Teaching Each other


Teaching Each other

Kasey was laying on her bed, her shoulder length blonde hair pulled back, hoping she had gotten the lighting right when she heard the door slam and the pounding of heavy, running feet up the stairs. She looked over at her cell phone seated in the lighting ring and sighed. Snapping the picture, Kasey stood up and looked. Finally. She had been working on that pose for ten minutes. Bang! The door down the hall slammed and she heard a crash. Reaching over to the chair near her desk she picked up and pulled on her light blue silk robe. It was the middle of the day no one was supposed to be home.

Looking around she found a pair of soft black sweats she pulled those up over her tanned muscled legs and over her plump butt. Another crash. Was she being robbed? Moving to her bedside table she found the pistol her ex had bought her and checked it was loaded. Pulling her cell phone from her lighting stand she moved to her door and pulled it opened it. Looking down the hall she saw her brother’s door was closed.

“Kevin!” She called out, her voice hopeful, she really didn’t want to shoot a home invader today. She was planning on showering and going to get some lunch and uploading the photos she had taken to her content page and make a bit of money. Shooting someone was not in her plan.

“What?” Her younger brother yelled from behind his door. Kasey sighed and set her gun and phone down in her room before she crossed the hall, made sure her robe was closed all the way and knocked on the door.

“Hey, aren’t you supposed to be in school?” Kasey asked.

“Mind your own business Kelee!” He shouted back and something else inside crashed. Wow, he really must have been pissed off to risk the ass kicking she usually gave someone who called her by her stupid birth name. She was Kasey to her friends and SexyKasey on her IG presence and social media. No one called her Kelee. Her mom and dad had given her that name but they had given her up for adoption when she was born. Her folks, her adopted folks, had thought they couldn’t have kids at first so they got her and made a home and then, two years later, Kevin was born. None of them had ever treated her like she was adopted. She had never known anything else.

“What’s got your panties in a bunch?” She asked through the door. She was met with silence. No not silence. She listened at the door and heard something else. Her baby brother crying. Kevin was 18, worked out, captain of the basketball team since he was a sophomore. He was smart and funny and was had just started dating the cutest girl in school, Head Cheerleader Kelly Monroe. He had been accepted to Stanford, full ride for basketball and had only a week left of school. What on earth could he possibly have to be upset about?

Looking up at the big ‘Keep Out’ Sign on his door she sighed, tightened the ties of her robe again and tried the knob. Unlocked.

“Kev, I’m coming in.” Kasey said and she pushed the door open.

Kevin was sitting on his bed, his short blonde hair was matted a bit at the temples, look like he had been working out which was pretty common. To say her brother was built was an understatement. When he stood to his full height he was about 6’3″ and weighted about 210 or she would guess. He wore nice clothes because he could afford it. Their mom and dad both worked as a doctor and a nurse respectively and so they wanted for nothing. But it also meant they were not around much, especially with the current pandemic and all. He was dressed like he had been at school but he looked disheveled and his strong jawed yet kind, hairless face was wet with tears and his beautiful, sky blue eyes were red from the rawness of his sadness.

It broke her heart to see him like this. Kevin was tough, or he tried to be around most people. He was different with her: tender, fun, goofy. But they were close so it was understandable. Kasey felt her hackles rise as she saw the pain her brother was in as he sat amidst the mess of his room. He had knocked over a chair and slammed his desk into the wall and caused his computer to fall over, hence the crashing from before.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Kasey asked as she moved into the room and shut the door behind her.

“I don’t want to talk about it, I had my door shut for a reason.” He said as he stood up and picked up an at least day old towel off the floor, sniffed it and then wiped his tears and nose on it.

Boys could be so gross. Kasey thought as he dropped the towel again and lay down on the bed, a bit dramatically she thought but kept his silence.

“She told everyone.” Kevin said in a voice barely above a whisper. Kacey took a deep steadying breath. This could not be good.

“Who told everyone what?” Kasey asked as she moved over, righted his gaming chair and sat down across from him.

“Kelly, she told everyone…something about me that is going to ruin me.” Kevin said as he stared at the ceiling. Kasey had to fight to suppress a laugh at his choice asyabahis yeni giriş of words.

