The first Bi Threeway


The first Bi ThreewaySo i was heading toward the restroom to take a piss right, so on my way there i heard some moaning i thought it was coming from one of the empty hallways. . .heh so as i entered the restroom i heard a girl moan faster baby faster, i was like (the fuck) and of course the guy heard the door open and came out the stall with him big fat cock hanging there covered in pussy juice. . .i couldn’t control myself at that point i was rubbing on my cock licking my lips and he looked at me as if i was crazy i told queenbet yeni giriş him srry it’s just your cock is so big it’s turning me on. . .then some fat black girl came out the stall saying “what the fuck did you just say” i repeated what i said “your boyfriend has a huge and i would love suck” he looked a me like fuck that shit but his girlfriend was like even if he leaves we aren’t fucking anymore he might as well join us. . . .he had that look like fuck that shit hell nah. . .she started walking queenbet giriş toward the stall getting her clothes ready then he said “fine he can join but don’t do anything i don’t tell you to do” without heisting i tore my clothes off and get read at first i jus stood there wanking my lonely cock until she told he to come here i walked over and she started giving me a blowjob while her boyfriend fucked her pussy. . .i could here how we she was she mus have really been wanting a three way so half way through queenbet güvenilirmi the bj she told me it was my turn to do the fucking. . .no i have a 8inch cock and 2inch wide her bfs was 9inch and 2inch wide but he really didn’t know how to use it. . .her pussy was warm and wet it felt so good when i was sliding it in i couldn’t help but to moan i pick her up and started fucking like crazy i love the sound of my balls slapping up against a nice fat ass mmmm it was so good that it made me cum inside her. . .i said i was sorry i couldn’t hold it she just look at he and said(more i wanna feel your cock in my we pussy please fuck me harder) her bf said (he already blow his load he’s done) i laughed and pulled my cock out letting all my cum and her pussy mmmmm….srry guys but thats all for now

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