Teach Me, Please


You want this don’t you, what I do?You want what I can offer, true?You know what I can give to you.The time has come to follow through. Get down upon your fucking knees, And learn how you must always please. You’re Daddy’s darling, precious tease,But praising me is not a breeze. With gripping hands I grab your hairAnd force your tongue to lick me isveçbahis thereWhere I have laid my manhood bare.Your lips so red, your face so fair. I slap your ass with riding crop,Perhaps next time I’ll use a strop.I care not if your tears may drop.Beg all you please, I will not stop. But all your begging is for moreBecause my training you adore.And isveçbahis giriş taking it is not a chore,Because you’re such a little whore. You begged for this, my raging cock.It fills your pussy, hard as rock.I ram it in, your squeals I mock,For all your lust I will unlock. I choke you now to let you knowThat I control your life, isveçbahis yeni giriş and soYou learn this lesson and you grow,Smile of an angel, slut below. The nipple clamps will teach you wellThat sex is heaven, and it’s hell.Your tits will bleed and start to swell,But I will lick, and kiss and tell. I see your cunt is dripping down,I taste your nectar, clear your frown.Know this, you are my pet, not clown,And you will rise, put on a gown. I gave you all that you required.You wished for all that has transpired.Your hopes and dreams have all expired,Fulfilled by Master, as desired.

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