Tales of The Cuckold


Life of Brian

Jane Parish rocked back and forth as she sixty-nined the young man beneath her, Matt’s strong fingers digging into her naked arse, his tongue jabbing into her pussy.

“Can’t believe you’re sixty!” Matt said again as he came up for breath.

“Yes, dear, old enough to be your grandmother,” replied Jane watching his hard cock twitch with excitement at the thought. She only had to say ‘grandmother’, and he was off at a gallop.

Taking his cock into her mouth, she sighed with pleasure at his virility and youth. The sound of intense fucking filtered through from the other bedroom where her daughter June was riding Matt’s friend, David.

Mother and daughter had been out shopping when June had caught David’s attention while standing in line for coffee. She flirted with him as she eyed up the lemon drizzle cake and then, having sought Jane’s little nod of approval, invited him and his friend Matt to sit with them. The game was afoot.

Neither Matt nor David could believe their luck. Callow and fizzing with testosterone, they fondly imagined they were flirting with the two older women. In reality, it was crude observations and exclamations of disbelief that they were mother and daughter and that Jane was really sixty.

“Fuck me, you must have seen a lot of cock,” said Matt gallantly.

Jane conceded that ‘yes, she had seen a lot of cock’ and smiled sweetly at Matt as if bowled over by his dazzling charm.

David was fondling June’s thigh under cover of the table. He moved closer, nibbling her ear, figuring the older woman would like that. Inclining her head to let David’s salvia dribble out, June cupped his balls through his jeans and cut to the chase.

“Do you boys want to come back with us and have some fun?” June wanted to bed them before their attempts at sophisticated seduction pissed her off.

“Does a bear shit in the woods?” They both grinned delightedly.

June sighed.

All four piled into June’s car. Matt in the back fondling Jane, and David had his cock out for June to play with as she drove, the youth pretending it was a gear stick by making ‘brum, brum’ sounds every time she touched him,

June sighed again and envied her mother who had shut Matt up by kissing him and sticking his fingers in her snatch.

They arrived at June’s house, Matt had his arm around Jane, and David was fondling June’s arse as she fumbled for her keys.

“Don’t worry if you see my husband, he’s a cuck,” said June, leading them into the house.

“Does that mean he’s a fag?” Matt asked.

Neither woman could be bothered to explain. “Sort of,” replied June, leading David by the hand upstairs, followed by her mother and Matt.

Once in her bedroom, June sank to her knees and began tugging at the young man’s jeans, his erect cock springing forth and bobbing menacingly in front of her.

“Oh, my!” June breathed, hypnotised by its promise. Licking her lips, June took his girth into her mouth, for a skinny lad, David was packing one hell of a weapon. Drinking in his young, clean taste, she cupped his heavy balls, which hung like ripe obsidian fruit, ready for plucking.

“Fuck! That feels good!” David muttered, pushing forward into June, his breath whistling through his teeth as he looked down with awe at this sophisticated, attractive woman going down on him. He felt out of his depth which led him to overcompensate by being too aggressive.

June placed a hand on his chest to steady him, her eyes watering slightly from accommodating his cock.

Easy there, tiger,” she smiled, sensing his skittish, nervous energy. It was like reassuring a beautiful young colt. His black skin glowed almost blue, his muscles toned and lean.

He gave her an apologetic smile. June rose to her feet and kissed him, her hand still weighing his heavy balls as if she was a vet assessing a stallion out to stud.

“You’re exquisite young man, so astonishingly beautiful,” she murmured, her eyes locked on his.

“I am?” David thought she was beautiful too, with her auburn hair, trim figure and large breasts, but was too tongue-tied to say anything.

Kissing his chest, she said: “Very! Now I want you to fuck my brains out!” She flopped back on the bed, pulling him down on top of her. He laughed as he slid inside her, filling her with ease. Gasping with delight, June clenched down on his cock, causing him to moan in turn.

David began fucking her, his movements full of uncontrolled energy. Again June quietened him down and took to guiding him, hooking her legs around him and, with her hands gripping his taut bum cheeks, settled back as he fucked her with long, powerful strokes, his eagerness finally harnessed.

“That’s it, my wonderful David, oh, god, yes!” His rhythm became smoother, the tempo increasing as his confidence grew.

Downstairs, Brian, her husband of many years, heard his wife’s cries of pleasure and put the kettle on for a cup of tea.

