It was in the run-up to Christmas. We had been invited to a number of parties and the only reason we attended yet another one was because they were good friends and they were concerned about how many would come. I had to work early the next morning so I couldn’t drink much and mid-way through the evening I was the only one sober and the only one not laughing. My wife was chatting to our neighbour who was there alone because his wife and kids were away for the week. I wandered across, my wife loves a flirt and enjoys the attention she gets from men. My neighbour looked like he was talking to her breasts which at 36c are definitely worth looking at. I suggested we should go home as I needed to get to bed and this was greeted by groans of disappointment from both of them. My almanbahis şikayet neighbour, who was also a work colleague, offered to walk my wife home and see her safely indoors. I thanked him, kissed my wife and left the party.I am not sure if I slept and woke up or if I was always awake, but by 2 a.m. my wife had not arrived and I started to get concerned. I eventually decided to go and look for her. I returned to the party which was just a few minutes up the road, only to learn that both my wife and my neighbour had left some time before, nobody could be sure exactly when. I returned home and could see that my neighbour’s living room lights were on and felt slightly relieved to know that they were probably safely inside. I rang the bell and the door was opened by almanbahis canlı casino my neighbour who started blurting about my wife popping in for a nightcap. I walked through to the living room to see my wife on the sofa, legs curled under and a glass of brandy in her hand. I explained that I had been concerned and she promised to come home as soon as she had finished her drink. Thinking nothing more of it, I said ok and I would let myself out.As I was leaving, I glanced into the downstairs toilet to see that there were a pair of panties and tights on the floor. I quickly let myself out. My heart was now pounding. I was trying to figure an innocent reason why my wife should have removed her panties. Had she had an accident? Probably not. Had she pee’d in my almanbahis casino neighbours toilet while he was watching? Again probably not. I went straight outside and tried to think what to do. I went to the front window to try and see through the curtains, but they were tightly drawn with no gap at all. The room also had side windows which were quite high up, but more importantly, the other side of a six foot fence. I pondered whether I could climb it quietly and decided that the music coming from the room was probably loud enough to mask any sound. I got over easily, but quickly found that it was all in vain as the curtains were also tighly drawn and I couldn’t see anything. Then I noticed a pair of stepladders leaning against the wall and looking up I could see a chink of light coming from the top of both of the windows. I was up the ladders quick as you like and positioned myself to look into the living room, half expecting my wife still curled up on the sofa and my neighbour in the armchair.My wife was still on the sofa.

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