Taking Ch. 04 – A Date Night

Big Cock

John walked into his step-aunt’s apartment and turned to go shower right away. The stains of their sex still filled his nose and stuck to him in an uncomfortable way. And he could hardly get out of his clothes fast enough before he could hear Scarlett grabbing them some fresh clothes. John felt the water cascade off his form, and images of Scarlett’s painted body hardened his cock, filling it to a full girthy ten inches.

Scarlett’s POV

I could hear the water falling on John, as I engraved runes in a ring for him. My pussy was a little too sore from before, but still I felt it engorge for attention at the thought of my new master’s body. If I didn’t need the mana for making his ring, I’d rejuvenate myself and join him. Unlike my lucky nephew, I, like any other human, needed food and rest to slowly regain mana and was at the whims of time.’

John’s POV

Lotion coated my cock, as I stroked it with a fury, and imagined Susan and Kristen worshiping it before me. Their lipstick leaving a trail, as one pounded their throat against my length; while the other sucked on my balls and pressed a hand to their partners head, helping relieve them of the unneeded room that my cock filled. I felt precum fill my length, but as I waited to feel it in my hands, I felt a finger press to my opening. Scarlett’s tits pressed to my back and her lips kissed my shoulder as she started a seductive whisper.

“Fuck my sister’s mouth. Fuck her whore mouth. I want to wrap my legs around her daughter’s head, as I watch you use my slutty sister as your bitch.” Her hand replaced mine on my cock as she continued. “Her heaving tits, begging for air as you stretch her throat for your use. Make-up and cum, staining her face as you desecrate her, like a beast claiming his toy. His thing! A thing to get off with. That’s what she is, what we are, things to get off with. A fuck-sleeve.”

Cum was building but I held back wanting more.

“Fuck your fuck sleeve, fuck your whore. Use that mouth pussy, like the cum receptacle it is. Wrap your hands in her messed-up hair, slam your cock in until her eyes see her brain melt. All the while Kristen sucks on my clit, and licks until she’s choking on my female cum. Or maybe you want me to use a spell to grow a cock?” Scarlett’s whispers filled his mind with images that pushed his lust and need higher.

My hips were thrusting into her hand, and my eyes shot open to her last remark.

“Yea. You would like that wouldn’t you? Me fucking Kristen’s mouth, while you fuck my sisters. Maybe we put them back-to-back, and make-out while we fuck their holes like we own them. Like you own us. You do by the way. We. are. yours. You best take care of us, and fuck us right.” Scarlett continued, voice as firm as his raging cock.

I shut off for a moment, shaking as if lightning struck, its name was Scarlett. With a rattling orgasm I came into her hand, as I imagined Scarlett using Kristen while I used Susan. Normally cumming from a hand job was impossible these days, but I supposed a tattoo or piercing of hers was limiting my power even now.

“Mmmmmmm.” Scarlett licked her hand, feeling the spunk going home. “An incubus must have a harem. It’s not a matter of want, but survival. Their spunk contains very little actual swimmers, and they are almost constantly in need of relief. Hmmmm.” Scarlet hummed, as she licked and sucked her hand and fingers clean.

“Yea, I read something like that in the notes my father left, but honestly I was a bit… distracted at the time.” I answered, head still thrumming.

Scarlett’s POV

“Hahahaa. I bet. Here.” I passed the ring to John. “It will make you immune to my warding’s and spells… well most of them. I do still want to have a little fun.” I smiled at him.

“Thanks. How about a little fun now? We still have half an hour before we need to leave for the restaurant.” John said as he pulled me against him, his cock still rampant and needy.

“Mmmmm. I would love to, but our ‘exercise’ earlier has made me a little sore, and I don’t have the mana too…” I started to decline.

John’s hand cupped my vagina and mana poured in filling me, and exciting me beyond belief.

“A new spell very basic but-” John chuckled.

My lips hit his, and like a crazed maniac, I started fucking my thighs against his cock, rubbing my engorged clit to a height of ecstasy. He barely had time to move his hand out of the way as our bodies collided. The mana he’d given, was obviously mana gained from pleasure, and was now steeped with it driving my already firing libido to full power. Grabbing his steel ass cheeks, I thrust myself at him like a wanton slut begging in his ear:

John’s POV

“fuck me. Fuck me now. Please I’m begging, break me with this cock, fuck me into a coma, come on Fuck. Me. Harddddd.” Her teeth ground together, as her voice built into bursa escort a wild wanton hunger.

