The Gentlemen’s Panty Club Pt. 04


As I was driving home from the meeting, I thought about the important club members I’d met. There was the honorable mayor of San Francisco, Justin Roberts, and the renowned opera tenor, Mario Sunseri, as well as the president of the San Francisco Ballet Company, Constantine Chekov. I’d met university presidents, and the leaders of the local bar and medical associations. There were politicians who served in the California state legislature, and numerous business executives, along with famous men in the entertainment industry.

I couldn’t wait to get home and share this news with Bridgette. As I put my key into our front door and opened it, I heard women’s voices coming from the den, which took me by surprise, as Bridgette said she’d planned on spending a quiet evening alone, reading a romance novel she was enjoying. I tiptoed towards the door and listened.

I heard a slapping sound, and then Bridgette’s voice crying out in distress, “I know I’ve been a naughty little girl Mommy, but please don’t spank me again. Please, Mommy!”

The other voice belonged to Melanie Johnson. “You haven’t learned your lesson, Charlotte. I told you not to wear that school uniform skirt again. It’s much too short, and whenever you bend over the least little bit, the boys can see your underwear. It’s disgraceful, and I will not stand for it. It makes you look like a tart!”

I heard three more slapping sounds, and the last slap was much louder than the first two.

My fiancé yelled out, “Ouch, that hurt you bitch! Take it easy for Christ’s sake. This is supposed to be pretend spanking, remember?”

Melanie giggled, “Oops, sorry Bridge. I guess I got carried away. It’s so much fun spanking your nice plump ass. Let me make it up to you.”

I could hear them moving about on the leather couch. After a few seconds I stepped closer to the doorway, so I could hear them. There were humming and purring sounds, as well as a few “ooh’s” and “ah’s” and lip smacking, kissing sounds.

I heard my Bridgette’s voice, “Ok, I forgive you, but please be gentle Mel. I don’t care for pain. I’m not like your dirt bag ex husband. He’s such a scumbag!”

Her girlfriend giggled, “Well, he definitely is a little prick, but he definitely doesn’t have a little prick. On the contrary, it’s really quite impressive.”

“Whatever Mel, he doesn’t deserve you, and if I ever run into him in public, I’m going to let him know what a worthless piece of shit he is. Fuck yeah, I’ll bust his balls!”

Both women began to laugh. I decided this would be an opportune time for me make my entrance. I took a few steps back towards the front door.

“Hi Bridgette, I’m home.”

I heard them whispering, and shushing each other. After a brief pause, Bridgette answered me, “We’re in the den, honey. Come join us.”

I walked through the entrance with a friendly smile on my face, but when I saw them, that smile disappeared quickly. They were sitting next to each other on the couch, and they were holding hands, and grinning back at me. Their lipstick was smeared. Bridgette’s skirt was pulled up to mid thigh and her white cotton panties were down around her knees!

“Oh, hello. What’s going on?”

They looked at each other and started laughing uncontrollably. After a few seconds my fiancé regained her composure, “We’re playing, Joey.”

I wasn’t sure what was going on. “That’s nice dear, but what are you playing?”

Melanie answered for her, “We’re acting out our fantasies, Joey. We read naughty stories on the Internet to get us in the mood. This gives us ideas for a fantasy, and then we act out the scene. At first it’s very silly and we giggle a lot. We like going through the tickling phases as well, but after a bit it gets very serious, and we really get into it. Its so exciting, Joey! Women like fantasies to be shocking. We can do and say anything we want in our fantasy, and it never disappoints, unlike real life. Actually, our fantasies are so intense and exciting, they’re almost ecstatic!”

This seemed fascinating to me, but I realized I was intruding. I searched for an excuse to leave them alone, to have their fun.

I looked at Bridgette, “I’ll give you some privacy, sweetheart. I’m going to take a shower and get ready for bed.”

I nodded at Melanie and turned toward the stairs.

Bridgette blurted out, “Wait Joey, you don’t have to go. How was your meeting? Why don’t you sit here on the couch next to us, and tell us all about it?”

Melanie chimed in, “Yeah Joey, we want to hear what happened to you. Please don’t go yet. I’ve never been to a Panty Club meeting.”

I looked at their warm smiles, and they seemed to sincerely want me to stay. Melanie scooted over on the couch and patted the spot between her and Bridgette, and I sat down between these two lovely young ladies. I was feeling very special, and a little giddy from all their attention. What had I done to deserve this?

