The Forbidden Forest


Hannah trudged back home through the forests’ well-trodden muddy, tracks, a basket full of firewood, swinging from her arm. It was quite a demeaning chore for an eighteen-year-old girl to be given, normally it was left to the younger children to collect logs. So, in a sour mood and after petulantly dawdling and deliberately taking her time, she now was late returning home. Luckily, she knew of a short cut, a path that would take her swiftly home, only this path was through, what locals referred to as ‘The Forbidden Forest’. People were advised no to enter, but, with no sense of fear and been, as she was, an adventurous girl, she decided to risk it, quietly slipping into the forest.

The afternoon was still warm, even so late on in the day, the sun gradually nestling beyond the borders of the trees as she ambled along quite happily, enjoying the beauty of the wild flowers and the lazy cooing of the wood pigeons. She had dressed for such a beautiful day, wearing a light, thin red and white gingham dress, white ankle socks and small black shoes, her hair tightly scraped with a center parting and two long brown braided pigtails.

The trees parted and she found herself in a glade, in the middle of which was a small wooded cottage that pumped out white smoke from its brick chimney. Hannah was curious and slowly approached, wondering who could live in such a secluded place. As she came to a little gate, her ears filled with the most beautiful sounds that came from within, unable to stop herself she opened the gate, walked along the path and before she knew it, found herself entering. The enchanting sounds filled her with delight and she felt no fear, even as the door slammed shut behind her.

The melodious music ceased, and placing her basket down, she heard what sounded like hooves, slowly walking on bare, wooden floorboards.

A creature appeared in the inner doorway. He looked like a man, but not, Hannah thought, looking at him as he stood there. His feet were indeed hooves, his legs, like that of a goat with thick, hairy, muscular thighs, blending into his midriff, revealing a big manly chest. His head was large, two horns growing out the top, evil, devious eyes leered as he watched her, his tongue lolled out the side of his mouth which dribbled at the sight of her. He looked as if he was about to sit down to a escort numaraları delicious meal. He wore no clothes and she could see his enormous phallus dangling between his legs. Still, she felt no fear.

The room was empty apart from large armchair that was fashioned to accommodate the demon like creature. Slowly he walked over to where she was standing, hooves echoed, clip clopping across the floor, he seemed to tower over her as he got closer and then stopped, looking down on her. Hannah was a petite girl but next to the demon, she seemed almost tiny, her head just about reaching his lower stomach, her eyes, level with his huge horse like member, mesmerized as it grew erect, like a snake been charmed, its shiny red head appeared from its covering skin, dripping with lust. He took a step closer, she could now smell the musk of it as he pushed his dripping groin against her.

Still she felt no fear or astonishment. His tongue lengthened, dropping to the floor, slithering up her bare, naked legs, searching out the precious place that lay hidden in the white cotton. Gasping with delight, it lapped, licked, and slurped at her, probing, savoring, and relishing the sweet juices it produced from her, all the time a throbbing prodded her face, trying to enter her warm mouth but becoming frustrated and angry as it was denied.

Suddenly he swept her up off her feet and carried her, like a rag doll, over to the armchair. His tongue ripped at her white panties, tearing them off so she was completely naked apart from her dress and socks and shoes. She looked down at the swollen phallus as he lowered her onto it, unconsciously opening her legs to receive it in her hole. Hairy hands grabbed under her armpits and began lifting her up and down, she felt his hairy thighs rub against her soft nubile young legs. Faster and faster and harder and harder she was pumped up and down, her face flushed red, hot juices seeped, faster, faster, until she felt a shaft of muscle explode like a fountain of hot creamy liquid. At its last throb, she fainted.

Slowly opening her eyes she realized she was home, in her bed, her Father sat next to her.”Are you having a bad dream? He asked…

Hannah sat up in her bed, her nightgown dripping from sweat, the night was dark and a single candle gaziantep escort bayan numaraları flickered by her bedside. Her Father was perched on the edge of her bed, gently stroking her arm and comforting her

“Was it a nightmare my princess?” He asked.

