The Old Maple


I parked the truck near the weather beaten, log gate. The wind moved the sweet smelling clover back and forth in the field just beyond. The gravel crunched beneath our feet as we carried the blanket and cooler toward the gate. This was one of my favourite spots on my property. An old farm about 20 minutes outside the city, I inherited the place after the passing of my father. There was a huge maple tree, dressed in its fall brilliance, about 30 feet away. A silent, solitary witness to 150 years of history in this field, the tree would provide us shelter from a coming storm.

The dark clouds had grown thicker in the early fall sky around the time I picked Tina up. We were introduced through mutual friends and had made it awkwardly through two dates. I thought the clichéd picnic in a field might seal the deal with her. She was stunning today. Her loose-curled brown hair reached her shoulders. She was wearing a soft cotton sundress that didn’t offer much protection from the gentle chill in the wind but looked amazing nonetheless. The bright white dress complimented her brightly coloured nails and full red lips.

My culinary skills would shine as we sat on the thick comforter spread out under the protection of the old tree. I opened the cooler and offered her a Subway sandwich and bag of baked ruffles potato chips. She ribbed me good-naturedly and the teasing continued through the first bottle of wine. I poured her a glass from the second bottle then raised my glass “To Scott and Shannon, for getting us together and making these last 2 weeks fulfilling and fun.” Our glasses chimed together and as she took a drink I moved toward her, gently kissing her lips.

She moaned into me, opening her mouth and searching for my tongue with hers. Without breaking the kiss, erotik hikaye oku I grabbed her wineglass and set it down beside mine. I was supporting myself with my left arm and holding the back of her head with my right hand. We continued kissing and laid down on our sides. I have been told many times that I’m a good kisser and have also been told how important that is to the fairer sex. I gently traced her mouth with my tongue and gently sucked on her upper lip giving it a quick bite. She pushed into me hard and her hands began stroking my arms and shoulders.

Fat droplets of rain began falling. Drumming onto the leaves above and splashing into ground around us. We stood, getting ready to make the run back to the truck. She was breathing heavy as the rain began to land on her, her tanned chest getting splashed. I held her hand as she went to run, pulled her back to me and kissed her hard again. My hands were on either side of her face, keeping her close. I was so turned on. The white dress was sticking to her sexy body as the rain hammered down. Rivulets of rain streaked down between her breasts.

I pushed her back to the tree, pinning her against the trunk. She ground herself into my thigh as I held her wrists above her head, against the tree with one hand and let the other hand explore her breasts. I kissed her hard again, inhaling through her mouth, sucking the air out of her. Her nipples were hard and the soft red of a ripe cherry’s flesh. I sucked on them as her hands stroked through my hair.

She suddenly dropped to her knees in front of me. Her hands working the belt and buttons loose. She grabbed my jeans on each hip and yanked them down along with my underwear. My cock bobbed free, already hard and danced for a second in front of her. I güncel sex hikayeleri oku looked down and watched as it disappeared into her hot moist mouth. She had no problem taking it all the way to the base since I’m only average length. She slowly stroked my cock with her mouth as her hands held onto my tight and well defined hamstrings. “Look up at me while you do that” I whispered. As her head tilted slightly back, her hair fell away from her face and her blue eyes sparkled. She continued working my hard cock with her expert tongue as she stared up at me.

I grabbed her under the arm and pulled her to her feet. I spun her around and bent her over. She instinctively braced her forearms against the rough bark of the tree trunk. She had a slight arch to her back as I flipped up the dress to expose her ass. I quickly removed her panties, and could feel the heat of her pussy. The rain was coming down harder and the wind picked up as I spread her legs to give me better access to wet pussy.

I positioned my cock at her entrance. I gently pushed forward, moving the head inside. I held for a second then slowly pushed in all the way. Her sexy moans made it tough for me not to come right then. I reached up and grabbed a handful of hair, pulling back, forcing her neck to crane and saw her biting her lip hard with her pearly teeth as she looked over her shoulder to me.

I moved my cock slowly back and forth, deep dicking her as much as I was able. After a few minutes of this I let go of her hair and grabbed onto her hips. I pulled my cock completely out her. It was slick with her juice. I moved the head gently into her pussy, held for a second then slammed into her hard. “Oh”, high pitched and sensual escaped from her as I continued to ram her. My cock sikiş hikayeleri was pistoning back and forth. “Fuck me hard, fuck my pussy good.” I could feel her tighten up around my shaft and knew she was getting close to coming.

I pulled my hard rod out of her and forced her to lay down on her back. I immediately went down on her. My tongue traced her plump pussy lips and found her swollen clit. I clamped my mouth around her sensitive bud and and sucked it into my mouth, working it back and forth. She pushed up into my mouth and grabbed the back of my head, handfuls of hair in her hands. I kept sucking back and forth, continuing until she pulled her hips right off the blanket, with only her shoulders and feet touching the ground. “Fuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkkk” she groaned as I felt her tremor and shiver through her orgasm.

I gently licked her pussy lips, tasting the salty sweet juices. I moved up and straddled her chest. Stroking my still throbbing cock inches from mouth. She took the hint and opened up, engulfing my cock head and sucking hard. I continued jerking off and she kept sucking. My cock popped out her mouth and she whispered in a low, sexy voice ” shoot your cum all over me, shoot it in my face and mouth”…those hot words pushed me over the edge as I rubbed myself furiously. The first white-hot ribbon exploded right over her face. I grabbed hold off the base and aimed the next shot towards her mouth. It splattered on the upper lip and right cheek. The other white arcs hit her on the chin and throat. I moved my sensitive cock up to her mouth and watched her suck on me, cleaning all the jism from the quickly deflating head.

We laid there a few more minutes, letting the cool wind and rain wash the heat away. Her hair was matted to her forehead and cheeks with sweat and rain, the white cotton sundress clinging to her.

We gathered up our belongings and walked hand in hand back to the truck. “I’ll definitely have to thank Scott and Shannon for that” I teased as I looked at her and gently kissed her lips.

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