) at the eBook editor Readersplanet. The story is about a rich Mr. X who carefully selects four young men with the purpose to make their wildest sex-fantasies come true. One – and the major – of these fantasies is a naked wrestling combat with a beautiful and athletic woman.

A new version of this story was published at New eBooks – Berlin, with the title “Traumsex – Wilde Wünsche werden wahr” (Dreamsex – When wildest fantasies get true). Whilst working on the wrestling chapter, the author came across the website of Ultimate Mixed Wrestling and noticed the call for custom video ideas to be submitted.

A screen version of the Dreamsex wrestling episode might be a quite appropriate contribution to the UMW objective of producing the best sexy mixed wrestling videos worldwide.


The script calls for a total of 10 performers, 5 males and 5 females, all shown on the UMW website.

Couple performing the wrestling match: DESTINY and SEBASTIAN

Four other girls: ANGELICA, LARRISA, MELANY and VICTORIA (one as arbitress, two as round-girls, one as coach for Sebastian). Could also be played by Nikky – Mira – Kim – Abby.

Four other guys: BOGUR (possibly as Mr. X) and PETER, TOM and IMI as active spectators, one of them acting as coach for Destiny.

At the end, all performers are involved in the victory celebration and “punishment” of the looser.


Extreme slingshots and micro-bikinis for the girls.

Mr.X is dressed in a black silk kimono; beneath he keeps his cock in a “men half-bag”, exhibiting his neatly shaven balls.

Extreme micro-strings for the other men, just covering their genitals when limp, some with cockring.

Destiny will fight wearing a micro-overclit-bikini in leopard style.

Sebastian wears a highly elastic “men triangle transparent” which keeps his penis upright even when flaccid and which will stretch to a certain extend, still covering the shaft when getting aroused, but releasing the penis head when fully erected.

For the four other girls: minimum coverage slingshots in teardrop-style.

(Outfits can be found at the Tangaland online bikini-shop).


The action is taking place in a large room with dark walls or curtains. On the floor in the middle: a typical ring for oil wrestling, with a soft bottom covered by a blue PVC carpet. At opposite ring corners, two stools for coaching. Around the ring there are big cushions and sofas for the spectators. Theatrical lighting.



1. MR. X (BOGUR) addressing all participants. The front of his black silk kimono is open, showing the half-bag covering only his half erected shaft whilst exhibiting the bursting balls. Camera exploring the nearly naked audience (4 MEN and 5 GIRLS), highlighting their extreme sexy outfits. It’s a stunning exhibition of micro-fetishism!

MR. X:

“Well my friends, we will now realize Sebastian’s fantasy.

His dream is a naked oil wrestling combat with a strong and beautiful woman.

We can deliver. Destiny takes the challenge. I wonder if Sebastian is aware of what he is going to face…”

Shots of SEBASTIAN with his transparent micro-string and of DESTINY in her tiny Leo-style overclit-bikini, complete with top and bottom. Sebastian seems delighted. Destiny grins fiercely, showing her teeth.

MR. X:

“For this combat there will be special rules today. Both fighters keep their micro-strings on. The winner is the one who succeeds in removing the string of the other whilst keeping his or her shoulders or chest firmly on the floor. To be considered as removed, the string has to be thrown out of the ring. Angelica will arbitrate.”

Shot of ANGELICA, featuring an extravagant teardrop-slingshot.


“And what is the price for the winner?”


“Total sexual dominance of the looser. What else?”

MR. X:

“And everybody in this place will be invited to join in the fun!

Now, as we are talking oil wrestling, let’s start with the oil.”

2. PETER, TOM and IMI splash large amounts of baby-oil on DESTINY, rubbing it with their hands all over her body, with special attention to tits, ass and pussy. DESTINY quickly takes off her bikini top, so that eager palms can freely squeeze and massage her crisp breasts. One of the guys makes sure that she is equally slippery everywhere by getting beneath the small front triangle of the overclit-bikini, rubbing carefully her most sensitive point. A wriggling and giggling DESTINY gay seks hikayeleri clearly enjoys the treatment.