“Ruin you? What did she see your browser history?” Kacey asked trying to lighten the mood. He shot her a look that was a mix of panic and then annoyance. Kacey wondered what indeed was in his browser history that would elicit a reaction like that. Have to put her skills to use one of these days when she got bored later this week.

“Not funny, Kelee.” Kevin said, adding a bit of venom on her name, lashing out at her verbally. He had never done that even in their early teen years when they fought about the super important stuff like who go to use the TV and all that other crap that seemed so important then and so very meaningless now. He must actually be worried.

“OK, Kevey,” She started, using the pet name he hated to show him she wasn’t going to just let it slide, “What happened?”

Kevin looked over at her then and sighed. Finally he was going to stop being dramatic and just spill.

“Kelly posted a picture of me passed out in her bed.”

“Whoa. When did that start? Kasey was surprised. Her baby bro had always acted like he was some super smooth ladies’ man and with his looks no one questioned him. But she knew the truth, she knew full well that he was or at least had been a virgin. Up until now he had always been the “sweet guy” or the “Nice Guy” to the girls that he knew and even a few of her friends that had grabbed him for a date for a cousins wedding or a date for prom or something like that. He was friend zone material for some reason, despite being handsome and cut.

Her little brother was a conundrum. Something else surprised her also, she felt something else at knowing her brother was no longer a virgin, it waxed a little like jealousy which made no sense to her.

“Every day for the last two weeks.” Kevin said and he stifled a laugh when he looked at her and saw her expression.

“Wow every day, she’s created a monster.” Kasey said as she sat back, crossing her arms and again fighting back some feeling she was uncomfortable admitting were one hundred percent jealousy. “Wait she didn’t post you naked online did she? Because if she did you’re not the one that is in trouble she is.”

“Hold on. First off I’m 18 dumbass, second I wasn’t naked.” Kevin said as he rolled over and buried his head in his pillows. Kasey looked him over and shook her head. He was tall, strong, and sweet; what could he possibly have done to warrant some kind of shaming post?

“So? What did she do or what did you do?” Kasey was starting to get bored with this, and cold she was only wearing a light silk robe and a pair of sweats.

“It’s embarrassing, and what are you doing home anyway? I thought you had work for that internship with Jones, whoever and whoever.” Kevin said in a muffled voice through his pillows.

“Yeah no that was over about three months ago. Stop being evasive, asshole and tell me what happened. If she’s messing with my baby brother I’ll have to kick her skinny ass all over the place.”

“You what? Mom and Dad networked like crazy to get that job to hear them tell it.” Kevin said still avoiding and trying to change the subject. Kasey scoffed. Yeah they thought that “networking’ made up for not being there at any of her tennis matches except at the awards banquet or something where they could be seen.

“Yeah, it must have been tough to get their dean’s list college daughter an unpaid internship where I get to be someone’s bitch in hopes to “gain experience”, whatever. You’re not getting off that easy, what did she do?”

“She tagged me as ‘Two Pump Chump’ and linked it to the whole team, both hers and mine. The whole fucking school is gonna know I have no fucking stamina, and I’m terrible in bed.” Kevin screamed into the pillow before rolling over and covering his face with his big strong hands.

Kasey sat back and unfolded her arms. Wow that was a shitty thing to do. I mean if Kevin really did have a stamina problem then instead of being a cunt, Kelly should have worked with him, helped him, and trained him until he was a titan in bed. In almost any situation simple consistency and time will help and solve the problem.

“We fooled around every day and every time, it was…” he sighed. “It was just like she said, like two second and done.” Kevin said as he finally uncovered his face, turning his amazing eyes her way. She felt so bad for him, he looked so heart broken and just flat out miserable.

“Ok wow that really sucks. She wasn’t willing to…work with you, help you get better?” Kasey asked and Kevin rolled off the bed, moving over to right the desk and pick up his computer.

“Oh my god can you not please? I mean why do you care, it’s my sex life that will now never happen again until I’m in college. Anyway if you are not working what are you doing every day?” Kevin asked as he opened his lap top and gave a small smile that it still turned on.

