The Experience Room Story 04 Pt. 12


Part 12 – Waking Up

The next thing I know, I feel a hand gently shaking my shoulder. Everything is different. Nothing feels the way it did when I fell asleep in my bed.

I open my eyes and look around, feeling so confused. I am laying back in one of the old V.R. chairs in the lab, covered in a light blanket. My left hand is resting on top of my left leg which is tucked under me. My right hand is resting on my stomach just under my breasts. My head is rolled to the side slightly on a pillow and there is a small damp spot by my lips where I have been drooling.

My boyfriend gently shakes me again, then says, “You must have had one hell of an experience. You fell asleep while we were working on trying to get the multi-user interface to work. I didn’t want to disturb you, so I just let you sleep while I loaded in our new avatars, the ones that we created for each other.”

I bring escort izmir my right hand up slightly underneath my breasts and run it over them. They are back to their normal B-cup size. Then I bring it up to my face and rub at the damp spot on my cheek. There seems to be something missing. I run my tongue over the inside of my teeth, then open my mouth slightly and run it over the outside of my teeth, searching for the braces that I expect to find there. At first I am disappointed that my teeth feel so smooth, but then realize that I didn’t actually get braces. I move my hand to the back of my neck and feel the V.R. patch over my spinal cord.

I turn to my boyfriend and ask, “Did you have the V.R. program running while I was asleep?”

“Yeah. I loaded in the avatar that I created for you and then ran a program called “The Mall” that one of the other users sent me to try. She was online with us and wanted escort izmir to see if it would work with more than one person in it at the same time.”

I run my left hand down my left leg and cup the end of my leg. With the blanket covering me, it sure looks as if there is nothing below my knee. There is something kind of exciting about looking down the chair and seeing the blanket moving as I wiggle my right toes and nothing below my knee on the left.

My boyfriend looks at me curiously, then asks, “What is that smile for?”

Instead of answering his question directly, I ask a question of my own. “Did you load in your avatar as well? Where you in V.R. as well?”

“I loaded in your avatar first, then set up the location program and ran it to check for interface problems. There were two other people online at the same time as you. When I saw that it was running smoothly, I was getting ready to load my avatar and join in, but you started to moan. I figured that I better wait and keep an eye on you.”

I move my left hand up the inside of my left leg, underneath my skirt and between my legs. My thong panties are damp, so I push them to the side, uncovering my shaved pussy. I run my tongue over my smooth, slightly crooked teeth and smile. I look over at my boyfriend and say, “I think that we may be making progress with getting the multiuser function to work. Too bad that you didn’t get a chance to join in. I think that you would have enjoyed being in there.”

“By the way, how much of the avatar that you created for me is how you would like me to be?”

He has a confused look on his face. “All I did was give you bigger breasts and longer hair. I only went up one cup size, just to see what you would look like that way. I didn’t make any other changes. Why?”

My smile just gets bigger. “I think that next time you need to join us in there. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe a little too much. I felt kind of disappointed when you woke me up.”

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