The Cousins Roman and Ana

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     Roman never knew his cousins until he was 13, he lived in Las Vegas and they lived in California. Back then he was overweight and shy, out of his five cousins he really didnt care much at all. Infact he actually felt them as just people he knew.       Ana met her cousin Roman at age 12. She lived in California, and He lived in Las Vegas. Family drama kept them away from each other all their lives. She was a plain looking girl. She saw her cousin Roman as curius. She has 4 siblings but never has she had a cousin. So they never really talked.       A few years later, Roman was 15, still overweight and nerdy looking. It was the summer he would stay at his cousins house while his mother recovered from a surgery. But it didnt take long for him to realize that his cousin Ana was beginning to blossom as a girl. Afterall she was 14 now. Infact he felt kind of intimidated. She was more outspoken and it seemed she was becoming one of those girls from the valley.        The summer Roman came to stay at her home in California, she was anxious to see him, for she has only seen him a few holidays in the time she knew him. When she saw him she had mixed feelings, almost a disapointment. istanbul travesti He looked pretty much the same. Like one of the boys she ignores completely at school. For the 2 weeks he spent at her home, they talked briefly but he mostly hung out with her brothers.                                                          3 years Later       Roman is now 18, and since he last saw his cousin Ana, who was now moving to Vegas with her family, he has grown and slimmed down alot. All he knew was that Ana would be living at his house for little bit while her parents settled a financial situation back in California. So it was about a few weeks before school started. Senior Year of High School, thank god its almost over he thought, and Ana arrived with her younger brother and sister. Exactly as he imagined it, when Ana arrived she was more beautiful than ever. She was much more developed than he saw her last. He thought to himself “she’s your cousin”.      Ana, 18 now, was sad when she had to leave her friends, parents and older siblings in California. She was the most popular girl in school and it was her senior year. When she arrived to the house in Vegas, istanbul travestileri she was greeted by her same old Aunt and Uncle, but was shocked to see her nerdy cousin Roman was much taller, and cuter. “wow” she thought to herself.       When school started that year, Roman and Ana would soon learn that though they are family they are completely opposite. Ana was more of a cheerleader type who made friends and liked to be involved. Roman on the other hand could give a shit, he just wanted to graduate. For months they barely talked at school, but at home they would talk and come as close as brother and sister.         Roman saw Ana as his sister, he was an only child so this was a new feeling to him. Ana saw him as her older brother, her older brothers were in california. One day these feelings would change to something more.         When Ana came home from school that day she saw the garage was open. She walked in curiously and she saw Roman lifting weights. She never seen him work out. She was impressed at the sight of his arms lifting heavy dumbells. He was shirtless but in work his work overalls and boots. She knew he didnt go to school travesti istanbul that day becouse he had to catch up on some work.        Roman saw her staring and he put the weights down, and looked at her. She was wearing some of the smallest shorts he had ever seen. he asked her teasingly “going swimming?” nudgeing his head down to her legs.        “Oh, no i thought they would be a bit bigger, but in the morning i was running late.” she said looking down. “How come your not at work?”        “Got home a half hour ago” he said wiping sweat of his face “what did I miss at school?”        “Nothing much” she said moving to the door “come inside its hot out here”         “just a few minutes” he said picking up the dumbells for another set.        Ana nodded and walked inside. She bit her lip soft enough for it to feel good. The image of Roman burned in her mind. Immediatley she felt her blood rush to her cheeks. Coincidently, Roman was lifting the dumbells vigorously trying to fight the budging erection he was getting after seeing Ana’s short shorts. He went inside about a minute after she had. He walked in quietly going to his room. He looked at the clock on the stove, 1:40 PM. His parents are working and the younger kids dont get home for another hour.         He thought about this while walking to his bedroom on the farside of the hall. His trip was cut short for Ana’s room is the one before his and as she was walking out she bumped in to him.

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