Sunny Day with Neighbor II


Sunny Day with Neighbor IISunny Day with Neighbor IIThe wife had crashed our all boy party {The BEST kind} but this is a fill in flashback to earlier that same day. I had just fucked F. for the first {but not last time}. I watched him closely as he got out of bed and walked gracefully to the bathroom. His cute cream colored ass was a little pink with some liquids{ sperm and lube} appearing around his lovely rose bud. I licked my lips thinking of how good it was to fuck him. I was finally admitting to my self that I was more attracted to males than females. F. returned and I smiled as I looked at his pretty face and pretty pink prick. He asked why I smiled and I proceeded to tell him; “Being close to you. Sucking your perfect cock and eating your asshole made me feel alive. I love the smell of your pink hole. I love being in your tight warmth. You are the best sexual partner I have ever had”. He blushed, sighed and got up in the marriage bed with me. I looked at this tight body and that lovely now soft cock .I was living the dream of many older guys which is to have a nice young cock to suck and young butt to fuck. He kissed me softly and held my soft cock. I have small breasts from exercising and weightlifting. I shave as much of my body as possible. I was lucky to have thin hair. F. sucked my tit then went down on me. I gasped as this beautiful boy kissed my cock and took it in his mouth. I have somewhat dark skin with brown hair. Our color contrast was so exciting. I hardened quickly as he sucked and licked my cock. I told him to look in my eyes and he altered his position slightly. He cupped my hanging balls as he took me higher. He later said he liked my hanging balls. His were closer to his pubis tighter and smaller but loaded with delicious cum. My mind took a photo as the neighbor boy blew me in my marriage bed. He licked me fast like a sweet lollipop. I told him: “Slow down girl” . He smiled up at me. He liked being my GF. He licked and sucked on my crown as he softly stroked my love sac. I was rock hard again and wanted to fuck him. Damn. I loved fucking this boy. I mean what guy wouldn’t. My sac went tight as his lips lapped my cock tip. I felt the electric primal urge as the charge ran from my toes to my spine to my brain. My toes were curling as I nearly lost it. I looked down and F. was breathing heavy. I saw his young hard cock. He loved my cock. I felt so attractive and wanted. I know it sounds strange but I felt like a real man. I suddenly had purpose in life and that is to have sexual intimacy with other males. I was shaking all over as I sent my love juice into his willing mouth. He spit, swallowed , slurped then sighed. My eyes rolled as I groaned. He made some strange sounds as he filled his tummy with my cummy. I was getting very sensitive as he must have sensed this and he released my sword from his clutching mouth. He smiled sweetly as he came up to lie with me. He looked so cute with some of my love juice on his lower lip and chin. His teen boner poked my thigh as he rested his head on my shoulder. I asked him to be my steady GF and he smiled sweetly and replied he would love to be my GF. I licked some of my load off his girly lips and went to my jewelry box and retrieved an obvious girls ring. He held out his hand just like a girl and I fit it on his middle finger of his soft hand. It was our engagement ring. We had each others sperm floating in our bodies. This was pure romantic lustful sex.F. remained rock hard. He rubbed etimesgut escort his new ring covered with small turquoise rocks and delicate silver flowers. I went to the bathroom and returned to find F. holding his cock in one hand and admiring his ring. F. wanted my rose bud cherry and I offered him my virginity. I got the lube and let him lube me and he fingered my ass with one then two fingers. {I could get 3 fingers up there}. F. said, “You’re the bitch now. Get on my joy stick for a gay ride”. We both laughed as I climbed upon him and wiggled my wet hole on his hard cock . I lubed him . I pushed down my anal lips and he held his cock in place and angled it in me. He slid the crown around the hole and then lifted up so I pushed down slowly and pop goes the cherry. I slid down his cock and felt each inch rubbing me. I was bone tight too. F. said, “You are so hot up your ass and so smooth. Tight too. “He moved around me and rubbed it on my ass walls. I squeezed his cock with my ass muscles and rolled around like the gay faggot I am. I lifted my ass and accepted that hard teen cock up in me. I lowered then lifted. My brain raced. I wished I had done this years ago. His cock was so big inside me. I felt so filled and so fulfilled. I was getting ass fucked and loved it. ”Fuck me baby .Fuck me. Shoot in me. Make me preggers”. He gripped my hips and pistoned that pole in and out even teased me a few times. I was moaning like a High School {HS} cunt and begged for more. I felt his cock swell up in me and he yelled .