The Awakening – Part 2

Horse Hung

The Awakening – Part 2Katie opened the shed door and walked inside. It was the same as any other day. She could see the milking machines and the door to lead the cows in. She could hear them outside waiting to enter like clockwork.It wasn’t hard work by any means. But it allowed her some alone time away from the house and some privacy from her mum.She turned on the suction pump and walked through the shed to the opposite door. Unlatching it from the inside, the cows walked inside for their morning milking. They didn’t have a huge heard of cattle. 11 to be exact. But it was enough to provide milk for them plus supply a few of their local neighbours. It was after all just a hobby farm. They didn’t need the money to survive.As she let them in she grabbed the bags of feed and proceeded to fill up the trough. The cows marched in one by one lining up exactly how they had all the other days. They get milked, they get a feed, and then they are off to roam the paddock.Katie also knew today would be no different to any other day.The machine they had came with 12 suction pumps. With only 11 cows there was one spare.Its not like it was anything new. What else was she to do? She refused to join the masses on social media and be locked to her phone 24/7. After cleaning off the cows udders and hooking up the suction pumps she proceeded down to the left over pump system. The idea of trying to milk herself came after her first time kaçak iddaa of attaching the machine to a cows teet. If mine are the same shape why wouldn’t it work for me? Her nipples of course were not as large as the cows. But very much the same shape in proportion.It was kind of erotic. Being at one with nature and feeling free on the walk down. She kneeled down on the floor and pulled her breasts out from either side of her tank top. The noise from the machine only made it more intense as she could see the rubber suction cups moving in and out waiting for a nipple to provide milk.Katie of course not being pregnant didn’t have any milk to supply them with. But the sensation of the sucking lead to the most intense of orgasms. She attached on the cups to either breast and leaned her head back to look at the ceiling. With both her hands fixed to the metal railing she knew before long an orgasm would be near.There was no judgement, the cows couldn’t talk. Imagine if they could! she thought. She held tight to the railing and pushed her bum backward as if there was someone there to take her. Of course there wasn’t, but the thought only grew her fascination and imagination stronger. The pulsation of the suction caps was really strong. Pulling her nipples down into them with every stroke of the compressor. She faced her head downward watching them being pulled in and then closed her eyes knowing what was coming.Her kaçak bahis knees gave way and she fell on the floor laying on her back with her breasts facing upward being ever pulled by the machine. A wave of emotion flooded over her and her legs began trembling. She let out a huge scream, which was drowned out by the machinery. A large benefit of being in such a noisy environment. She pulled away and the mornings orgasm was complete. It all seemed to pass by very quick. Even though relieving her self felt good, she still longed for more. Being a virgin and having zero experience with guys… maybe that’s what she was lacking.She walked down the isle and disconnected all the suction cups from the teets of the cows. Giving them all a rub on the head as she went.She turned the suction pump off and walked back toward the house. There was one last stop to make.She knew when her mum was up. The curtains in the lounge would be opened up, but she would always go back to her room to talk to Mark.Mark was Katie’s dads best friend. He had been around a lot for her mum when her dad passed away and she was always interested in where things were leading too. Not physically around of course, but over the phone for someone to talk to.She wanted her mum to be happy. So she would always listen in hoping to hear something nice being said. Most of the time it was small talk and its not like Katies mum had it on speaker phone and Katie illegal bahis never knew the exact time of the call. So she would only pick up some of the conversation. Only hearing one side of it. Today’s talk was a little different.“Im not sending you a picture. She’s a really nice person at heart. A picture cant show you that” “Just be nice to her ok. And treat her like the princess she is” “You know you have a huge cock. Ive seen enough pictures”“I know you are my best friend but just be gentle”.What the f*ck! Katie thought. What were they talking about? The huge cock part stuck in her mind. After seeing things online her mind wandered as to how huge. Even thought she was a virgin she had still experimented with putting things inside her. From all the working out on the farm, ‘being tight’ is an understatement. “Ive got to go” Katies mum said. Katie, being without shoes, was able to light foot it away to the back door of the homestead. She walked in, still only wearing her cotton tank top, to be met by her mum. Her mum looked down.“Are you ever going to wear underwear?” pointing out the fact she wasn’t and hadn’t worn them since she was younger.“There’s no need to so why bother? You have one. I have one. No need to be offended!” Katie replied.”Im not offended sweetie” she leaned forward and kissed Katie on the cheek. “Happy birthday darling”.“Thanks mum” she replied. Leaning in for a hug while her bum was exposed to the outside hoping someone was out there catching a glimpse.“We need to talk. Grab a seat” Katie’s mum said.Katie walked over to the kitchen table and sat down wondering where the conversation was going….

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