Pulling from my deep well of mana, I hoisted the muscular form of Scarlett up into the air, and slammed her down onto my cock. My firm hands cupping, and spreading ass cheeks as she rose. Then with a release, and a swift snap of my arms my hands had her wrists. My hands now on her wrists, and her legs hanging behind me, I backed till my ass was a foot from the taps behind me. And let her body recline to a 45-degree angle. Then I Fucked her.

My arms and hers a fulcrum, as my hips launched her body forward like a kicked swing set. All the while her slick, tight fist of pussy power pulled my dick like a milking machine. *SLUUUURCK**SLAP* A vacuum suction formed with our sensual fluids, and I could feel the skin on my cock pulling at me without relent. I was in heaven, and she was a goddess.

“Oh god, yessssss” I muttered as I felt her pussy roll my cock in it’s muscles back to front, back to front.

A tattoo on her hip glowed, and I felt electricity pluck the nerves on my cock, raw and sensitive to the touch, and touch it did. Stars shown in heaven and ecstasy beyond description pulsed across my synapses, I was orgasming my consciousness out of my cock. Cum washed down my thighs as I came till she was overflowing, and yet still juicing me.

Scarlett’s POV

John’s eyes lost focus, and I smiled at the slight pause in the brutal rhythm as he emptied himself into me. The fullness he injected warmed me, in the now cooling shower water, and I pulled my legs to his ass, and bucked up against him, riding cowgirl while perpendicular to the shower floor. My tits slopped off my sides slightly, and shook like maracas as my cunt danced to their heart beats; I fucked in double time. Time we did not have would be spent here, as I did not care for a restaurant when my cunt craved cock and I was swallowing heaps. Ten, thick, solid, monstrous heaps of loving, fucking, nephew cock.

Strange grooves rubbed at my g-spot as his tip shifted into my a-spot and slipped up and down the front of my womb. An unimaginable orgasm built within me and all of a sudden I wanted to experience him at full power, completely in control.

John’s POV

I regained my composure, on the brink of another orgasm, and willed it to stop long enough to strum an orgasm from Scarlett’s clit. We were drenched in long since cold water, and still boiling for a sensual fury. I felt magic flowing through me like no other illusion magic, dream magic, or teleportation magic, ripe for the casting. Yet this magic kept coming, as more came, my muscles flexed and grew, my bones elongated, and my cock grew not only in size but texture. Now with each glimpse as it shuttled, in and out of my fuck slut, a new rune seemed to be engraved upon my cock. None of that mattered in the moment.


Five minutes, till we had to be at the restaurant. Not the thirty minutes needed to drive there, but enough to shower, cast an illusion upon us, and teleport in; secretly still nude. An illusory ballroom gown split up Scarlett’s side to mid thigh, letting a glimpse of a lacey lustful red bra be caught from amidst her bust.

Scarlett’s POV

My naked feet rubbed back and forth, on the bottom of my 2 inch black block heels; they no longer looked like those shoes, but instead red fuck me stiletoes. I knelt to tighten the illusory strap across the top, and felt bright red and rigid, although to the outside I wore stockings, a dress, and a full set off makeup; I could still feel a draft of air brush my nipples, and lower lips. John’s hand met mine as he helped me up, and the pseudo cuffs on his full black on black suit looked designed to stand next to my blaring red.

Once at my feet, John directed me towards where the maître d’ stood waiting. I halted him, making a scene to fix the one thing on him not black. (Other than the silver ring he now wore with obvious flashing pride). The tie was perfect, but I made a show as if to straighten it as I met his eyes and smiled, pulling some strength from within to stop myself from running away, or covering myself in fear of a failed spell. Arm in arm, the illusion made sense of our arms as if the pseudo clothes had to move against one another, all the while we phased through, skin to skin.

“Here you are sir, ma’am. A waiter shall be with you forthwith.” The maître d’ made to move away, then stopped, halting my heart right along with him. “It is so nice to see such a handsome young couple dine with us tonight.” His eyes marking my form before glancing at the tattoos with a look.

