The Diary of a Slave, Entry 2


Dear Diary, Wow, I cannot believe that it is Saint Patrick’s Day! ERIN GO BRAUGH!! For those that don’t know, it Gaelic for Ireland Forever. To start of my day, I fixed Master his breakfast. Green pancakes, green scrambled eggs, green milk, and sausage. Sorry, haven’t found a way to make sausage green! LOL As always, I set his plate before him and sit on my knees beside him, head on his lap. Only after he has finished, will I be able to eat. Ben Wa Balls! Oh, I had wanted and wanted to try those for a long time now. Here Master was granting me permission to use them. After a quick shower, I put those into my pussy and felt them tingle. Ah as I walk, they hit in all the right spot and soon I was cumming just from walking across the floor. It was slow going, but somehow I managed to get to the bathroom. Grabbing the towel, I noticed something on the window sill. Now, how in the world could I have not noticed a box there, I thought. I went over and took it down. On the lid was a note that stated I was allowed to open it after my 1 pm shower. Shaking my head, I ran the water and stepped into the shower. My pussy was constantly contracting from the Ben Wa balls. I let the hot water cascade down my body and tried to relax. It was not time to wash my hair, so my shower didn’t last all that long. To which I was disappointed. I love long hot baths. But I knew that my 5 pm shower would be a long bubble bath. It was stated on my instructions. My Master knows me so well. I quickly soaped up and rinsed off. Stepping out of the shower, I quickly dried and opened the box. Inside was a pair of cream colored lace panties. They were smaller than the panties that I had not seen since the day I moved in and he confiscated them from me. Then I noticed something else and I thought my knees would collapse under me. A small finger vibrator ring. I placed it up tight against my clit and pulled on the panties. Thankfully, they helped keep the vibrator in place. I was not even out of the bathroom before my clit was driving me crazy and I felt cum running down my thighs. I had remembered to bring a towel with me and placed it over the seat of the couch. There was Yeşilköy escort bayan no more for me to do today until my 5 pm shower. Then I would wait until Master was home to fix dinner and dress. I wondered what he was planning that I would be dressed? I laid on the couch and turned on the television. There was enough time for me to watch a nice movie and try to find some relief some how from all this tension in my pussy. I spread my legs, trying to ease the vibrations coming on my clit. Somehow I was able to fall asleep. When I awoke, I saw that there was enough time to get dinner started and get my last shower til Master came home. There was a note in the freezer that stated for me to put the vibrator away in my bedside table, his side, of course. There would be no dinner and that I was to go and have a long soak. I was relieved, my pussy felt so abused by the vibrator and Ben Wa balls inside. I grabbed the towel off the couch and laid it over the laundry basket, Master would want to see how badly I had cum today. I started the water, more hot than anything, and gather my towel, wash cloth, and some bubble bath. It was a rose scented bubble bath and I inhaled the aroma as I poured a generous amount into the water. Carefully, I stepped into the steaming water and sighed. I slide down and relaxed as the water rose steadily. Did I mention that it was one of those awesome Jacuzzi tubs? Well, it was. So I let the water rise and rise. It was damn near to my chin before I turned it off and started the jets. The jets pounded on my body and every single muscle that might have been knotted or tense was relaxed. After about 20 minutes of this, I turned them off, drained a little bit out, and turned on the hot water. I wanted it hot. The bubbles fought to remain, but slowly dissolved. I closed my eyes and leaned back on the neck rest. Ah pure heaven right there. Slowly, I fell asleep. I awoke with a start and looked around. Damn, I shouldn’t have fallen asleep. I drained the tub and jumped out. I had just started to dry my body, when the door opened and there was Master. Crap! I was instantly getting on my Escort Yeşilyurt knees and crawling to him. I pulled down his zipper and freed his cock. Slowly, I started to suck him, getting more and more into it as it swelled in my mouth. All to soon, he slowly took his cock from me and tucked it away. “Not yet, baby girl. It was okay that you were not there to greet me. This time only. Now, lets get u dried and remove some things.” He took my hands and pulled me to my feet. Picking the towel up, he started by drying my feet and slowly running the towel up. When he brushed the cotton against my pussy, I groaned. Half in pain, half in pleasure. Dropping a soft kiss on my mound, he continued drying me from back to front. Once satisfied that I was dry, he lead me to the bedroom. He undressed and laid on the bed and I joined him. He pulled me onto him, my pussy in his face. I started sucking his cock as he licked and teased my aching pussy. I groaned and pushed my pussy closer onto his face. A soft chuckle escaped him and he slide a finger inside me and sucked hard on my clit. It was an instant orgasm! I squirted all over his face. He found the string laying in my ass crack to the anal beads. Gently, he pulled them. Popping one out and stopping. Playing with my pussy til I was screaming in release. One by one, he did this and I was coming undone. Literally. I was sucking his cock like I hadn’t eaten or drank anything in days. He thrust his hips up, buried his cock in my throat, cried out, and shot his cum down my throat. I rolled off him and snuggled against his side. “ Enough play time, you need dressed,” he said and stood up. I sat up and waited on him. He left the room and returned a few minutes later with a small bag. He ordered me to stand and slowly rubbed baby oil onto my skin. “To allow your skin to breath,” he said. Then he took out this bottle of stuff. I looked at him and was puzzled. Opening it, he slowly applied the stuff to my body. It was a dark hunter green shade. Then it dawned on me. I had seen this stuff before. It was body paint. He didn’t stop until I was completely covered in it. Putting Zeytinburnu escort that away, he took off the rubber gloves that I hadn’t noticed him wearing. He waited a few minutes, to allow the paint to dry, before ordering me to sit at the desk. I walked over and sat down. He grabbed a brush and worked it through my blond tresses. Separating my hair, he did two pony tails. I have to admit, it looked pretty straight and even. He took some water and gently dabbed it all on my cheeks, eyelids, and over my nose. He ordered me to close my eyes. Then he blew on my face. He handed me a tube of gold lip stain and told me to apply it. He handed me a mirror and I carefully put my lip stain on. He took out my bottom two ear rings and then gently put in new ones. He ordered me to stand. I turned and looked at him. He took the water and again and tabbed it over my breasts, between them and down to my pussy. Then he put some kind of gold powder on his hand and blew it onto my skin. He painted my toe and finger nails gold as well. Then he took a collar out of the bag. He undid my collar, laid it gently on the table, and fastened the new one on. It, too, was gold. The leash for me was also a gold chain. Very thin, so it was only as decoration. He stepped back and looked me over. Then pulled a waist chain out. Very delicate gold chain belt that went around my hip (like low rider jeans) and fastened in the front. “Done,” he proclaimed and walked me to the full length mirror. I stared in wonder at what he had done. I had a splattering of gold freckles from cheek to cheek (including nose) and he had done it just right so that it looked like I had gold eyeshadow on as well. Plus the gold nails and lip stain to add to it. The gold on my body formed a nice V and looked almost professional. Before I could say anything, he glanced at his watch and declared that it was time to go. He still hadn’t told me where to, but I had since learned to just move when he said. Down the steps, out the door, down the porch steps, and three blocks later, we were at his car and I was shivering. He opened the door and I quickly slid into the seat and shut the door. He went to his side, got in, and started the engine. Before we pulled away, he turned and looked at me. “You know the rules for going out,” he said, kissed me, and pulled away from the curb. We drove for about a hour and pulled up in front of this beautiful house. Walking into the house was like stepping into a fairy tale.

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