Kasey stood up and moved over asyabahis giriş to stand in his doorway. She had kept her new job pretty close to the vest. She wasn’t ashamed of anything she was doing but she also didn’t want to have the big conversation with her parents if they found out she was making more money than she could possibly imagine. She had only had her content sight since it started to blow up during the pandemic. Nothing gratuitous but she did some pretty risqué stuff. Full nude and all that but no sex or exploitive shit. And still they ate it up. She had a comma in her bank account for the first time and way way more than that in and she had only been at it for seven months. Last person she wanted to know was her little brother, or worse yet her parents.

But Kevin had just admitted something so embarrassing, common but embarrassing, she couldn’t stop herself.

“I’m a content creator.”

“Like a gaming stream? I didn’t know you gamed, you doing some unboxing or something? Cosplay?” Kevin asked, then she saw it dawn on him. Saw it hit his amazing big brain and he sat back down on the bed, looking like he had been punched in the stomach.

“You’re a porn star?” Kevin asked incredulously. Something struck Kasey in his tone. Like he was surprised, like she wasn’t cute enough to be a porn star if she wanted to be. She had worked hard and sacrificed a lot to look as good as she felt like she did. In a time when it was common for fit people to get yelled at on social media for looking skinny or whatever, she was one of the ones who wanted to be healthy and didn’t give a fuck what society said. She shaved her armpits because she wanted to. She worked her ass off in the gym because she wanted to and ate good and all that. It was the same reason she kept her bush even though a lot of guys and even some women didn’t like it or requested videos where she would shave. Fuck them, and if her brother or anyone else didn’t like it they could turn their fucking head.

Adjust your crowns queens. Kasey smiled to herself as she thought through all that in a blink and then turned it on her brother, forgetting for a minute he had just gone through some stuff.

“No, I’m not a porn star. I let people who like to look at hot women pay me to show them my tits and ass. I’m more like a stripper that doesn’t need a bouncer but I’m making fifty times what a stripper does and ten times what a porn star does without all the shady shit. Oh and PS I know very well I have the body to be a porn star if I wanted to but I don’t. I’m making my money while I can and then I’ll go do whatever with a full bank account.” Kasey stood up and walked out of the room, calling behind her, “Sorry your girlfriend is a cunt, you deserve better.” And with that she crossed the hall and slammed her door.

About an hour later Kasey heard a knock at the door. She had been sitting on her compute updating her newest content and uploading her latest pics. She ignored the first knock, knowing it was Kevin but not wanting to talk to him. When he knocked again she finally relented.

“It opens.” She called as she shrunk her screen and pulled up another window that showed her account balance and she couldn’t help but smile as she saw how well her last set had done. Amazing what some pics of a sexy gym queen in black lacy lingerie, some platform supermodels had tagged her in their high traffic pages and her DM’s were blowing up.

It was a good day. Kevin pushed her door open and stuck his head in.

“Can I come in please?”

“Sure. Just be careful what you sit on, all the porn I shoot in here there is jizz everywhere.” Kasey said as she closed her bank page and pulled up the menu for Chinese place near her house.

“Gross.” Kevin said as he moved into the room and sat down on her vanity bench. Looking over he saw the lighting ring and she saw him shift uncomfortably.

“Oh whatever. I bet if we took a black light into your room it would look like a crime scene in there, so don’t judge.”

“Look I’m sorry it’s just a bit of a shock. I mean my sister is a…” Kevin paused when he saw the warning look on Kasey’s face, “content creator.”

“Model works too. Only I don’t have to starve myself or worry about an agent or anything taking what I earn. I do my own stuff and the only one that gets a cut is me myself and I. Plus, I like most of the outfits a wear. As strappy and ridiculous as some of them are, it’s what the viewers want.”

“What if your boss finds out or like mom and dad’s friends, or my friends?”

“Oh honey, your concern is adorable, it’s not selfish at all.” Kasey said as she turned and faced him. Her tone and feeling instantly softened. He really looked sorry and his eyes were still red so he had been crying again. Her wounded pride healed pretty quickly when she thought about how her baby brother had been hurt.

“Hey listen. I don’t show my face. So no one is gonna know it’s me.”

“What about your tattoos?” Kevin asked. Kasey had asyabahis güvenilirmi a tattoo of a trio of butterflies on one hip moving up near her bellybutton and a quote from her favorite author on her shoulder and collar bone and some lovely orchids just to the left of and above her pussy.

