The Beginning of the Domination of Randi 10


Randi was the first to wake up and looking at the clock she saw it was early afternoon. She felt sore as every hole had been used multiple times last night.She got up went to the bathroom, did her morning ritual, and went to the kitchen to start the coffee. While the coffee was brewing, she went back to the bathroom to get her shower out of the way. She knew, with those who stayed the night there would be several showers and she wanted to make sure she got hers first.When she finished, she dressed and put on some light makeup, then went to the kitchen to throw something together for everyone to eat.She heard the shower start but had no idea who was up now. The shower turned off and Sophia soon appeared in the kitchen.“Good morning, Kitten. How do you feel today?”“I am sore but I am good. Last night was such a big night for me that the pain now was so worth it. How are you, Slut?”Sophia laughed as Randi had used Sophia’s Master’s name for her, as Sophia had done to her.“I am also sore but I am so excited to see how things will go with George as my Master. I am sure we can work everything out with his wife.”While they talked the men started to appear and got themselves a cup of coffee and a plate of the snacks Randi had prepared.The last two to show up were George and Mike. Both went to their subs and gave them a very powerful kiss. Both women responded in kind and then served coffee and snacks to them.As each one finished, they prepared to leave and thanked Mike for a great time and hoped they would do it again soon.“Yes, we will, but we may need more women, as I don’t want to wear Kitten out. And I am sure George now feels the same way.”This made everyone laugh and both women to smile. George nodded his head in agreement with what Mike said.When everyone was gone, both couples cuddled on the couch and discussed what had taken place during the game. Mike was not the big winner, but he did have a Lefkoşa Escort good time.“Kitten, when do you need to be home?”“No time, Sir. I told Bill I would be home when I got there. Why?”“I want to discuss some things with you and make sure you ok where I want to go with us.”“I take that as our cue to leave,” George said. Slut, let’s get your stuff packed and get out of here. We have a big day ahead of us, to start preparing to include my wife in this. And yes, I do want to hear the ideas you might have.”Sophia kissed him and then jumped up heading to her room to pack.When they returned the women kissed each other and then they kissed the other’s man. They then left leaving Mike and Randi alone.“The first thing you need to do is clean up this place while I put the poker stuff and table away.”“Yes, Sir, I will get right on that.”It took them about a half-hour to complete this task and then Mike had Randi pour them each a glass of wine and sit together in the living room.“Kitten, you did very well last night and I was so proud of you. You never once complained about anything and made sure all of my guests were satisfied and their needs met. How do you feel today?”“Sir, I am sore but so excited about how the night went. I had so many firsts last night and so many orgasms that I lost count. Your friends are very frisky and do know what they want.””Yes, they do and I could tell last night, as the game progressed, they did not want to play cards. Instead, they wanted you and Sophia and wanted to empty their cum any way they could.”This caused both of them to laugh and kiss each other.“Sir, I am so glad I pleased you and can’t wait to see what you plan to do to be next to push me out of my box.”“I am glad you said that as I do have something in mind and I hope you will hear me out on it. I am going to ask something big of you but I know you can handle it.”“You Girne Escort are scaring me, Sir. What is it you want me to do?”“I want you to go home tell Bill everything he wants to know and give him this.”“What is it, Sir?”“It is a video of all you did last night, Kitten.”Randi looked stunned, as she had no idea anything was being recorded.“Who took this video?”“I had some cameras installed this past week, so I could watch it again later, as I was sure I would miss something during all of the activity. I hope you do understand, as your Master, I don’t have to tell you everything.”“Yes, Sir, I do and I want to thank you because I had told Bill I would try to get something for him and then just got too busy.”“I am glad to help and if you remember, I did tell you I had no problem keeping him in the loop, so he would continue to agree to this.”“He will be very excited, but I get a feeling you have something else to tell me.””Yes, Kitten, I do. You heard me tell the guys that before our next game we need more females to make sure I don’t break you. Well, while everyone was leaving a thought came to me. There is another female very close to here that I am sure is as good as her mother.”“Oh shit, are you kidding me? You ant my daughter, Jill, Sir? I am not sure she will go along with it.”“I am sure she will as I want you to become her lover and bring her to me as a gift.”Randi had a look of shock on her face but knew she would have no choice but to do as Sir said so she did not get punished.“I guess I have no choice, Sir, but I am not happy with it. You do know she leaves for college in a couple of weeks?”“Yes, I do and that is why I want the next game next Friday and I want her here to help her mother. I am sure you figure how to get this done and bring her to me by Tuesday to become my younger Kitten. Do you have any reason not to want to do this?”“I do have Magosa Escort one question, Sir. Are you already tired of this older woman and want a younger woman to control? If I did something wrong if I did something to cause you to decide this. Please punish me as you see fit.””Kitten, you have done nothing wrong to displease me. I just like mother/daughter sex and want to fuck both of you. I also know Sophia can’t be here Friday and there is no way you can handle all of us. So, what do you say? Will you do this or do I need to punish you before you leave?”“No, Sir, I will do as you ask, but I just hope I can do it by Tuesday.”“I am sure you will think of something. Now go arrange your stuff as you will need them here Friday and then go home to let Bill have his fun, while you seduce your daughter.”He then pulled her to him and kissed and hugged her.When Randi got home, she went to Bill, kissed him and then sucked his cock. As he came, she gave him the video and told him to enjoy it.Bill went to his office to see what she just gave him. When he saw her in action on the tape, he got so excited he came again and never touched himself.Randi went to Jill’s room to start what Sir wanted her to do. She found Jill laying face down with her head away from the door in just her thong. Randi just stared and realized she really did want her daughter whether Sir had asked her to do it or not.Jill was a very attractive girl and Randi could feel herself leaking on her thong.“Excuse me Jill, but do you have a minute to talk to me?”“Sure Mom, what can I do for you?”Randi had to pause so she did not say what was really on her mind, which was to say to Jill, ‘You can eat me and now, sweetheart.’Instead, she said, “Jill, Sir has asked me about you and wants to meet you. What are you doing on Tuesday in the morning?”“Nothing, Mom, do you want to go over there then?”“Yes, Jill, but I must prepare you for what is going to happen.”She sat on the bed next to her daughter and pulled her into her arms.“Mom, what are you doing?”“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are. I have just noticed how sexy and desirable of a woman you are a sweetheart. Things I have done with Sir, now make me aware of how badly I want you.”

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