Summoning my Succubus Mother Ch. 03


Mommy Breastfeeds Her Son

I stumbled down the hall from Mrs. Hemlock’s class, my note to excuse me for being late clutched in my hand. I had just had sex with my married professor. Like all the girls, she had come on to me. Only she was mature and dominating and took charge of me.

It was great and frightening all at the same time. My mommy-succubus had coated me in her juices right before school (literally, in the car before the building), and it had done something to me. She set me up and now wanted to hear all the details.

I couldn’t say that I was mad. What happened with Mrs. Hemlock was amazing and bewildering all at the same time. It was so weird that she kept my cum in a vial. I have no idea why she would do that. Unless she really was some sort of cum-addict like she implied.

I reached my computer class taught by Mr. Fossiker. I opened the door and found him standing before the rows of computers with the rest of the class on them. They all looked up from their stations to stare at me.

“Sorry,” I said, thrusting the note to Mr. Fossiker. He glanced at it and nodded. “We’re working on python coding. Making a simple game.”

“Cool, sir,” I said and took my seat by my friend, Hector. I sank down and looked around. People were still looking at me, though none of them were girls. Not a single one had enrolled in the class. They nudged each other and whisper.

“Okay, you know the basics of python scripting,” said Mr. Fossiker. “Or you should, so get to it. I want to see some progress by the end of the class.”

He sank down at his desk and leaned back in it. I logged into my computer onto my account. We were on Windows 10 machines, but they had all sorts of lock downs to keep us off the internet or doing anything fun with it.

“Dude,” Hector whispered, pulling out his phone. He hit play on a video that showed my mom getting out of the passenger side of her car topless, her big boobs jiggling. You could see me looking flustered. “That’s you and your mom. You two totally had sex in front of the school. What the fuck is going on?”

“Remember the succubus spell?” I asked.

“You did it?” My friend arched an eyebrow. “Then you used her to turn your mom into your sex slave?”

“No, my mom was the succubus.”

My friend groaned and leaned back in the chair. “I could have had your mom as my sex slave if I had cast the spell first?”

I shrugged, not sure how I felt about it. Having a succubus for a mother was so weird. It wasn’t like I was into incest, and yet here I was with a mother who was such a naughty slut. My phone vibrated again.

“Where are those details?” the message read. “Mommy’s all horny and wants to know how you’re doing at college. Was it a student or a teacher? It was a teacher, right? Some naughty MILF like me!”

“I’m in class,” I texted and shoved my phone in my pocket.

I worked on my project. I decided to make something easy. I re-created python, the simple game where your snake has to grow larger and larger. It was a simple one. I typed in the code, putting together all the things we had learned about how to set bounding boxes, graphical assets, physics, and all the like. I didn’t get done, of course, but I had a good start.

“I can’t believe your mom is a succubus,” Hector said as we headed to class. “I mean, I knew she was a whore.”

“What?” I gasped, staring at my friend in shock. “Dude, why would you say that about my mom?”

“I mean, she was always flirting with me,” he said. “‘Hector, my, aren’t you growing up into such a handsome man,’ and, ‘Hector, mmm, you’re going to make some girl happy. Or some woman.’ She once even grabbed my ass. ‘Nice.’ That’s what your mom said. She wanted me.”

“Probably,” I muttered. “Makes me wonder what was going on when she had her ‘book club.'”

“She was out chasing that D.” Hector grinned. “My mom’s the same way. Fucking puta. She ditched Dad and now she’s going out and to these bars holding cougar nights to pick up young guys. Ugh, if she was my sex slave, I’d chain her to the bed or the kitchen. I could fuck her bent over the counter and then she could make me a sandwich.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I said, not wanting to comment on that. Did he really want to fuck his mother?

I reached the chemistry lab taught by Mr. Reagent. I slid into my table in the back, setting my book down. My mother was texting me again, pestering for more details. I was about to text her back when Abby sat down on the stool beside me and gave me a dazzling smile, the diamond stud piercing her nose glittering.

“Hey, stud,” she said, her green eyes flicking up. “Mind helping me out today. I’m so helpless at chemistry, and you’re just… explosive.”

“That was one time,” I muttered. I had set off a small explosion messing around in the back. Soot had rained around the classroom.

Before Abby could say something, our professor stepped up and explained our experiment. We had to practice precipitating chemicals tuzla escort out of solutions, figuring out which reagents to use to get them out. We all had a stack of vials before us to figure them out.