There was a full bottle of white wine on the coffee table and Bridgette filled two wine glasses. She offered one to me, and the Escort Bayan Esenyurt other to Melanie. I took a big gulp and handed my glass to Bridgette, who finished the rest in one swallow.

“So tell us about it, darling.”

I took a deep breath and began telling them about my very first Gentlemen’s Panty Club meeting. I mentioned the very friendly greeting the club president, Norma Roberts, gave me, and how she had asked my to stand up and introduce myself to the club members. I briefly touched on the business items on the agenda. Then I relayed in detail the story the guest speaker, Archbishop Charles Dodson, told, which centered on how he discovered his attraction for wearing women’s underwear.

Bridgette and Melanie paid close attention, and I could see that my words excited them. They seemed enthralled when I told them about Charles as a young priest, just starting his career, and how he was wracked with guilt about constantly having “unclean thoughts” and “continually spilling his seed,” but the parish housekeeper, Mrs. Madison, had rescued him from his guilt by offering to hear his confession.

Her method of hearing confession was somewhat unorthodox. When he confessed his sins to Mrs. Madison he was naked. She’d explained that he would feel less inhibited this way.

He told her many things that he considered shameful and unworthy of a Catholic priest. While he confessed, he sat in her lap, suckling her huge nipple while she touched herself “down there.” To calm his nerves, she rubbed his cock while he told her his most serious sin, and spilled his seed in her hand.

Afterwards she assigned him a traditional penance of prayers he needed to say, but she also instructed him to pull her wet panties off of her, and wear them for one week! Seven days later he would return those panties to her, clean and fresh. At that time she would hear his next confession, and if he gave a good effort, she would give him another pair of her used underwear to wear.

That was the day he discovered his lovely fetish, for wearing pretty women’s panties. He whole-heartedly accepted it, and stated he would never wear boring men’s underwear ever again!

When I was done with the archbishop’s tale, I started to tell them of my private meeting with Norma, how she had me model my special outfit that Bridgette and Melanie had helped me pick out at Victoria’s Secret, and how she complemented me on how nice I looked, with my hard cock plainly visible through the sheer silky material. I also told them about Norma rubbing my penis to make it big before she introduced me to the club members.

When I concluded my tale, I was excited, and there was a visible bulge in my suit trousers. Bridgette was first to notice this, “Well Joey. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, and it was very exciting for you. At least that’s what your penis is indicating right now.”

She looked over at Melanie and winked, “He has a hard on.”

Melanie looked at my crotch and giggled, “Joey, why don’t you take your suit off and get comfortable?”

Then both women reached in and began rubbing my bulge with their palms. It didn’t take long for me to become fully erect.

I arose from my seat on the couch and stood in front of them. Quite casually I undressed for them, giving them a show and letting them admire me. I draped my business suit over a straight back chair in the corner. Then I stood in front of them in my white lingerie, waiting for them to say something. Their eyes were wide and focused intently on my rock hard cock.

Bridgette looked me in the eye and smiled, “You are a beautiful panty girl, Joey.”

Melanie chimed in, “Yes indeed, you’re a very pretty girly, Joey. It’s so exciting to see you like this! Would you play with us?”

I was feeling light headed as I took my place on the couch between them, as this was so exciting for me. I wanted to be girly with them!

“I would like that very much. What do I do?”

“Well, before you came in we were reading a story about a woman whose husband is her cuckold. We were going to play with that theme. You can be our cuckold.”

I didn’t know what a “cuckold” was, but I would gladly do anything they asked of me in order to please them.

Melanie continued, “We like cuckold fantasies, with the wife being undressed in front of her husband by a stranger, and then told to lie on her back with her legs up in the air, so that she can be mounted in front of him.”

I smiled back at them, “That sounds like fun to me.”

Melanie clapped her hands, “That’s wonderful Joey!”

She turned to Bridgette, “Ready?”

My fiancé smiled back at her, “Very.”

The two women stood up and faced each other in the center of the room. Melanie leaned in, put her hands on Bridgette’s cheeks, and gave her a tender kiss on her lips. They parted their lips and the tips of their tongues touched. They continued to kiss each other with ardor for a few seconds, and then Bridgette placed her hands on Melanie’s breasts, and fondled Escort Bayan Avcılar her.

Melanie closed her eyes and smiled, “Yes! Oh yes, that feels so nice!” Then Melanie put her hand up Bridgette’s skirt and started rubbing her crotch.

My fiancé giggled, “Oh Mommy, do you think it’s proper to be touching your married daughter like that in front of her husband?”