Dazed, she stared at him for a few moments, recalling the dream that felt so real.

“I think so, a dream, yes, it must have been, yet it felt so real, like I was there. I can’t, I can’t, remember how I got here, in bed.”

“You have been asleep since yesterday afternoon my love.” he said.

“How so? A confused expression peered up at her father.

“We found you near the forest, in a faint from the sun.”

“And you brought me home?”

“Yes, the doctor told us sleep would make you well.”

“I do feel fine, rather sticky.” She said, feeling the wetness of her nightgown.

“My dream was so vivid.”

“Tell me my darling, what did you dream of?” He asked, his voice tender.

Hannah blushed slightly, visions of demons, hooves, strong muscles and hairy thighs floated through her mind and of the joy, she felt too.

“Oh Daddy, I dreamt of this!” She leaned forward with a new found confidence and run her hand up his thigh and under his thin night shirt.

“Oh.” He said, the feeling of his daughters touch causing a lusty stirring in his loins.

“I didn’t know they could be so much fun!” Peeling his nightshirt back and exposing his manhood, she shifted her position on the bed and crouched forward. Bending her head towards his lap she eagerly wrapped her soft warm lips around her father’s excited member. He leaned back slightly which caused him to appear bigger and prouder, this sent Hannah into a frenzy and she slurped and sucked, her tongue tracing up and down outlines of throbbing veins, lapping at him and all the time her fingers wrapped around him.

“Oh my princess.” He groaned as he released a hidden tension into her greedy mouth. He jumped up, confused and shocked at her but more of himself.

“You must rest my darling, try and sleep. The doctor is due in the morning.” He tucked her in and left her room in a daze.

The following morning a gentle knock of her door woke her, it was her father and the doctor. They both entered gaziantep escort numaraları and after a glass of water, a few questions on how she was feeling the doctor, an elderly gentleman, said it would be fine to leave her bed as she seemed to have recovered.

“I think a physical examination just to be on the safe side though.” He said, indicating for her father to vacate the room.

“That’s ok doctor, daddy can stay.” Hannah said.

“Ok my dear, if you feel strong enough maybe you would care to stand?”

She did so and without been asked, flung off her nightdress and stood before the two men, for a few seconds they both stood there and admired her naked body, her small pert breasts and stiff nipples, her curved nubile hips and thin legs and the wispy hairs of her pubic triangle.

After a few routine checks, the doctor said all was fine.

“Oh thank you doctor. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to give you both a present for my gratitude of you both taking such good care of me.”

The doctor laughed and said it wasn’t necessary.

“No, I insist. Now come here daddies come and stand next to Doctor Johnson.”

He joined the doctor, Hannah then got on her knees, expertly unzipped both mens flies with each of her hands and before they could protest had taken out their now hard cocks and frantically began to masturbate them. She then got up and walked over to the bed and bent over, pushing her ass towards the doctor, beckoning him to her.

“And you too daddy, come lay on the bed. Here in front of me.”

The doctor, in a state of sexual excitement, dropped his trouser to his ankles and immediately sank his cock into her welcoming pussy, her father meanwhile was enjoying her expert cock sucking skills.

“Now swap please.” She said, they did as ordered, the doc sitting on the bed his stiff pole keenly awaiting her mouth, an eager look like a dog in heat on his face.

“Put it in my bottom daddy.” She gasped.

Her father looked down at her peachy ass and spreading her soft, fleshy cheeks, eased into her tight hole, which gripped it hard, his hand, meanwhile fondled her dripping wet pussy hole. He pushed hard, held onto her hips as her groans were muffled, her head bobbed up and down between the doctors legs.

Almost simultaneously they both shot their lust into her, the doctor squirting his down her throat and her father splashing his all over her peachy cheeks, he watched as it dribbled down, over her moist flaps.

Her father escorted the doctor out he asked what had come over her, the doctor replied it was a side effect and he would keep in touch to monitor her. As he, left he could her Hannah’s happy singing as she drew herself a bath.

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