The Collins’ Brothers: Chapter 1 (Meeting the Collins’)


I moved into an upper-class neighborhood in California about four years ago. I lived by myself and was beginning my freshman year of college at UC Berkeley.  My next-door neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Collins, were the first ones to welcome me into the neighborhood. I quickly became close to them and their children.They had four children: three sons [one pair of twin sons] and one daughter. The oldest son, Taylor, was 16 years old; the twin sons, Matt and Lucas, were 15 years old; and the youngest daughter, Sarah, was 7 years old.The family knew I was gay and was very fine with it; in fact, the Collins’ kids had a gay cousin. The Collins were very supportive of me. I would babysit the kids whenever Mr. and Mrs. Collins had to go out of town. The kids loved me and would always tell their isvecbahis parents to invite me over for dinner. I was having a great life until the second semester of my freshman year came. I was chosen to go on a 3-year study trip to NYC since I was majoring in business. I said goodbye to the Collins’ and packed up my things to leave…  [3 Years Later]The day came. It was the last day of my trip, and I will finally return to California to start my senior year of college. I was very excited because the Collins’ called me a week ago to tell me that they had a surprise for me. Once I arrived in California, I unpacked and came over to the Collins’ house. Mr. and Mrs. Collins was holding a cake with candles while Sarah held out a gift. I was so happy until I realized that I didn’t isveçbahis giriş see the brothers. “Where is Taylor, Matt, and Lucas?” I asked. “Matt and Lucas are at the gym, and Taylor is at his lacrosse game. They should be back home in about 30 minutes,” said Ms. Collins. I forgot that the kids were not young anymore. They probably have grown a lot in those three years. Sarah grew a whole foot taller while Mr. and Mrs. Collins grew a little white hair. I heard a knock at the door. Mr. Collins opened it, and Taylor walked in. I was shocked. Taylor looked incredibly amazing. He had blonde hair, amazingly handsome, and very well-built. His massive pecs were sticking out of his tight shirt. His biceps were about to pop out of his sleeve. His chiseled abs were outlined on his isveçbahis yeni giriş tight shirt because of his sweat. I instantly had an erection when I saw him. “Hey Noah, how have you been brother?” said Taylor. He gave me a tight hug, which made my erection harder. He gave me a smirky look when we finished hugging. I think he knew I had an erection because it was bulging out. I wished I was able to go to the bathroom to jerk off so I can stop the embarrassment from worsening, but I couldn’t. “You haven’t changed one bit, Noah,” said Taylor, “New York must have been great, I bet.”I didn’t know how to reply because I was still in ecstasy looking at his body, dreaming of worshipping every inch of it, dreaming of feeling and squeezing his biceps, dreaming of pressing my face against his pecs, dreaming of pulling down his pants and sucking his cock. “You’ve changed a lot!” I exclaimed, “You’re even taller than me now!” “Yeah, I started working out the year you left for New York. I worked out every day since,” he said. 

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