“Those are tough to hide, but I don’t and most people don’t know about one in particular or a few of my piercings.” Kasey said ad then realized she had said too much.

“You have piercings?” Kevin asked and looked like the goofy stud she loved so much, like he had found out some secret she wasn’t supposed to divulge.

“Yes, I got my nipples done. You know about my ears and nose. The others…you don’t need to know about.” Kasey watched her adopted brother squirm and felt something weird. A familiar tingling in the areas she mentioned and also where she didn’t when she saw him reach down and adjust himself absently. She had always loved Kevin, he was the best and yeah, she had to admit when he mowed the lawn or cleaned the pool with his shirt off, or swam in their pool in his board shorts. He was easy on the eyes to say the least, his big pecs and V- shaped torso, the barest hint of abs he didn’t flash around like some jock douche bag like other guys his age. He was cute, nerdy and about the nicest guy alive. It wasn’t her fault if she looked at him and thought once or twice how lucky Kelly was since she found out they had fooled around.

Kasey was not a nun, she had been with a few guys, just like any red blooded woman deserved to be. A few girls too and those were more of a curiosity than an orientation. Most of them were good looking too, but the pandemic had been rough and she had spent more time alone with her magic wand then she had with her legs up enjoying a man like she used to.

Kevin was no idiot. He looked down below her waist right when she looked up at his eyes.

“Damn, didn’t that hurt?” Kevin said as he crossed his own legs.

“Yes, both times. Did you need something?” Kasey was laughing inside when she saw his brain reel when she told him without telling him she had both her hood and upper labia pierced with these cute little hoops. And yes it had hurt but the insane orgasms she had when the people she let go down there and play. It was like a sign that said ‘touch me here’ or ‘lick me here’.

“Uh, yeah. I was wondering if you know how to fix…my problem?” Kevin asked, his chiseled cheekbones colored as he asked.

“What? How would I know?”

“Cuz you have had boyfriends in the past. Did any of them have that issue?”

“Hon, it could also be nerves. It could be that you were super excited to get some from, let’s just say it, a super-hot girl like Kelly.”

“Trust me, it’s not. I mean she is hot, but we tried a whole bunch of different things. If it had been nerves it would have probably gone away after the second time we tried each day.”

Second time? Each day? Her baby bro made up for his lack of stamina with desire.

“Well…” Kasey looked up at him as he sat looking kind of like a sad little puppy. “Let me see what I can figure out. One condition though.


‘This isn’t so you can go back to miss pompoms, deal?” Kacey said. She saw the conflict in his face. He was hoping she had some girl magic that would give him a quick solve so he could go back to little miss kicks and cheers and show he was a big man.

“Fine, deal.”


“Yeah shit. So how are you gonna help me?” Kevin asked, leaning forward.

“Slow down stud. Give me a little time I’ll see what I can find out.”

That next morning Kasey came down the stairs into the kitchen. She offered a smile to Kevin who nearly choked on his cereal when he saw her.

“Jesus, don’t be such a pussy. It not like I’m naked.” Kasey said with a laugh, slapping his arm gently as she got bowl and milk before she came to stand beside him and reach over and grab the box. As she leaned forward the short shirt she was wearing pulled up, her rounded butt crept into view, and the thick nicely muscled cheeks split by a white cotton thong. He was so close she could fell his breath and she smirked. It was so fun to toy with boys they were so easy to distract.

“Damn near.” He whispered as he crunched his way along in his cereal.

“How often do you jerk off?” This time Kevin did choke, spiting a mouthful of milk onto the table and coughing far a bit before he was able to get ahold of himself. Kasey slipped into the chair next to him, her legs crossed as she laughed at her gagging baby brother try to get his composure.

“Wow. Good morning to you to.” Kevin said as she took another bite.

“I’m serious. How often? Every day? Couple times a day?” She pressed.

“Jesus Kace,”

“Hey you asked for my help.” Kasey could be quite focused when she needed to be. “So…?”

“I don’t know, every couple days maybe.” Kevin said quietly.

“Every couple…You do get horny right?” Kasey asked, her face giving away how crazy she thought it sounded. She flicked her bean at least once a day, sometimes more depending on how geared up she got shooting content or just to get to sleep. “I mean its ok to not have a super active sex drive it’s just not something I’ve heard from someone your age.

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