“Okay, you know what to do,” said Mr. Reagent while every girl in the class was staring daggers at the redheaded Abby. She just squirmed beside me in a tight, sleeveless top that molded to her round breasts. “So, get started. Have fun. And be safe.” He glanced at me.

I gave him an innocent smile back.

The others started working. I stood up from my stool and said, “Okay, Abby, we should start with the…” I trailed off as she knelt on the floor, ducking beneath the table. It had an overhang so you could sit on your stool right against the counter. “Uh… what are you doing.”

“Sucking on your cock,” she purred.

My eyes bulge as she slides between me and the back of the table, completely hidden from view. Everyone is working in stations before you, mixing chemicals. Mr. Reagent is sitting down at his desk, letting the class work.

“You can’t do that now,” I said. “We got to do the chemistry stuff.”

“We’re doing a type of chemistry,” she said, her fingers unsnapping my fly. “Sexual chemistry. I’m attracted to you. Let’s see if you’re attracted to me.”

My dick throbbed. This was insane. We would get caught. What had my mother done to me? Coated me in her pheromones or something? Every girl in school was hitting on me. Even now, they were glancing back at me, biting their lips, wanting to flirt with me like they had earlier.

My zipper rasped down, and then she tugged off my jeans. I swallowed. If Mr. Reagent made the rounds, I would have a hard time explaining what was going on here.

Then Abby’s hand shoved through the opening in my boxer’s fly. She reached in and grabbed my cock. I gasped at that. She held my dick in her hand, stroking it. Pleasure shot down my dick. I groaned at that. She pumped her hand up down my shaft, stroking me with this naughty touch.

“Oh, my,” she groaned. “This is a lot bigger of a reaction than I expected. Mmm, our sexual chemistry is off the chart.”

“Abby,” I groaned. “This is going to–“

She swallowed the tip of my cock. I groaned as the nineteen-year-old girl engulfed my dick. She suckled on me and bobbed her head. She worked her mouth up and down my dick. My nuts tightened at how amazing it was to have her warm, wet mouth around my dick in the middle of class.

I stared at the rack of vials containing the various solutions and reagents. I was supposed to be working, but how could I when I had that hot, sucking mouth around my dick. She nursed hard, the slurping sounds rising. But the rest of the class was talking. Working. Mixing. Glass clinked together. Liquids splashed.

Girls glanced back at me in envy.

I shuddered as Abby sucked with hunger on my dick. She worshiped me. My hands clutched at the table, my back arching. One of the hottest girls in school was nursing on my cock. She loved it. her tongue danced around it.

That felt incredible.

The pleasure shot down my dick to my balls. They tightened with the pleasure of this moment. My nuts drank it in. I groaned, my heart racing. This was absolutely incredible. Just a wonderful passion to experience.

“Fuck, Abby,” I muttered beneath my breath.

She moaned around my cock and sucked harder.

I wanted to cry out to the entire class how great this felt, but I didn’t. I controlled myself. My heart raced as I savored this wonderful pleasure about my dick. She suckled with all her might, bobbing her head and worshiping my dick.

The pressure grew and grew in my balls. I had a big load of cum forming for her. I gripped the table harder, my fingers sliding across the Formica surface. My dick twitched in her mouth with her every suckle.

“Abby,” I panted. “I’m about to… to…”

She nursed on my dick with everything she had, bobbing her head and dancing her tongue. Her plump lips worked up and down my cock. The suction was incredible. My nuts lurched. The ache exploded at the tip of my dick.

I came in the middle of the chemistry lab.

I clenched my teeth as the pleasure slammed through my body. Every spurt of cum into her mouth sent rapture rushing through my flesh. It crashed into my mind. Stars burst across my vision. The chemistry lab swam before me.

Girls were glancing back at me. Their envious glances grew. They knew that Abby was blowing me. They had to. My face twisted with pleasure as I shuddered, my cum pumping in the redhead’s hungry mouth.

She gulped it all down. She swallowed my jizz with that hunger. She purred as she did it. She sounded so happy as she nursed out the last of my spunk. I leaned forward, panting, sweat gleaming on my brow.

“I could suck a dick better than her,” I heard Christine mutter to Erica. They sat at the table before me. “Way fucking better.”

“Right?” Erica said. She glanced at me and arched an eyebrow.

“I pendik escort don’t… know what you’re… talking about,” I stammered, Abby nursing on my cock like she wanted to make sure I had really emptied every drop of cum I had into her mouth.