Back in the other bedroom, Jane was intent on getting herself well and truly laid. Matt was a tall izmir escort lad with a heavy build and sandy hair atop a ruddy complexion and eager to stick his cock in as many different holes as possible. Right now, he had it in her arse as Jane lay face down on the bed, her head hanging over the end as she stared goo eyed at the floor.

It had been a long time since Jane had been screwed so hard, and by someone so young, 21, 22? Younger than her granddaughter, she guessed.

“Fuck, you’ve got a great arse for your age,” Matt panted as he slammed into her. Jane groaned under his assault, partly with pleasure as his cock skewered her and partly because she wasn’t sure her body could keep this up. It would be a great way to go, she smiled to herself. They would be talking about her for years at the local WI. They may even put up a commemorative plaque.

Mauling her left tit, Matt began chanting, ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!’ as he pumped his cum into her for a second time. He rested his head on her back and then nuzzled her neck.

“You like that, huh? You ever been fucked like that before?”

Lots of times, Jane thought. “Not as good as you, dear,” she smiled, reaching back to tousle his hair. Damn! Her shoulder ached as she moved. Still, Matt was serving his purpose by delivering an uncomplicated, bone-shaking fuck, so stop complaining about your aches and pains, Jane Parrish, she scolded herself.

Wriggling over as she lay under him, his semen spooling out of her arsehole to mingle with the cum leaking from her cunt, Jane hooked her arms around his neck and kissed him.

“You’re a great stud,” she whispered, admiringly, hoping to get a third go with him. Reaching down she caressed his semi hard cock and was immediately rewarded.

“I’m pretty good in bed!” Preening himself, Matt pushed his hardening cock into her, then stopped as Brian went past the open door.

“Is that the fucking fag?” Matt asked in surprise.

“Yes, dear, that’s the fucking fag, now stick your dick all the way in my cunt and fuck me.”

Matt looked at her, astonished at hearing such foul language from such a sweet, attractive elderly lady.

“Wow, you are a dirty slut,” he grinned as he set about doing as he was told.

Knocking softly on their bedroom door, Brian gently pushed it open, his heart thudding in anticipation, then a stab of excitement as he saw his lovely wife on all fours with a gorgeous black youth banging her from behind.

June was making soft guttural sounds as David pumped into her, his hands gripping her hips. As always, Brian was struck by how attractive his wife was, a rush of affection welling inside him. Brian loved June dearly, even if their marriage of twenty years had been hard at times.

David gaped when he suddenly saw Brian. Oblivious, June groaned: “Don’t stop!”

“Fuck off, mate, I’m banging your wife here!” David sounded indignant.

“I’m sorry, sir, I just wondered if anyone would like a cup of tea?”

“Mate, seriously. Fuck off!”

June watched in amusement as her husband writhed under the verbal abuse and the shame of this young man fucking his wife. She also knew Brian was hopelessly conditioned to enjoy his humiliation.

Moving back and forth on David’s gorgeous cock, she caught her husband’s eye with malicious intent.

“Oh, David your cock is so hard and virile, I love getting fucked by a real man, you have no idea what it is like to be stuck with a small dicked fag loser, a cock sucking cuck.” The words had a ritualised intonation and were as much a part of their dynamic as the fucking.

“He looks like a fucking fag, bet he wears dresses and shit,” grinned David, ramming his cock into her, June responding with exaggerated gasps and groans of pleasure in an attempt to inflict further pain and humiliation on Brian.

Blushing beet red, Brian, who was indeed wearing panties and stockings under his rather conservative clothes, watched helplessly at the sight of his wife enjoying the young man’s cock. Whispering apologies for his intrusion, Brain closed the door. June blew him a kiss and mouthed ‘fuck off’ as he did so.

Retiring to the kitchen, Brain waited patiently, as he had done countless times before. It was another thirty minutes before the foursome came down. The lads were dressed and in high spirits, the ladies naked. Jane, having satisfied herself, wanted them gone, their usefulness had expired when Matt confessed he couldn’t get it up again.

June was of the same opinion and was surprised when David took his cock out and taunted Brian.”You ever taste your wife’s pussy or only when a real man’s cum is leaking out of it?”

Startled, Brian looked at his wife, waiting permission to answer.

“He’s not a real man,” June said dismissively, “he’s just a pathetic, little boy. Answer the question, Brian.”

“Only when another man has satisfied her, sir,” he answered hastily. Addressing a young man twenty years his junior as ‘Sir’ was delicious, the humiliation exquisite.

“You want to taste izmir escort bayan her cunt by sucking my cock?” A hard edge to David’s voice caught June’s attention. Perhaps this young man had some potential, his earlier juvenile behaviour may have been no more than nerves.