“Of course I do, Charlotte, because I know you don’t want me to stop. My fingers are right up inside you, and you’re soaking wet. Do you want me to stop?”

“You know it pleases me Mother. You’re just being kind to me.”

They proceeded to undress each other, rather casually. When a skirt dropped to the floor, a round bottom would be pinched. When a bra came off, a hard nipple would be suckled. When panties were pulled down, a clitoris would be touched gently or a wet cunt penetrated with a finger.

“Charlotte, lie down on the floor and I will be nice to you.”

“Yes Mother.”

Bridgette took her position on the floor, and then Melanie turned and addressed me, “I’m going to fuck your wife, Joey. You don’t mind watching do you? I know you don’t fuck her with your tiny penis. You know she wants to be properly fucked by a big hard cock, don’t you Joey?”

I looked into her eyes. She was serious. I felt my cheeks getting warm and dampness inside of my underwear, as pre cum was leaking from my throbbing cock tucked away inside my white silk panties.

“I know you want to watch, right Joey?”

I nodded my head.

“Very well. Take your panties off, and sit back on the couch with your legs apart so I can see your tiny prick.”

My penis is not tiny, of course, but I knew this was all part of the game we were playing. Things were getting nice now.

She picked up her handbag and pulled out two items, a black leather belt device of some sort, and a nine inch pink silicone dildo that was very lifelike. Melanie was going to fuck my fiancé with a strapon dildo while I sat back helplessly and watched.

I nodded, pulled my knees up to my chest and took off my panties. I gripped my shaft tightly in my fist and the helmet turned purple.

Melanie gave me an angry look. “You will not touch yourself until I give you permission. Do you understand Joey?”

I folded my arms across my chest, “Yes, I understand Mrs. Johnson.”

“I am your mother-in law now, and you will address me as Mother.”

“Yes of course, Mother. Whatever you say.”

She seemed pleased with my response. She put on the harness and after the straps were adjusted to her satisfaction, she knelt on the floor in front of Bridgette’s feet. She looked into Bridgette’s eyes and smiled.

“Close your eyes, Charlotte, while Mother gives you a nice rub.”

She placed her hands inside my fiancé’s thighs and spread them open as far as possible, exposing her hairy pussy. Melanie leaned in and lustily licked her crotch with the flat surface of her pink tongue.

A few seconds later Bridgette moaned, “Don’t stop Mommy. It’s just so… nice… what you’re doing. Stick your tongue inside of me, please!”

Bridgette reached down with her hands and spread her lips apart, revealing the shiny pink inside of her wet pussy. Melanie moved her face down lower and stuck the tip of her tongue into Bridgette’s warm hole as far as she could.

“Yes, yes, yes…Mommy! Eat my pussy!”

Melanie vigorously pleasured Bridgette with her tongue. This continued for another minute before Melanie pulled her tongue out of my fiancé’s cunt, and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“I love the taste and the smell of you, but now you need to cum, Charlotte. I’m going to fuck you with my big fat cock until you cum for me, and your cuckold husband is going to watch us.”

Melanie got up on her knees, placed Bridgette’s feet on top of her shoulders, and placed the knob of the dildo against her slit. She thrust her hips forward burying the toy deep inside of my fiancé.

‘Yes, yes, yes… Mommy! Fuck me Mommy! Fuck my cunt!”

Melanie turned her head in my direction, “This is how you fuck a woman properly Joey, so pay close attention, watch and learn, you pathetic excuse for a man!”

Melanie began to fuck my fiancé, rapidly thrusting the dildo deeply inside and then pulling out, over and over again. After a minute beads of sweat were visible on her forehead, but still she kept pounding away while Bridgette moaned, “Yes, yes, yes!”

A few minutes later Bridgette arched her back, looked up at the ceiling and closed her eyes.

“Oh fuck! I’m CUMMING!”

Her legs began to shake slightly and her face and chest were flushed pink. Melanie continued fucking her, but at a slower pace and more gently. When Bridgette relaxed and opened her eyes, she pulled the dildo out.

“Thank you Mommy. That was wonderful.”

“You’re welcome Charlotte. Hopefully your husband has learned something useful today.”

They both looked over at me, sitting on the couch with my cock out and grinning like Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü a fool. I was having a wonderful time, and I hoped our fun time wasn’t over yet.

“Come lie down on the floor Joey, next to you wife.”

I nodded my head and took my place next to Bridgette.

“Do you like Charlotte’s cunt, Joey?”