Then she slid her lips off my cock and slid up. She licked her lips, a happy smile gracing them. The other girls were all glaring at her, especially Christine and Erica. I swallowed then brushed my chin.

“You got some, uh, cum still on you,” I muttered.

“I bet I do,” she said and grabbed her purse. She pulled out a compact and flipped it open. She stared at herself and preened, that cum on her lips. She wiped it up with her finger and popped it into her mouth, shivering. “You have a delicious cock. Best I’ve ever sucked. And so big.”

“She would know about sucking dicks,” Erica muttered. “Slut.”

Abby just preened while I put my cock away. She drank in the attention of every girl in the class because she had blown me. It was insane. My phone was buzzing again. Mom must have sensed I had cum through her succubus powers.

I just tried to get to work on the experiment. We were behind.

She snapped closed her compact and said, “We are going to make such great lab partners. Mmm, we’re the best at chemistry.” She pumped her hip into mine. “I could take my panties off if you want to go down on me.”

“We’re in class,” I whispered. “We’re lucky that Mr. Reagent didn’t catch us.”

“Right, right,” she said and grabbed my ass. “So, let’s do this science thingy. What are we supposed to be doing? I wasn’t paying attention.”

I explained it and then had to do all the work while she kept rubbing her young body against me and keeping me hard. I kept hoping she would give me another blowjob. After all, we had gotten away with the first one.

Why not a second one?

But Mr. Reagent started walking around the classroom. He was nodding at the table and then frowned as he saw Abby pressed against me. “Don’t you think you’ve distracted Henry enough?”

“Mr. Reagent?” she asked, putting this innocent smile on her lips and fluttering her eyes.

“Let’s keep it to one blowjob during class,” he said. “You’re making the other girls jealous, and they’re not going to get any work done.”

“You’re okay with it?” I gasped at the teacher.

He breathed in for a moment and then just drifted away, shaking his head. Those succubus pheromones on me were powerful stuff. Christ, what had my mother done to me? I didn’t ask her to hook me up with every girl in school or something.

Well, if she hadn’t turned out to be my mother, I had all sorts of kinky plans for owning a succubus. But her being my mother made it all so weird. I couldn’t just give her orders. She was my mother. I had done what she said all my life. Even though she called me Master, I didn’t feel like I was the one in charge.

She was manipulating me, setting me up from home. Probably had a vibrator in her cunt, just getting off as she felt what I was up to. She might even be able to see it. Who knew what her powers were. She could be watching me from the Lilith Qlipha, the other plane of existence from where succubi were from.

I worked on the project and managed to precipitate out the chemicals. I identified them and then it was time for cleanup. Christine and Erica kept staring at me and flashing me naughty smiles. They licked their lips.

“Do you want to eat lunch with me?” Christine asked, her eyes dark and full of wicked promise. “I hear there’s going to be tacos. I bet you love fish taco. I know this–“

“He doesn’t want to eat your rancid cunt,” Abby hissed and then glommed onto my arm. “He’s my lab partner. He’s eating lunch with me!”

“I am?” I asked and then gasped as she dragged me away from the table.

“You are!” she declared.

Damn, she was just taking charge. How did I keep letting this happen? Did I just want sexy women to throw themselves at me? Did I want to summon my own mother to be my succubus deep inside? Had I known on some level that she was one, so I had gone through the effort of conjuring her?

I had always pictured myself taking charge in my fantasies, getting out of my shell, but my mother, Mrs. Hemlock, and now Abby were all just doing what they wanted to do to me, and I was just along for the ride. Abby was cute. In her tight top and her jean skirt.

“Mmm, Henry, you are going to make such an amazing lab partner,” she said. “Tomorrow, you’re going to eat my pussy, right? We have to experience. My cock-sucking was amazing, but we have to make sure you’re skilled at muff-diving. You’ve eaten pussy before, right?” Then she laughed. “A guy with a dick as big as yours… Ooh, I’m going to have to fight off all the ladies.”

“Er, probably,” I said, noticing a growing group of them moving around us.

There was blonde Tonya in her expensive, designer clothes. Shelly played with her black hair while staring at me with such abject lust. Molly aydınlı escort was cupping her big breasts through her top and shaking them at me.

“Boo, don’t waste your time on some loose pussy,” Veronica said, the Black girl grabbing my ass. “You want a sistah to love you. We got tight cunts. You know you want a taste of jungle fever.”