After a few minutes, we had water and a menu. At which time I met John’s eyes and started a whisper.

“Wow. This place is amazing, John. How do you have the money for a place like this?”

“I thought you were paying?” bursa escort bayan His mouth went from false concern to a smirk. “A single person making small purchases, and payments is not going to rock the economy.”

“Counterfeiting.” A common use of magical prowess, and a common reason for her ‘house calls’.

“Minor, counterfeiting. And I do, still intend to work just… I don’t know what. The restaurant is fine, and I’m lucky to be put in this position so young, but…” John’s voice trailed off.

My eyes softened, he was still a twenty-year-old, magic or not.

“I know a career you could dedicate yourself to.” I suggested, with a smirk.

“Monster hunting?” John guessed, as though she had asked him.

“Yeah. You wouldn’t need tattoos that twist at people and-” I replied.

“Yeah!” his voice cut in a bit too high, before dropping back down to the ambient whisper to match the room. “Sorry. Does that happen often? It seems strange.”

“Strange? You mean seeing a physically strong woman with toned legs, piercings, and tattoos walk in, in a dress made for models?” Gods. Scarlett was not used to being put on her heels. She was always the strong one, the confident one in the relationship.

“No. Strange that any would look upon a Goddess and not be struck with awe.” John quipped.

“Shut the fuck up.” A smile broke through her defenses nonetheless. It was hard to feel invincible, when you were making sure your cunt, dripped on the floor, not the chair.

A smile curved John’s lips, and he dropped his menu and ran a finger across her arm.

“Tell me about them. If you want, I don’t mean to push or anything. I… I just thought…”

“Hahahaa. Sure.” His confidence in sex was starting to slip now that he was out of that domain, he was nice like this too. Perhaps more of his human nature was woven into him then I knew.

A waiter came and took our order. John couldn’t read the French menu, and had me order in his place. The strangeness took the waiter off kilter, but John’s eyes were an inferno looking into me, and she dared not try to step between the flames. Oddly enough despite the nude exhibitionist position we were in, there was almost no sexual tension between us, just a loving date. Well mostly, John’s leg played along my thighs a few times, but as if holding back a raging beast, he always corrected himself.


“- anyway. About this monster hunting.” John finally broke off from his description of the newest plant to his and my sister’s garden, and was getting to the more important talk.

“Well other creatures, and monster hunters will be gunning for you as you gain in power, and I figure the best way to deal with it is head on.” Scarlett pointed out.

John nodded, listening intently.

“I would train you in monster hunting, and hopefully magic, though yours is different. And while doing so, educate you in the world you are now shifting into. Also, I can keep you close and thus a little safer.” Also, we can fuck a lot more this way, she thought the last to herself, and smirked as she played into his playing foot.

“Okay, okay that sounds good. I would love that. Ummm… I don’t know how to ask this, but how do you get paid?” John inquired.

“Ah. Well, an organization called the T.C.C. issues out licenses and clan memberships. When the time is right, I will introduce you to it and they will give you a test for the license, and an interview for the membership. Every hunter, or wannabe hunter, joins the clan of hunters, and then when ready takes the test to see if they have skills and knowledge enough to work professionally in the field amongst mortals.” I paused to let the info be absorbed. After a minute I went on.

“They have an unsearchable site with postings on bounties for monsters that need to be either; detained, killed, or simply stopped. A lot of new monsters don’t have a beautiful step aunt to help guide them.” She smirked and winked. “They simply hit an age where their second puberty kicks in, and they start changing without any idea what’s happening. Most monsters don’t have both parents, or any; as their monster parent might have had to leave them for a time, or ends up dead somewhere given their lives.” I stopped to finish my meal and watched the information buzz in his head.

“I… I understand. I think. Ever since my dick changed, my libido has been rising and rising, as if there were no limits to horny. And I can feel the maddening, maddening desire to become a primal thing. It’s scary, and I… I can’t imagine not having someone here.” His hands took mine. “Someone to help make me feel sane, and loved, regardless.”

“I do love you. Regardless.” My hands grasped his back.


