W Is for Wendy


A series of stories with TG themes, dedicated to women, and to men who like to be women (which includes me!)

“Will, I need to talk!”

My cousin Amanda pushed past me through the hall and strode into the lounge. I’d not been expecting her, not at all. I made sure the front door was closed and then turned and followed her. When I got as far as the lounge she was already sitting on the sofa with a glass of something-or-other in her hand. Vodka, maybe. It wasn’t just that though, Amanda hardly ever drinks except when she’s stressed. It was the fact that she looked just drop-dead gorgeous.

I looked across towards her and smiled, rather weakly. I grabbed myself a can of beer and sat facing her. She always did look good but that Friday evening she was, as I said, looking particularly stunning. She’d clearly had her hair done, her long red locks were piled on top of her head, strands hanging down the sides of her beautifully made-up face as far as her gorgeous neck. I didn’t at that moment fully realise why, but she was clearly dressed up for a night out, short low-ish cut dress, nice high heels, the business. She really did look good.

“Wow, Amanda! You look amazing! Is this for a special occasion?”

I remembered – many years ago, when she was about ten and I was fifteen when we’d been playing in auntie’s back garden. She’d declared her undying love for me and that she was going to marry me ‘as soon as I’m old enough, Will’. We’d always been close, almost ‘kissing cousins’ but not quite. We’d lost track of each other when I’d gone away to University and then when she’d moved to London for a few years after that. But after she and Jeremy got married they’d settled down about five miles from my own flat and we’d got back together quite often.

“It’s my husband, Jeremy” she said, nervously crossing her legs, revealing totally gorgeous nylon-clad thighs.

I was having trouble controlling myself.

“What about him?” I asked, wondering just what was coming.

“I think he’s having an affair. In fact I know he is!” She looked down, seeming a little tearful, her voice quivering slightly. “I don’t know what to do.”

I just didn’t know what to say, I just came out with a fairly feeble ‘Are you sure….?’

“I’m sure. I mean, he’s always working late, sometimes very late, nearly every Friday. And I think I’ve noticed a perfume on his clothes, not the same as the one he always buys me though.”

“Well, that may just be someone at work. His secretary maybe.”

Amanda smiled at me.

“Mrs Chester is nearly sixty and she doesn’t wear perfume, not like that anyway.”

“Well, maybe there’s some other explanation.”

“I’d like to believe that, Will, but I sneaked a look at his credit card bill when it arrived yesterday. Twice in the past month, on Friday nights when he’s been supposed to be working, he’s used it for a meal at the Grosvenor Hotel. And from the amount, well, I reckon it’s dinner and drinks for two.”

“Maybe it was a business dinner. With a colleague or an important client.”

“Will, you’re trying to make excuses for him! Men! Sticking together, are you? Really, you’re my cousin, we’ve always respected each other. I always thought you cared for me.”

At which point things just started to get hairy. Amanda got up and flowed over towards me as I stood up. Flowed, she just moved otele gelen escort so smoothly and delectably until she was standing right in front of me. She reached out and put her arms round my neck in such a manner that I just couldn’t help staring into her eyes – and noticing her gorgeous prominent breasts.

“I do, Amanda, I do. But – hell, girl, please, you shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Well, if Jeremy can enjoy himself with another woman, well, maybe you and I – you know – we could go out for dinner maybe. After all, we are cousins, and it’s allowed. You know what I mean! You always used to fancy me when we were younger. I remember the time – when you grabbed my bum. And you started to slide your hand up my skirt! Don’t you fancy me now? “

“Amanda, please…….!”

“Don’t you think I look attractive? You’ve always seemed like a ‘leg man’ to me. That’s why I wore this very short dress, and my highest heels – for you, Will!”

She was right, I do like the look of a short skirt and long legs, though not for quite the reason she imagined. Her heels were 4 inches high, maybe even 5 inches. And she could wear them. Many women her age couldn’t get away with dressing so young but on Amanda the heels, the dress, the whole outfit looked – stunning!