3. LARRISA, MELANIE and VICTORIA perform the same treatment on SEBASTIAN. When it comes to his “cache-sexe”, the oil is injected inside and the girls take turns to press and tease the content of the small, transparent pouch. Camera watches the growing cock, how he stretches the elastic fabric to the extreme and then the naked gland frees itself, until the whole powerful shaft escapes from its tiny prison.

4. DESTINY and SEBASTIAN enter the ring. Their bodies shine and glimmer from the oil, the middle string of her bikini splitting Destiny’s gorgeous pussy lips, and Sebastian exhibiting the full sized hard-on emerging from his string, the tiny purse now only covering his balls.

5. In front of the ring, MR. X and 3 other guys make themselves comfortable on the sofas.

ANGELICA takes her position as arbitress between the two wrestlers.

VICTORIA kneels down at one corner of the ring, IMI does the same on the opposite side, both ready to perform their coaching job.

6. LARRISA rises her arms with the sign “ROUND 1” and performs a highly provocative samba dance around the ring. Her bouncing boobs rapidly escape from the microscopic coverage provided by her sling-top, revealing her pointed nipples.

MELANIE, standing close to MR. X, strikes the gong.

7. DESTINY and SEBASTIAN face to face, at a distance of two meters. Lurking at each other, slightly bent forward with hanging arms, they slowly balance their body in expectation of the attack. Destiny starts to move sideward’s, Sebastian does the same facing her most defiantly. She feints an attack, Sebastian reacts by projecting himself forward. But the girl has moved back immediately, so he looses his balance whilst trying to grasp her hips. She snatches her arms around his neck and kicking away his legs, she pulls him down, face to oily carpet. The next second she is upon him, pressing her whole body against his back.

The battle begins, their entangled body’s rock and roll all over the ring. They apply various wrestling holds, testing each other. Whenever Destiny uses her breasts, buttocks or her pelvis to press and tease her male challenger, Sebastian suddenly becomes passive, indulging in the lustful sensations she is giving to him.

This is clearly Sebastian’s weakest point. When sitting backwards on his loins, Destiny makes a sudden demonstration of her female weapons by pulling Sebastian’s hard-on out of his hide beneath his belly and bending it backwards.

With his bone hard erection, this must produce a mix of lust and pain. But before the pain prevails, the gong saves Sebastian. End of round one.

8. SEBASTIAN takes place on his coaching stool, VICTORIA starting immediately to take care of him.

DESTINY does the same on the other side of the ring, where IMI stands ready.

The coaches feed the wrestlers with energy drinks and give a relaxing massage to their neck and back.

ANGELICA joins in the heavy petting taking place on the spectator-sofas between MR. X (BOGUR), PETER and TOM, and LARRISA and MELANIE. They visibly get more and more excited. But then MR.X raises his hand…

9. Now it’s MELANIE who dances around the ring, holding the sign “ROUND 2” high above her head. After the happenings on the sofa, none of her teardrops are still in place and framed by the strings of her slingshot, she exhibits her erected nipples and her naked pussy-lips. LARRISA strikes the gong.

10. SEBASTIAN has returned to the ring with a lesser erection as in round 1. Now the triangle string, stretching its elasticity to the maximum, covers his dick.

DESTINY launches her attack immediately, taking him by surprise, jumping on him like a panther and pulling him down. Sebastian is lying face down on the carpet whilst the girl is sitting on his back, blocking his legs with hers and clutching her fists to his wrists. Again she uses her female weapons by pressing her body against Sebastian’s, rotating her hips like a belly dancer. Her adversary lessens his resistance to enjoy the sensation. Destiny takes advantage by bending one leg until she gets her foot between Sebastian’s buttocks, slipping the big toe beneath the waist-string of the male micro and pushes it backwards. But now the strategy to weaken the man by arousing him appears counter-productive. A side shot shows how the triangle pouch remains hooked on the erected shaft, which, despite Destiny pulling like mad, cannot be bent backwards because the girl’s weight is blocking it between the carpet and the man’s belly. We hear the sound of cracking fabric. Using his free leg, Sebastian starts a counter-offensive. He ejects Destiny from his back and rolls himself sideward’s. For a second Destiny is lying on her back, Sebastian grabs the tiny triangle of her overclit-string and pulls it down. Destiny takes hold on her arms and lifts the upper part of her body from the carpet, whilst Sebastian draws the outfit over her ankles. He rises up and with a gesture of triumph throws the micro-string at the spectators. The arbitress ANGELICA intervenes.