“I coming now”. I felt his 2 ropes hit me. I felt the warmth. I leaked on his tummy as I rocked on him slowly. I milked that cock in me. I wiggled and shimmied on him. I love cock. I saw the clock that read 5:30 PM. I knew what I wanted for supper. LOL.No more fish for me.{I remembered living on Cape Cod at age 27 and having a few gay friends. I went to a gay bar and even danced with other guys. One guy asked me to slow dance so we did. He rubbed my butt and grinded his cock on me. Nothing much else. I was stoned and loose. I was in another sort of straight bar when this cute little faggot named D. came up and asked to sit on my lap. I was stoned as he sat down , he grabbed my cock and rubbed it. He whispered to me “I will suck you off better than any girl”. My 2 straight friends laughed and said “Go fuck the bitch”. D. lap danced on me as my cock hardened and he came in close to me. I thought he was going to whisper again so I leaned in close and he kissed me on the lips. My friends whistled . I was so stoned that I kissed him back as he wiggled his ass on my hardening cock. Nothing much happened. His BF pulled him away and I got up fast. I later found out that my straight buddy was sleeping with a gay guy and loved it.}He slipped out and I felt the wetness and emptiness. I told him again this was the absolute best sex I ever had in my life. I lie next to him with a still hard cock. We kissed and talked. He called home and said he was over a friend’s house. I told him I was a CD for 25 years and my wife knows but disapproves. I told him it feels great to jerk off into ladies panties’ . He listened intently as I asked him if I could put lipstick on his luscious girly lips and earrings in his ears. “I will braid your hair like a girl . I have panties and a negligee for you.” I told him he wood look hot as a bitch and he loved it. He smiled and said he had some sex fun with his older sister and admired her panties sincan escort and lacey bra. She jerked him off and gave him a BJ {Blowjob} twice. They frenched and he sucked her tits. He tried to get her panties off but she denied him {Like most females}. She made him cum on himself . She hated the sperm smell. I saw his young cock hardening. “Let’s go downstairs.“ I leaked his sperm down my leg. It was awesome. We went to my bureau and I pulled out all ladies lingerie. He was rock hard {Sweet bird of youth} picking out panties and negligees. He chose pink panties, pink thigh high pantyhose {PH} and a pink white negligee. I grabbed a black short cami but stopped .We went upstairs. I loved walking behind him. I stopped him on the stairs and kissed his ass and licked his pink love hole. I told him; “I will be making love to my real GF so soon”. He said; “Oh Yeah. Can’t wait to be the bitch again”.I sat him at my wife’s mirror and chair and brushed his medium length blonde hair. I put a 6 braid on one side and a long pony tail in the back with a blue band. I put a smaller pony like tail in the top back and another blue band . I reached down and stroked his young cock. He purred like a pussycat for he was my pussy now. He turned around and we French kissed wildly. His body was so hot. My cock so hard. I had to control myself. I put some eye color on his lids and lipstick on his lovely lips. He really didn’t need much make up because he had long hair and was so fair skinned . He stood up with that hard cock pointing right at me and slipped into his panties without me asking. He had quite a pop up. LOL. He put on the PH gracefully, slowly and then the pink white negligee. The perfect pink white girl angel is born and she is mine now. What guy doesn’t want to fuck a beautiful blonde blue eyed babe with a tight body? He went and looked at the full length mirror and said, “Damn. I look girlier than my jock sister”. I reached for him and begged for a kiss. He put his arms around my neck {I am a bit taller} and we kissed. We hugged close as our hard cocks touched through his panties. I glanced at the full length mirror and it showed me hugging this young blonde Barbie wearing purrfect pink lacey panties and a negligee down to her panties. He was prettier than most teenage girls. I spun him around and we held hands like lovers gazing in the magic mirror. “You make such a natural girl. You are so lucky”. He blushed brightly and moved in for a kiss as he grabbed my hard cock with his soft hands just like a girl. “Give it