“Amanda, please. I can’t …….!”

And with that she leant over and began to nuzzle my neck in a very provocative way. In other circumstances I might have been tempted but I know it wasn’t to be. As her luscious lips moved round and touched mine, as her tongue almost immediately began to move into my mouth, I had to gently push her away. This just couldn’t happen.

“Amanda, I can’t. I’ve got a date myself tonight!”

She stopped. Thankfully she realised it just wasn’t going to happen between me and her and backed off.

“I’m so very sorry Will. I should have realised.”

She stepped back, looking very upset. I’d probably compounded her problem, there she was thinking Jeremy was having an affair with another woman. And there I was, her favourite cousin I suppose, she’d in some way made a fool of herself in making the advances towards me. But she recovered quickly.

“I am so sorry, Will. Has she got a brother?”

She smiled at the joke.

“Er – no” was the best reply I could come up with, a not entirely appropriate response but it would have to do.

“Well, if you’re going out, and Jeremy is out with his fancy mistress tonight, I don’t see why I should be the only one not having fun tonight. I wonder if Lionel is at home right now?”

“Lionel?” I replied, glad to change the topic of conversation.

“He’s a guy from work. He’s been flirting with me on and off for a couple of months. He knows I’m married of course but it doesn’t seem to have stopped him.”

“Amanda, it might make things worse if Jeremy finds out. Are you sure about this?” I asked, backing off further in the direction of the kitchen.

I needed to get away from my cousin, to think what this would mean. I did escape and crossed the kitchen to fill the kettle, thinking that a couple of coffees would allow us to settle somehow. It was then that I realised just what the time was, and the fact that I had yet to change for my own date that evening.

As I returned to the lounge, Amanda was speaking on her phone.

“Right then, türkmen escort Lionel. ….. Maxim’s in about half an hour?… See you there, honey. Bye.”

Amanda stood up. Clearly she wasn’t going to stay for coffee.

“I’d better go, Will. Look, thanks for talking. If that bastard husband of mine thinks I’m going to be waiting in for him tonight, he’s got another think coming.”

“Maxim’s, you said? A nice restaurant, I hear.”

“Yes, Lionel sounded surprised, and pleased. He’s taking me to dinner – and maybe…. Who knows?”

She grinned rather naughtily, I thought. Lionel – whoever he was – was a lucky man.

“At least it’s on the other side of town to that hotel where Jeremy takes his bit of skirt. So there’s not much chance we’ll run into them. I’d better go, thanks for listening, Will.”

Amanda kissed me on the cheek, affectionately, we were back to just being cousins. She smiled, turned, and she was off. I closed the door behind her, turned and leant against it, tried to stop shaking and breathed a huge sigh of relief. As I looked towards the lounge I realised – I’d left the new pack of stockings I’d bought on the small table by the door! That could have been very embarrassing if she’d seen it.

Anyway, it was time now for me to get ready for my own date. Amanda had just assumed, albeit briefly, that I might be interested in her. Despite our being close and her telling me lots of stuff about Jeremy just before they got married we’d never ever discussed my own situation regarding ‘partners’. She’d assumed, when she’d asked about a ‘brother’ that my date was a woman. Well, actually, no.

I dashed up towards my room and stripped all my clothes off. I took a quick, hot bubble bath, soaking in the warm body lotion to wash away the worries of Amanda’s visit as well as my feelings of dissatisfaction. I hated having to spend all day, every day in the week sat at a desk wearing awful male clothing and clumpy shoes and a shirt and tie. After soaking for at least twenty minutes, I drained the bath and stood in the shower, coating my skin with my almost-industrial-strength depilatory lotion and rinsing myself thoroughly.

Then once my skin was all smooth and sleek, soft and rosy, I lay down on the bed and stuck carefully into place my very best breast-forms. After waiting about ten minutes for them to set, I carefully stood up and then sat naked at my dresser, carefully smoothing the make-up at the edges of my nice, ripe melons.