“I do Mother, very much.”

“Even when it’s a bit niffy?

“Yes Mother, even then.”

She looked over at my fiancé, “Charlotte, sit on his face. I want to see for myself.”

Bridgette got up off the floor and straddled my head with her feet.

Very seriously she said, “I want to look at your cock while you’re eating me.”

She turned around so she was facing my feet, and then squatted down, lowing her wet cunt onto my mouth. I stuck out my tongue as far as possible and licked her, starting at her anus and moving up to her clit, and then back down again. Bridgette began rocking her pussy on my face.

After a few repetitions I heard Melanie’s voice.

“Your husband likes licking your cunt, Charlotte. I guess he’s not totally useless then?”

“No Mother. That’s one thing that he’s very skilled at.”

“Charlotte, I’m going to mount your husband now. I hope you don’t mind?”

“Are you going to let him cum Mother?”

“No, of course not dear. I think we should stick to the plan.”

I had no idea what the “plan” was, but obviously the ladies had something in store for me.

Melanie straddled my hips, facing Bridgette, and squatted down. She wrapped her hand around my cock, and positioned the head so it was touching her slit. She lowered herself down onto my shaft, taking all of me inside of her. Then she began rocking her hips back and forth, moving my penis inside of her. A few seconds later I heard kissing sounds, and I knew that the women were sucking face, while I was performing cunnilingus on Bridgette and Melanie fucked my prick. This continued for a while, until I heard Melanie’s voice.

“I guess I was wrong about our Joey. His prick is not tiny. Oh yes, it feels quite nice up inside me.”

A few seconds later she said, “Yes Joey, that’s it! Fuck me Joey!”

I felt her internal muscles gripping my shaft, and I knew she was having her moment. I don’t know how I’d managed to control myself. I’d been aroused for most of this evening, but still I hadn’t had one orgasm. Amazing!

The two women got up off the floor and took their seats on the couch. Bridgette smiled lovingly at me.

“Come sit between us Joey. We’re not done yet.”

With her hand she patted the space on the couch between her and Melanie. When I was seated between them Bridgette picked up one of the empty wine glasses off the coffee table. She looked me in the eyes, “We want you to masturbate for us, and we want to watch you spurt into this glass.”

I nodded my head. After all, a good cuckold does what he’s told to do, and I wanted to please these women more than anything, so they would continue being nice to me.

I put my feet on the coffee table and leaned back, so I was reclining on the couch. I started by scratching the bottom surface of my penis, the more sensitive side, with my fingernails. They watched intently as my penis began to grow in front of them. A minute later I was fully erect.

“You have a lovely fat prick Joey”

“Thank you Mother.”

I made a ring by touching the tip of my index finger and my thumb together around the head of my cock, like I was making the “ok” sign. I gripped myself tightly and stroked my hand slowly down the length of my shaft. The head turned purple. I stoked up and down, slowly at first, but after a few seconds I increased the pace.

Melanie cupped my testicles firmly in her hand and squeezed gently. She knew what she was doing, as she didn’t squeeze hard enough to cause pain, only pleasure.

Melanie was enthralled, “You need lubrication, Joey. We don’t want you getting chafed.”

She leaned over and drooled a long strand of her saliva onto the head of my cock. The added slickness allowed me to stroke even faster. My hand was a blur!

Melanie was very excited, “Come along, Joey, rub it harder. I want you to show us how much you can cum. If you’re nice for us, I’ll let you wear my panties and bra.”

Both ladies leaned their faces towards my crotch so they had a very close up view of my slit. I knew my moment was fast approaching.

I sat up on the couch, “I’m going to cum!”

Bridgette placed the wine glass under the head of my cock.

I arched my back, closed my eyes and yelled, “Oh fuck! YES!”

I felt my prostate spasm, and my anus clench shut.

Ten seconds later it was over. Melanie was still gently fondling my balls with her hand.

I opened my eyes, and saw my load of white sticky cream at the bottom of the wine glass.

Bridgette placed the glass on the coffee table. Then she leaned towards me and gave me a tender kiss.

“Did you enjoy yourself Joey?”

“Yes, I did Bridgette, very much. I like playing with you and Melanie, and I love being a girly. Did you like watching me cum?”

She giggled, “Yes I did, Joey. It’s so nice watching your white cream spurting from your slit, but what was most exciting for us was how aroused you were, and how we controlled you. It’s a wonderful feeling, knowing that we can make you so excited that you have to cum for us!”

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