His arm was cold between my tits as we walked out, my front pressed to his side letting myself escort bursa feel more feminine than I often felt in bed with my ex’s. I could feel him brush against my stiff nipples as he turned away from me to pay, and again very deliberately as he turned back, kissing me in a very chaste manner. An illusory hand wrapped around my waist in the reflection of the glass in the lobby, all while John’s actual hand grasped one of my ass cheeks.

Once outside the restaurant, we were walking through the dark, and like when we had arrived, fog kicked up at us when we hit the entrance to an alley. In a breath my bed stretched out in front of me. My false clothes faded, and my feet slipped from the heels as John hoisted me out of them, and carried me the ten feet to the bed.

“I just need to make a call” John whispered, laying me down.

“okay” I knew why, and understood the adjustments being with an incubus would require.

“Hello.” John’s phone only rang once, before Scarlett’s sister Susan was faintly on the other end.

“I’m at Scarlett’s.” He told her.

“I know. I wish we could be together, but some distance is good.” He suggested.

“No no nothing like that. You’re amazing, you’re beautiful and I love you greatly. Matter of fact I have a present for you when we next meet.” John assured her with a mischievous grin, Scarlett returned a warm grin.

“Really” he confirmed.

“I gotta get to your sister” he was teasing her now and I could only revel in toying with her as well. We were never really competitive sisters, or really much of any sort of sisters, she had our stay-at-home mom, and I had our monster hunter dad. Still, it was fun to poke.

“Love you too, goodnight. OH! And make sure to give my love and attention to Kristen as well!” I said loud enough for Susan to hear, insinuation overtly stated.


“Now” John shifted his ire to me, and a flush hit me anew.


John’s nude toned body pulled mine to the edge of the bed till my feet were on top of his legs, fingers strong and intensive as they messaged the day’s tension out of them. With a sigh I lay back feeling the base of his thumb rub into the deep tissue under my feet, and his skilled fingers move across the tops of my feet pausing to lay between the toes stretching them. After a few minutes he was upon my calves, leg day had done them in, and his ‘exercises’ did not help.

The calves hard as they are rippled and moved with his firm deep care. The hands that had been in me and on me all day now caressed and loved me in a new way, a gentle healing way. They were moving up and down, with purpose, and force.

“What am I going to do when I get to your cunt?” John was asking my leg in a husky voice.

“Do I rub your mound till you beg for me? Do I tease your cunt? Play with your body, like I own it?” He continued to question teasingly.

“What do I do?” he moved up to my thighs, and breath caught in my throat.

“You’re going to message it with your dick” I said with a stage whisper.

“Hmm. I guess if that’s what you want” a smirk twisted the edge of his mouth.

But he didn’t move right away, instead letting his hands move up and down my inner thigh, ever closer, but never quite there. At one point his right hand’s fingers grazed my labia, and my breath caught in my throat once more. But still he kept rubbing my thighs for what felt like an eternity… then the kisses came. Slow steady kisses pelted my thighs, the steel thighs that I often thought too unladylike, to be of any interest were sucked into his mouth like he couldn’t have enough of me. My taste his favourite flavor suddenly, as the moisture between my thighs grew as the moisture on my legs chilled me.

A cock pulsing, now twelve inches long, with runes upon its eldritch surface, rose between my legs, and fear crept into the euphoria. My legs slammed together as his thighs closed them tight, and he lay atop me. Cock between my lips, runes humming on my clit.

“You never said how I was to message you”

And with that he started fucking my thighs, rubbing his runic third leg against me. My lips pressed to his and we made love. His dick moving between my lips and bending painfully against the bed to rub my asshole, and fuck my ass cheeks whilst fucking my thighs.

After my second orgasm, I pressed a tattoo on my body and felt him shutter as his supernatural stamina halted, and he jerked erratically trying to hold back against the mind curdling orgasm that rolled his eyes. To be able to do that felt so fucking hot.

“Sleep tight my king.” I kissed his head as his last orgasm of the day took him out. My runes halting his undying desire. Even kings need help, more than others at times. “I love you.”


Thanks to all of you who have read, and thank you to those that follow chapter by chapter. Feed back is noted and appreciated.

A big thanks to my editor Amber_Embers, for without this story would be harder to follow by far.

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