While naked I painted my toenails a sultry deep scarlet colour, not cheap stuff, a very expensive nail varnish. I’m high maintenance, and I’m lucky to have found a guy who can afford to keep this tranny in the manner to which she would like to become accustomed. The varnish is worth it though, I’m always amazed at the effect of that particular brand, smooth and blood-red and oh-so glossy.

My make-up came next, a nice deep pink powder rubbed into my cheeks, then I did my eyes in white, pink and a red/purple. I traced in my delicate arched brows, then applied deep coal-black mascara and eye-liner before setting off my cheeks in a two-tone pink blusher. A bit of magic with a lip pencil, then filling in with Blood Red lipstick. I knew it was going to work, indeed even then before sorting my clothes and with short hair I looked good already! I knew that.

However, evi olan escort like many trannies, I like to be a blonde. My man likes me that way too. He was paying for the blonde bombshell look so why not? I brushed out my favourite frosted blonde wig and touched it up a bit before tugging it tightly into place on my head. I stared at my reflection, yet again amazed at just how good ‘Wendi’ was beginning to look. Long blonde hair spilling down my shoulders and across my breasts. Wow! I shook my head a little to give the hair a more natural look.

I stood up. Below the waist I was still all male, and beginning to get really turned on by my own image, and also by the thought of my lover and how I hoped he would react. I clipped on a black suspender belt and then slid a pair of sheer black stockings up my smooth legs. I fastened the hooks mid-thigh. I know that a long sexy pair of legs is an essential asset for a woman like me. But still my most un-feminine bulge was apparent! I slipped on as tiny a pair of tight black panties as I could get away with, tucking my penis into the hidden pocket and folding it back under me as I pull the panties tightly to my waist.

Nice and smooth, and, I’m female! Wonderful.

I pulled on my favourite Gossard black satin basque, and slid it down over my artificial curves and smoothed it into place. The red satin blouse was an essential if I was to be able to achieve the seduction I was looking for that evening, buttoning it only halfway up to show off the black lace and my deep dark ‘cleavage’ underneath . I slipped on a black p.v.c. mini, slutty, I know, and tied the blouse tightly at the waist. I shook my head and flipped my hair around again. Nearly ready for my boyfriend.

But first, I needed bling! I put on a thick triple stranded gold necklace, several bright bracelets and rings, and a big pair of gold hoop earrings. Almost perfect, but my fingernails needed sorting. I never do that early in case I damage my stockings. So I got out the polish, and sat down to finish my change-over. Three glossy coats of Blood-Red high-gloss varnish later I was ready.

I took a minute out to call for a taxi, doing my best on the phone to sound as feminine as I could. It had worked before, I have always been quite successful in mimicking a female tone of voice. The girl from the taxi firm said the driver would be there in five minutes.

In my black patent, six-inch-high spiked stilettos I knew I finally looked the part. I’d had to hurry after Amanda’s interruption but I was ready and only running a few minutes late. I wondered how she was getting on with Lionel? He must have been thrilled when she’d rung. And totally delighted when he saw the way she looked when she arrived at Maxim’s.

I heard the taxi pull up outside and grabbed my little black handbag and my keys. As I walked out towards the taxi, the three men working on the small building site over the road looked across towards me and shouted and whistled appreciatively. They’d probably seen Amanda earlier, but I like to think they appreciated a slutty tart like me more than the classy woman who had visited me barely an hour ago. Visited William, that is. But William had disappeared, it was Wendi they were whistling at.

So, I gave them a show, because I love to tease them. I wiggled my hips and strutted boldly and proudly, with a smile, over towards the taxi. As the driver opened the door I eased my tightly-wrapped bum onto the seat, flashing an awful lot of leg and stocking-top as I slid myself into the back of the cab. Leg which I hoped my lover would be feasting his eyes on before long.

“Where to, miss?” asked my driver.

“The Grosvenor Hotel” I replied.

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