surprising stepdaughter


surprising stepdaughterwritten for demos8So my stepdaughter is about to study at university, she and her mother are excited as am i except my stepdaughter is one hell of a beautiful woman and i often find myself fantasizing about her. First a little bout myself im a 45 year old business executive at this fortune 500 company but enough bout that im 5’11 which is average but height isnt everything and a 7 and a half inch cock so im very comfortable and a rather impressive athletic build for someone my age. So about my stepdaughter shes 18 and very beautiful raven haired swedish girl shes around 6’6 very athletic body with exceptional long toned legs and stomach and very tight abs and a 36dd bust shes an absolute beauty like her mother whom i married some time back her name is sasha. I had just gotten home and saw sasha and her mother joyful as sasha informed us about her acceptance into a very prestigious university abroad i was happy for her and so i proposed we celebrate and in unison the both cheered, so i planned to take them both out the following night to a nice dinner.Sadly her mother wasnt feeling well ani was going to postpone the celebration but she said to go on without her as its türbanlı bitlis escort sashas celebration so i got dressed a nice black designer suit i wanted to look good for my stepdaughter and her mother when i went to sashas room to see if she was ready i was greeted by a breath taking sight. Sasha was dressed in an elegant mini dress which barely reached her thigh it really showed off her elegant figure and very ample clevage her hair was straight and long her make up was done dark in the right places to really show off her beautiful grey eyes though she didn’t need the height she wore stilletto open toed heels with elegant silk light black stockings that made her milky white porcelain skin stand out beautifully. I watched her walk down the stairs as she hugged me and asked if i was ready to go.The car ride wasnt long but very difficult as i kept stealing glances at her and smelling her intoxicating scent of her perfume every now and then we arrived at the gourmet it was a very high class restaurant 5 star and highly spoken of i had pulled a few favors to get us a table as the waitlist was atleast a month long wait. i got out opened türbanlı bitlis escort bayan her door and she held my arm as we walked in many people stared as she really looked like a goddess and she was walking beside me i saw guys envious of me sting at my beautiful stepdaughter we sat and ordered i had offered a toast to sasha as i had them bring ua a bottle of Krug Clos d’Ambonnay my favorite champagne to celebrate. I hadnt know sasha to drink but i figured a few glasses wouldn’t hurt but to my surprise she was becoming increasingly flirtatious i had to do something so i excused myself and went to the rest room to cool of as i stood at the sink splashing water on my face as if that would help i felt a hand grab my cock through my pants i turned around there was sasha on her knees unclasping my belt and pants.Before i could speak she said ‘I know you want me i see the way you stare’ and with that she takes my rock hard cock into her mouth deepthroating me it felt magnificent as i looked down into her beautiful eyes as she worked her lips perfectly and bobbed her head slowly i ran my fingers through her hair and let out a satisfying türbanlı escort bitlis groan. Her mother was good but sasha was amazing i could feel my orgasm building as i watched my beautiful 18 year old stepdaughter suck my cock i didn’t want it to stop but i didn’t want to blow to fast so i pulled her up and kissed her deeply i pulled out her beautiful breasts and started sucking and playing with them as sasha moaned approvingly i reached down to feel her tight pussy but was surprised to see she wasnt wearing any panties. Sasha said ‘no foreplay just fuck me here fuck me hard daddy’ I didn’t need to be told twice as i bent her over and slide into her tight pussy fromm behind she moaned out loudly as i was no longer worried about getting caught.As i fucked her from behind hard i looked in the mirror and saw her eyes were full of lust as her moans drown out the sound of my cock pounding her wet pussy i felt a rush of liquid envelope my cock as sasha orgasmed and with it i wasnt far behind i told her i qas about to cum and she said ‘please cum inside me i want it daddy’ that sent me over the edge as i shot my load deep inside her pussy i leaned forward kissing her back still pumping my cock inside her her moans and breathing were subsidising. We straightened up and headed for the exit in the sasha gave me a slow blowjob as i drove us home with her swallowing my cum in our drive when we got inside she kissed her mom and she asked if we had fun we sighed approvingly as i saw as she walked up the stairs i could see my cum running down her thighs.

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