“Nil! Destiny’s shoulders were not on the ground when her string was removed. Get ready to continue the round.”

IMI hands the string back to DESTINY. She puts it on, but places the triangle on the backside, between her buttocks, the front remaining with zero coverage, just the narrow elastic ribbon splitting her pussy.

Now it’s SEBASTIAN who attacks and forces DESTINY to the ground. After a short struggle she manages to head-scissor him and to gain full control. She reaches for his triangle string, which is now partly ripped to pieces, leaving the half erected cock totally uncovered. But whilst she tries to remove it, the gong announces the end of round two.

Both wrestlers return to their coaches. VICTORIA makes a quick repair to SEBASTIAN’s string,

reattaching the torn-off waist-ribbon to the pouch with an improvised knot. IMI takes care of

DESTINY, massaging her shoulders and tits whilst adding lots of oil.

The other girls – ANGELICA, LARRISSA, MELANIE – join in the party on the spectator sofas

with MR X (BOGUR), PETER and TOM. The action there escalates from heavy petting into

straight oral sex. All cocks are now fully erect and rising out of the male micro-strings. MR X

interrupts LARRISSA’s deep throat exercise…


“You better stop this now and announce the third round.”

LARRISSA reluctantly abandons the throbbing dick and picks up the sign ROUND 3.

11. Whilst dancing around the ring LARRISSA raises the sign with one hand, using the other to

wriggle herself out of her teardrop slingshot in a highly sexy strip-tease. MELANIE takes the gong but waits until the round-girl is completely naked. LARRISSA drops the sign and quickly rolls the elastic ribbons of her outfit around MR X’s hard-on, playing with it as if it was a puppet on strings. Eventually MELANIE hits the gong.

12. In the ring, the mixed wrestlers observe each other, moving slowly sideward’s, remaining

always face-to-face. Now SEBASTIAN seems to concentrate on the combat, his limp penis

indicating that he is no longer merely looking for sexual lust. DESTINY, on the contrary, is exciting

herself by pulling the middle string of her reversed bikini up and down between her pussy lips.

When she starts rubbing her clit with one finger and massaging her tits with the other hand,

SEBASTIAN takes his chance. Like a goalkeeper on a penalty he dives at her ankles, kicking her

feet away on the slippery carpet. The girl collapses over the boy. In the now following struggle she

remains rather passive. SEBASTIAN manages to get upright holding firmly DESTINY’s legs. She

is hanging upside-down, her shoulders are now as if they were glued to the carpet. To grab her

string, SEBASTIAN releases his grip on one of her ankles. The tiny bikini-bottom slips easily

upwards along her thighs. But DESTINY stops the removal of the trophy by bending the calf of her

free leg. SEBASTIAN looses his balance and falls backwards on the carpet. The second after,

DESTINY is upon him, taking his head in reversed scissors and pressing her pussy against his face.

DESTINY gets Sebastian’s cock out of the pouch and starts wanking, whilst with her teeth she works on what is left of his string’s elastics. SEBASTIAN is not aware of the danger and concentrates more on the pleasure of being masturbated and on licking and kissing the fleshy treasures freely offered to his tongue, because Destiny’s Bikini bottom remained blocked at the hollow of the girls knee.

It does not take long and DESTINY has cut whatever is retaining the “man triangle”. She rises, lets rotate the wrecked micro-garment around her finger and throws it out of the ring.

ANGELICA (arbitress):

“And the winner is… Destiny!”


“And as everybody knows… the winner takes it all.”

DESTINY takes the typical pose of victory, raising her arms, one foot on Sebastian’s chest.

13. MR X and the other spectators spend applause. They all are in an advanced state of sexual

arousal, the men exhibiting shameless erections and the girls having removed the little bit of

coverage provided by their slingshots.


“Now Destiny, what do you want to do with him?”