“Christ, Dave, you want that fucking fag to suck you off?” Matt’s voice was incredulous.

“Nah, I just want to show him the cock that does the job on his missus.”

June smiled and looked at her mother, who nodded back. Both knew that David wanted to play ‘the game’, but Matt didn’t have a clue.

“Okay boys, we have things to do, you need a lift anywhere? The ‘fag’ will be happy to give you a ride, after all, you’ve had a ride on his wife,” smiled June.

Matt and David thought this was funny and accepted the offer. Brian didn’t find it funny and wasn’t happy. He didn’t like the look of Matt, but disobeying his wife was out of the question. He caught his mother-in-law looking at him as he agreed to give the young men a lift. Jane despised him utterly. She couldn’t bear the sight of her son-in-law, her naked contempt simultaneously invoking misery and arousal in Brian.

“That’s settled then,” said June, slipping her calling card into David’s pocket and winking at him. He smiled back and kissed her. It was a sweet, tender kiss. David definitely had potential, she thought.

Jane gave Matt a perfunctory kiss goodbye. Brian collected his jacket and ushered the two lads out to his car, where they opted to sit in the back.

Brian endured a miserable drive as the two lads taunted him with graphic descriptions of his wife and mother-in-law and how they wouldn’t let a pair of cunts boss them around or let another man shag their wife.

Matt flicked the back of Brian’s ear whenever they stopped at traffic lights, and he was greatly relieved when they arrived at their destination. They got out, but David changed his mind before he closed the door.

“I’m going to head to town, I forgot to pick something up for my mum. Catch you later.”

“No worries, mate, see you later.” said Matt walking off.

David waited a moment and then climbed into the front. “Drive.” he ordered.

“Where?” asked Brian as he got going.

“Somewhere quiet, where you can suck this,” replied David taking his cock out. “I think you should taste your wife’s cunt, after all.”

“Oh, my!” Brian said in awe. It was a beautiful cock, strong, erect and exuding vitality. “Did you enjoy fucking my wife?”

“Yeah, she’s hot. You ever fucked her?”

Brian shook his head. “Not properly. Her lover at the time consummated the marriage on our wedding night. ” Watching his gorgeous wife fucking her lover while still wearing her wedding gown had been the single most erotic moment of his life. From that point on, Brian’s life and marriage were set on a path he had neither the will nor the desire to change.

David shook his head. “That’s kind of fucked up, mate. You gay?”

“No, not really, but I’ve become conditioned to accept that sucking Bull cock or getting fucked in the arse is my natural role, and I’ve grown to like it.”

Brian parked up in a small layby screened by bushes.

“What’s a Bull?” David asked.

Taking David’s cock in hand, Brian smiled at the gorgeous young man. “You’re a Bull, darling, and I serve my Bull’s faithfully.” With that, Brian bobbed down, took David’s cock in his mouth and got to taste his wife’s cunt after all.


To June’s delight, David did make contact. He had been nervous at first, having wondered how she would react to Brian sucking him off.

June was quick to reassure him and invited him over for Saturday dinner. He arrived at 7 pm smartly dressed and clutching some flowers. Nerves were making him twitch. The idea of attending a dinner party, like an actual adult, was beyond his experience. He looked adorable, she thought.

“Brian will take your coat.”

“Sir,” Brian curtsied in his frilly Maids outfit.

David looked on in astonishment. “Fuck!”

June hooked her arm through David’s and led him to the lounge. “I know, I know, terribly clichéd, but as you are a first-timer, I thought I would have Brian play-dress the classics, and a French maid is as classic as they get. Show David your frilly knickers, Brian.”

Blushing, Brian lifted his skirts and flashed his knickers and stocking tops.

“Too much?” June asked David sympathetically.

“No, I mean, I don’t know. He looks fucking stupid!” David grinned as he accepted June’s invitation to sit on the sofa next to her.

“True, that is kind of the point. My husband is pathetic, a devolved male. Do you like my outfit, David?” June was in an elegant, little black number, stockings and heels, a metal choker adorning her neck.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, sorry, you look fuckin- I mean really beautiful, June,” he used her name shyly. “I brought you these,” he added, thrusting the flowers proudly into her hand.

“Why, thank you, David,” she kissed him warmly. His lips were escort izmir soft and moist, the taste sweet yet manly. He was an intoxicating boy.

June tossed the flowers to Brian. “Put these in water…” she stopped. “We need a new name for our maid, have you any suggestions on what we can call – thing?” She waved her manicured hand in her husband’s general direction.

