The best man


The best manSara and I was at the club looking for a hot guy. It did not take long for a hot guy to begin talking and buying us drinks. We soon all decided to leave and go to my house. We had one last drink and secretly slipped a relaxer in his drink. We then went out to my car and headed to my place. Once there we took him to the play room and began kissing him and rubbing his body. By now the relaxer was working and he was ready for anything we wanted to do to him. We stripped him naked and then we got naked and we took turns kissing him with our tongues in his mouth as the other licked his now hard cock. He had a nice thick cock with some big balls and he was ready for our special treat for him. We took him to our special sex bench and bent him over it and strapped his arms and legs with him spread wide open. We pushed a wide cock ring over his cock that was tight. Sara then began rubbing her pussy all over his face as he licked her and sucked her clit. I began licking his cock and balls and his ass as I finger fucked his tight asshole. Before he knew it we had slipped on our nice big strap ons for his special surprise. Sara shoved her cock in his mouth to let him suck it as I greased his ass and my huge cock and then began to shove it into his tight ass. Sara then traded her cock for a gag türbanlı istanbul escort ball and strapped it to his head as she then got under him and began sucking his cock. I was pushing the big cock in his ass fucking him hard and he could not say a word with the gag in his mouth. Sara was busy with his cock as I fucked his ass hard and deep giving him every inch of the fake cock. She had his cock deep down her throat sucking him hard. Sara was a great cock sucker and loved sucking guys till she made them scream. She had a tight grip on his balls as she sucked on that big cock. Sara sucked him hard till he finally came and was trying to moan with the gag in his mouth. Then she went and got all the fun surprises for him. I pulled my fake cock out of his ass and replaced it with a banana. We had the whole banana in his ass fucking him hard as he moaned. Then we switched to a cucumber and shoved that in his ass. We shoved a carrot, two hot dogs, and a spray of whip cream. Then we covered his cock in chocolate syrup and put a dab of whip cream on the tip. I then began to push the fake cock back in his ass and fuck him with the whip cream in him as Sara licked the cream and syrup off his cock and sucked him one more time. By now we had been fucking türbanlı istanbul escort bayan this guy for close to three hours and his ass was well stretched. I loved pulling the cock out of his ass and seeing that big stretched hole. Sometimes I would push four fingers in him and finger fuck him before I gave him more cock. We fucked and sucked this guy for two more hours then one last trick for him. Sara took his cock deep down her throat and sucked as I shoved six anal balls in his ass and began to massage his balls. Sara gave me the nod when he began to cum and I slowly pulled the balls out one by one. This made him cum hard and tried to scream. He filled Sara’s mouth and she then pulled the gag out of his mouth and transfered his cum to his own mouth. Then Sara shoved one of her huge DDD tits into his mouth and let him suck on it as I rubbed my D tits over his back and ass cheeks. His face was covered by her big tits but he seemed to love sucking them. We the untied his hands and changed him to his back and then we each took his hand and placed it between our legs and let him finger fuck us. As he fucked our cunts we changed between tongue kissing him and letting his suck a tit. We watched that big cock get hard again and türbanlı escort istanbul then I got on it and pushed it inside my fuck hole as Sara got on his face and rubbed her pussy all over him as I fucked him hard. I loved his big thick cock and rode him for an hour before he could cum. His face was now covered with cum as he ate Sara’s pussy and tongue fucked her cunt. When he filled my hole with cum I then traded places with Sara and let him suck his cum out of my cunt. I loved the feel of his tongue in my well fucked hole. We then laid beside him and went back to kissing him and giving him a tit to suck. He was loving all our surprises. We played with him another forty minutes and then Sara got on her hands and knees and we put him on top of her and pushed his hard cock in her ass and he began fucking her hard as I got out my strap on and fucked his ass again. We fucked for over an hour till he was able to fill her ass with cum. Then we pushed his face to her cum filled ass so he could suck it clean. We was making this sexy guy quite the cum sucker. And he did love it. Then we laid side by side and pulled him to our cunts as he tongue fucked one and finger fucked the other. He was good with his tongue and a pro with those fingers. He would get a pussy soaking wet with his fingers then lick it clean with his tongue. We loved it and he kept us cumming and wet for his pleasure. We fucked for another two hours with our male whore and loved every minute of it. When we got ready to take him home we all were sore and laughing that we walked in there easier than we walked out. But he was coming over again in two days for more fun. We had more surprises for him too.

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