to me BF. I need your big cock inside me now”. I growled as he made these soft sweet sounds from his oh so girly mouth. I was so filled with love and lust for this he/she. He soon asked ; “If we would do it the same way.” We got in the bed with the girl of our dreams. I lied down and got the lube as he lie next to me. He put the pillow under his butt and slid his panties aside. He lifted his butt and spread his legs. {He learned fast}. I lube fingered him and then pulled down his panties. He kicked them off {Fast learner}. There was urgency to his movements. He kept on his negligee and the PH. I stared at his pink asshole and his rock hard pink prick with a lovely purple crown. Most older guys wood love to have a perfect pink prize like this in their marriage bed. He took the lube as I lie down. What a fine bitch. He held me so soft ,smiling, blowing me kisses as he lubed his prize. “I have always liked you and felt attracted sıhhiye escort to you. I now know it was sexual attraction. ” I said the same. He climbed on me saying ,”I am your GF and I need your big cock up my pussy”. Such a precious moment. I pulled on his hip and lifted my cock to meet my GF. He instinctively reached for my cock and brought it to his hole. This is heaven. He held my cock softly as he wiggled it up to him. {He held it like my wife now a distant memory}. He rotated his butt and pushed down his anal lips. That perfect star opening was accepting me into his young body. He was still super tight as my crown slipped in him. He said, “Your cock is bigger and stronger than before”. I love my new GF and she loves me. He slid down my love stick and leaked on my tummy. He balanced his hand on my tummy as we got in a secure position and began to fuck. He was more active in this fuck as he moved up and down and back and around. I throbbed in him and he sighed. We moved as one unit joined by my thick cock. My cock explored his secret places. He came in for a kiss and lifted off then slid down slowly. What a thrill. He was controlling our lovemaking. He whispered: ”Please go long. Don’t come yet”. I was balls deep in my bitch. He had both hands on my tummy as he moved around. He rocked back and forth on my cock with his pink pole dripping on me forming little sperm pools. I was getting laid. Fucking this boy up the asshole just like any faggot wood love to do. He was so warm, wonderful and tight. This is real sexual intimacy with another human being. No pressure. Just amazing sensations as our bodies locked. I just fit so perfect inside him. He cooed these soft sexy sighs as we fucked. The sounds of a sweet satisfied GF are music to the man. Slow and fast. I hoped I wood last. He moaned and bit his lip as he spurted . I growled like a man possessed. Fucking tight boy butt is one of the greatest sexual pleasures. The BEST for me. I hit his sweet spot with my sword. My Princess was coming off. Small load but nice and thick. I grabbed his teen butt cheeks and got ready. “Oh my darling .I am coming in you. I am getting you preggers”. I held him close. I moved in him and rubbed his insides. He bucked harder as I dropped 2 good spurts in him. He milked me dry with his ass muscles. He sat atop me a few minutes as I slipped out. He lifted and my sperm came out like a little ring. “ Put your panties on to keep my sperm inside you. I want you pregnant”. He giggled like a little girl. He was my Girl. My perfect GF. He slipped back into his panties and we kissed and hugged like satisfied lovers which we were. He asked me so sweetly if he could keep his panties and “nighty”. Such innocence. I said” Of course “and later gave him some more girly stuff including 2 skirts. We lie there with our mutual sperm on my tummy and chest. We ate up our cum pudding. Yummy! I noticed he was clicking his tongue, biting his lip and acting more girly. He told me he was happy being my GF and happier when my thick cock was in his pussy. We decided on the name Francine for him. We decided to fuck and suck as much as possible. We will go for a 3 day weekend at Provincetown MA on Cape Cod. Francine can walk around as a girl in public as it’s a wonderfully gay open community. He loved the idea of wearing a skirt in public but was not ready for high heels {He thought}. We lie in bed a few hours speaking soft and kissing. My Viagra worked so well. I knew my GF wanted to blow me but I wanted her cunnny again. We played around and I got his panties down and begged for his pussy. He laughed and squealed like a girl and went down on me. The electricity raced through me as he gave me the most loving BJ with plenty of cooing with sweet sighs. I growled in approval.

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