Thinking furiously, he gazed at June’s cleavage for inspiration. She had great tits, he thought. Dragging his attention back to the question, he racked his brains. “Fag boy?” David finally suggested.

“Fag boy,” June rolled the name around her tongue several times. “A bit direct and on point, but I agree and congratulations on your first naming.” She kissed him again. God, those lovely lips, she sighed to herself.

Pleased, David placed his hand on her breast.

“Do you like my breasts, David?” June murmured, her breath warm and inviting on his face.

“Fu…I mean, yes.”

June placed her finger on his lips. “Some rules,” she said, smiling. “Be yourself. If you want to say fuck, then say fuck. If you want me to massage your cock between my lush tits, then say so. Be direct, be you. Okay?”

He nodded. “Sorry, just a bit nervous.”

“I know. Just try and relax. Take your time. Shall we humiliate fag boy over there?” June continued, fondling David’s cock through his trousers.

“Yeah, shall we get him to stick my cock between your tits?” David asked with a gleam in his eye.

“A splendid idea!” June liked a young man who could take a hint. “Fag boy, take David’s cock out for him.”

“Yes, dear,” Brian was eager to see the youth’s cock, hands shaking, he unzipped David’s trousers and reached inside.

“Oh, that feels wonderful!” Brian murmured, feeling the warmth and weight of the boy’s member, there was a sharp intake of breath from the couple as Brian released the prize.

Grinning, David waved his cock proudly as he stood before June. “Push my cock between your wife’s tits, fag boy,” he instructed Brian.

“Yes, sir,”

“Oh, David, you are so masterful,” said June as her husband fed David’s cock in between her tits. Damn, it felt good! She slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulder as David bobbed down, massaging his cock in her cleavage. “Unhook my bra, fag boy,” she ordered.

Reluctantly, Brian let go of David’s cock and released his wife’s breasts. June patted the sofa, “Lay down and let me do the work, darling.”

Eagerly, David did as he was told, stepping out of his trousers and stripping off his shirt. His body was a work of art, June marvelled, as she knelt between his legs, running her hands up his torso and rubbing her breasts on his cock. David moaned softly, liking the feel of her warm, heavy tits caressing him.

Brian stared as his wife’s dress rode up to expose her pussy as she knelt astride David. It always thrilled him to get an unimpeded view of her body, the exquisite folds of her pussy glistening in the soft light, the curve of her arse, the seductive stocking tops.

Instinctively his hand wandered to his small cock, enjoying the view but also envying his wife as she rubbed herself against David’s impressive manhood.

“Are you touching yourself!” June demanded sharply.

“Sorry, dear!” Guiltily, Brian jerked his hand away.

“For God’s sake, keep your hands out of your frilly knickers, you’re embarrassing our guest!”

The ‘guest’ was more interested in trying not to cum, the situation, the humiliated husband, this exotic creature bringing him to the edge with the feel of her breasts pressing on him was proving almost too much to bear. He needed to get inside her before he disgraced himself. Sitting bolt upright, David scooped June in his arms, positioning her face down, arse up on the sofa.

“David!” June squealed, delighted by his call to arms. “You’re sooo manly!”

Her arse was round and tempting, David almost jizzed over it but brought himself back from the brink. Next time I’ll bust one out on the drive over, he vowed to himself. Slapping June on the arse, he looked at Brian.

“Okay, you’re a cock sucking fag and don’t know how to fuck your wife, so watch and learn!”

“Yes, sir, thank you!” Brian breathed, fighting the urge to kiss David.

“If you had been a proper man from the off, you wouldn’t be standing there in that sissy boy outfit,” David slid his cock home with a satisfyingly smooth squelch. “Isn’t that right, babe?” He slapped her arse again as he began to fuck June slow and hard.

“Yes, David, a true man would have sorted me out from the off, instead I got half a man, a snivelling tiny prick of a man, oh god, yes! Fuck me!”

Putting his arm around Brian, David drew him in as he picked up the pace, his balls slapping against June’s pussy, figuring he would take more time on the next fuck.

Brian snuggled against him, watching David’s black tool plunging deep into his wife’s wet cunt, streaks of her cream on the glistening shaft. Circling the young man’s waist, Brian pressed his painted lips against David’s shoulder, his dick erecting a small tent in his frilly panties.

Reaching back, June spread her arse cheeks, exposing herself to her new lover. “You can come round and have me anytime, baby, just feed me that cock of yours, I’ll do whatever you want!”

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