“He has defied me. He lost. He will now be my lust-slave.

And all of you are going to assist me in giving him the torments he deserves.”


“What are your orders? We’ll be pleased to oblige.”


(Whilst getting rid of the string still spanned between the bend of her knees)

“First thing: everybody gets stark naked.

Then, the girls spread-eagle my slave on the carpet, Angelica and Victoria holding him down by squatting on his arms, Larrissa and Melanie the same on his legs, all facing the looser.”

The girls do as they are told, seizing arms and legs of their victim. Sitting in the lowest possible position, with their knees fully bent, they bear down their asses on SEBASTIAN’s hands and feet. Sebastian begins to fondle the juicy slits and holes with his fingers and his toes. The girls reply with lusty wriggling of their pelvis. The man’s penis quickly rises from limp to fully erect.

14. DESTINY comes back into the scene, armed with a cat o’nine tails, the whips made in soft

suede and the handle shaped as a sizable phallus.


“Now I would like all men to get on their knees behind the girls and to put their hard-on straight upwards between the buttocks.”

The men do as they are told. The four girls redouble their sexy wriggling. DESTINY takes position above SEBASTIAN, spreading her legs, one foot each side of his body.


“You lost the match. You should be humble and modest!

So, what does this arrogant cock there mean?

I will have to punish you…”


(taking his submission with irony)

“Oh my mistress, please have mercy. This cock of mine is just paying tribute to your powerful beauty. I have no control of it. “


(comparing the phallus- handle of her whip with Sebastian’s dick)

“In this case, it’s your cock that will get the flogging. You are not going to pretend that it can challenge this one!”

DESTINY introduces the tip of the handle into her cunt and starts masturbating. Then, with spectacular pelvic movements, she does the flogging of Sebastian’s belly and genitals. Done like this, the punishment is halfway between pain and lust. Sebastian’s hard-one gets even stiffer.

A shot from above shows the total scene which is built like a flower made with naked bodies: in the center SEBASTIAN spread-eagled, with upright standing DESTINY punishing him, and around the four other girls (ANGELICA, VICTORIA, LARRISSA and MELANIE) stooped over his arms and legs, each with a man behind who is pressing his cock against her ass (BOGUR alias MR X, IMI, PETER and TOM).

15. Still keeping the handle of her cat o’nine tails inside her cunt, DESTINY slows down the

rotation of her hips and softens the jerky pelvic movements. The flogging turns into teasing caresses.

SEBASTIAN emits lubricious groaning.


“And now I am going to take my prize…

All of you are welcome to share the pleasure.”

DESTINY lets drop her whip and bends down on SEBASTIAN’s cock, inspecting and massaging it. He is still immobilized by the four girls and has no other choice than remaining totally passive. Even more as the girl goes sitting on his belly and starts masturbating the pulsating shaft and swollen balls with her feet.

We now turn our attention to the four couples surrounding this action. The men have bent forward and are fondling the girl’s breasts, rubbing their dicks against the plump buttocks.

ANGELICA slides one hand between her thighs, grasps MR X by the root and introduces the stiff member into her cunt. The OTHER GIRLS with their respective PARTNERS follow her example, and all begin a slow and voluptuous doggy style fuck.

Meanwhile, DESTINY switches to hardcore oral sex…

… and eventually teases SEBASTIAN’s gland with her half-open pussy lips, before impaling herself on the fleshy spear, starting a most horny cock-ride.

The action around escalates, all FOUR COUPLES are accelerating their fuck rhythm; we can hear how the men’s pelvises are clashing against the girl’s asses.

In the middle of the scene, SEBASTIAN is reacting to DESTINY’s moves by lifting his back from the ground and levering her up in powerful strokes. The girl gets into a real sex-trance. She clearly enjoys the climax, which rewards her wrestling victory.

One after the other, the FOUR MEN around pull back and, pressing their hot dicks on the female asses, they jerk of, projecting fountains of cum on the girl’s backs.

Then it’s SEBASTIAN’s turn. DESTINY rises to release his cock and milks him off. Sebastian rears up into an ecstatic pose. His juices are splashing on his face and chest…


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