The Car Accident


Ring, Ring “Hello Scott, I just got in an accident with my mother’s car. Can you come down to Oak Street and get me? I’m right near Toby’s Bar and Grill. Please don’t tell my mother.” “I’ll come and get you. We can take the car over to the mechanics and tell your mother it needed service or something like that. You’re totally going to owe me.” “Okay, whatever you want! I just don’t want my mom to know.” Scott had been my step father for the past four years. He’s an amazing father figure, but I already had a father. He acts more like my friend, than an authoritative person in my life. Actually, he doesn’t like to be bothered with anything that concerns me. My father gives my mother child support and I’m taken care of very well. My mother and father have joint custody of me, and I spend every other weekend with my father. They work out the holidays together. Usually, if one of them really wants me to be with them, the other one will just agree to it. My name is Jenna Conklin and I’m eighteen years old. I’m a senior at Glen High School in Bay Ridge, New York. My birthday is right before the cut-off date, so my parents decided to send me to school, when I was six years old instead of five. I’m older almanbahis than most of my friends in my class. I was waiting for Scott to come and get me. I was pacing in front of my car, hoping that none of the neighbors would see me and report back to my mother, that I had an accident. About twenty minutes later, Scott pulled up in his Ford Escape. Scott pulled behind me and got out of his car. “Jenna this doesn’t look too bad. It only looks like some fender damage. Follow me over to Smithtown Auto’s on Chambers Street. We’ll leave the car there and pick up a rental car for you. I won’t tell your mother, but you will have to think of something good in exchange for my silence.” “Whatever you want, Scott, just don’t tell my mother. She wouldn’t be happy about this at all. She hates me taking the car out as it is. I’ll do anything you want. You name it and I’ll do it.” We both got into our cars and I followed Scott over to the mechanics. I was a little nervous, because I had no idea what he would want me to do. I know my step father was very sexual. My mother and Scott were always having sex. They were very loud and never hid when they were having it. After about ten minutes, we both pulled almanbahis yeni giriş into the car mechanics driveway. While we were there, Scott and the owner talked for a long time. My step dad said we wouldn’t go through insurance. He’d just pay for it out of pocket. He also told Doug the owner to only call him on his cell phone and not to leave any messages on the house phone. He explained, we were not going to tell my mother about the accident. Both men just laughed and then Scott and I walked back to his Ford Escape. “Everything is handled. Your mother will not find out. Have you come up with a trade? You’ll have to give me something to keep my silence.” “Well you must have something in mind. What is it that you want me to do?” “You know I have always thought you were very attractive. How about if you give me a blow job and let me fuck you?” “Are you fucking kidding me? You’re my step dad.” “Yea, so all that means is we’re not related. I’m not your father. Your father is Tim.” “I don’t know if I want to do that. Isn’t there something else you would want? I mean I’ll do anything.” “Jenna I told you what I want. Now I’m going to drive us over to the Motel Six and you are almanbahis giriş going to make good on our little deal.” “Fine, if that is what you really want. I’ll fucking do it. But, don’t think I’m going to be doing this again. This is a one-time deal.” “Oh Jenna, stop being so dramatic. I know you want to do it with me. I see you looking at me all the time. I see you and your friends wearing all sorts of outfits that are way too short and looking at me for a reaction. I have even seen you peeking in watching me fuck your mother, sometimes. So don’t pretend that you don’t want this. You’re not a virgin, and I know that you and your friends fuck around all the time.” “Okay, I said I’ll do it. In a warped way, I do want to do it. I hear you and mom fucking all the time. She’s always screaming. I’d like to see what is so exciting about fucking you.” “Well don’t worry, love, you’ll find out first hand why your momma is always screaming. Wait till you see what I pack.” Scott was kidding about going to a cheesy motel. He actually pulled into a Marriott hotel. “I’ll be just a minute. Wait in the car and I’ll get the room. Be right back sweetie.” While Scott went to get checked in, I went into my purse and fixed my make-up and brushed my long brown hair. I was looking forward to having sex with Scott. He was right, I have wanted to sleep with him for the longest time. I knew we were going to have a really wild time. “Okay, I got the room.

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