The After Party


Scott had been messaging his fiancé, Darcie, all night. He knew she was drunk, and possibly a little high. He didn’t mind, she always was more willing to let loose when she had taken the edge off a little bit. Scott knew deep down inside that Darcie desired more, he knew that she occasionally dreamed of fucking other men and women, but she was too nervous to pursue those fantasies herself. He knew she was a few drinks in when she started sending him messages about two of her colleges.There was Darren, a tall and skinny goth boy with lip rings, and Brook, a short girl with a thick ass and perky tits. She started messaging about Brook first, he knew that would come first. She was more willing to talk about her fantasies of other women. She first started talking about how hot she looked in her dress before mentioning she wanted to kiss her; things only got more explicit from there. She started talking about her revealing dress and how wet it made her.Scott knew she was a lot more loosened up İstanbul Escort when Darren started being mentioned. She kept mentioning how she was looking beneath the belt to see if she could get a glimpse of how big his cock was. She messaged him later and said she could tell Darren wasn’t wearing any underwear and she could see the outline of his cock… and it was big, very big. The next message he got was from the restroom where she told him she had to go touch herself, she told Scott she wanted to invite Darren so she could suck his big cock but was too nervous to approach. Scott, turned on by what he was getting told, told her to get an Uber, and get home quick, he would take care of her.When Darcie got home, she was sobered up a bit more, but still incredibly horny. Scott met her at the door; she was wearing a low-cut dress and her huge tits were hanging out. He shoved her up against the door and started kissing down her neck, slowly making his way to İstanbul Escort Bayan her tits. He started lightly biting them before he ripped off her dress so he could kiss and suck them. Darcie didn’t mind the dress getting ripped, for one it made her incredibly horny, and two, she also knew that Scott would buy her an even more expensive dress to pay for the damage done here. He ripped the straps from the dress and pulled Darcie’s hands around her back. He tied her up with the ripped straps and guided her to the bedroom.Scott shoved her down on the bed and began taking his pants off. His cock was so hard it was about to rip through his shorts. Darcie sat up on the bed and motioned for him to come over. She took his now exposed cock in her mouth and began sucking. With her hands tied behind her back, she had to rely on her mouth and tongue skills and given the sounds that Scott was making she was succeeding.Scott grabbed the back of her head and made Escort İstanbul her take his cock deep in her throat. He then pulled it out and shoved her on her back. He lifted the tattered dress and slid her soaked panties to the side and began to lick her pussy. Darcie moaned and squirmed with pleasure, clamping down on Scott’s head with her thighs. This made him even harder and he wanted inside her. He grabbed a blindfold from the nightstand and put it over her eyes. He told her to imagine he was Darren, and she was taking him for the first time; she told him it wouldn’t be the first time she thought about Darren while they fucked. He ripped the bottom part of her dress and tore her panties off.He slid inside her easily because of how wet she was. He fucked her deep and rough while she screamed out Darren’s name; this made Scott’s cock throb even harder and he gave it to her deeper, as deep as he could. Darcie came multiple times, moaning and screaming Darren’s name while she did it. Scott had about all he could take and unloaded himself deep inside her. He pulled out of her and untied her arms. She started fingering herself and then licked her fingers off so she could taste him and herself. She told him next time she wanted to fuck Darren, and he told her, “Only if I get to watch.”

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