“Do you hear how you’re talking?” Izolde asked, her purple hair spilling around her face. “He doesn’t want a slut. He wants a girl that respects herself. Henry, I’ll let you do anal. Anal! That’s how much I respect myself!”

Abby just kept leading me along, smirking. They ignored her and yet she acted like she was the center of attention. The queen because she had her arm around me. We reached the cafeteria which bustled with students. My friend, Hector, was at our usual table. He brought his own lunch, as he normally did.

“Dude,” he said, staring at me. “You got Abby on your arm.”

“He does,” Abby said. “We’re lab partners.”

“How wonderful,” a throaty voice purred behind me.

I stiffened as I recognized that voice. I turned to find my mother standing there. She had ditched that schoolgirl look she had worn to my college and looked very momish in a yellow sundress that clung to her large breasts and curvy figure.

“Uh, Mom, what are you doing here?” I asked as she took my other arm.

“Why, you forgot your lunch,” she said as she guided Abby and me to the table where Hector awaited.

“My lunch?” I frowned at her. “You don’t make me lunches. I buy them here at the cafeteria.”

“No, silly,” she said, this wicked gleam in her blue eyes. She pulled me to the tables and pushed me down on the bench so that I was facing away from the table.

Abby bit her lip, glancing nervously at my mother.

“I have your lunch right here,” she purred and then, somehow, the front of her dress was open. I could have sworn this dress zipped up in the back, but now her large, and heavy, tits were out. They were bouncing, her nipples beading with her breast milk. “Mmm, my mommy-udders are just full of your lunch.”

“Mom!” I gasped in shock as she yanked my face right into her nearest breast topped by a hard nipple. She pressed that nub against my lips, cutting off any further protest.

“Mmm, drink up, Henry,” she cooed. “My big and strong son needs his nourishment. I know how much you love my mommy-milk. Mmm, that’s it. Just suckle away.”

Everyone was watching my mother breastfeed me. I couldn’t help but suckle at her nipple, my dick throbbing so hard as I gulped down her milk. I swallowed it with hunger, the creamy, warm delight spilling through my mouth.

It tasted as sweet as it had last night. My cheeks hollowed as I nursed at my mother’s nub. I gulped it down, the cantaloupe aftertaste lingering over my taste buds. Then I suckled again, gulping down more of my mother’s milk.

“That’s it,” she moaned. “Ooh, that’s it. My big, strong son has to keep up his endurance. He has all those pussies to please.” Her hand cupped my cock, squeezing me. “Yes, yes, there’s my son’s big dick.”

Hector gaped at me as he watched my mom breastfeeding me. Abby squirmed as she stood before me, her green eyes glossy with lust. She squeezed her tits through her blouse. She kneaded them as watched me nursing from my mother. The redhead licked her lips. Behind her, a horde of girls was watching, whimpering, groaning. Guys stood behind them, holding their phones high to record it all.

I wanted to melt in embarrassment as I kept drinking my mother’s milk. I nursed from her heavy tit, my dick throbbing from her stroking touch. Pleasure shot through my body when she brushed the crown. She purred in delight.

“Yes, yes, such a big and hard dick,” my mommy-succubus moaned. “My son has a huge cock.”

“He does,” Abby moaned, licking her lips.

“So you were the one who blew him,” my mom purred. “I can smell his cum on your sweet breath. Did you love drinking my baby boy’s cum? Mmm, did you enjoy gulping down his seed?”

“Yes, Mrs. Bell,” she moaned, her hips wiggling from side to side. “I drank it all down. It was so delicious. We’re lab partners.”

“How wonderful,” my mommy-succubus said. “Mmm, my big, strong son needs a sexy girl to partner with him. But you’re not the jealous type, right?”

“No,” Abby said, her green eyes flashing with something else. Annoyance. Anger.

“Liar.” My mommy-succubus laughed. “You have fire in you. Mmm, I love it. I know my son did. I felt his pleasure. Ooh, my big, strong son came so hard I felt it all the way in our house. We’re connected.” She shuddered. “And he’s drinking all my milk to be nice and virile.”

I was? I just couldn’t stop. It was so delicious. Her milk flowed down my esophagus to my stomach. It warmed my belly. I gulped it all down and suckled harder from her heavy breast. I groaned as she squeezed my cock as I did it.

Then she unsnapped my jeans. A groan ran through all the watching girls. My zipper rasped down, my fly opening. Mom reached in and grabbed my cock. It was like my boxers had just vanished. That she had done something to them with her succubus powers. She stroked my naked dick.

“Oh, my god, that dick is huge!”

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