The Good Neighbour, Part Six


Without speaking, Tobin took Trevor’s hand and led him from the living room upstairs to his bedroom. Both of them stumbled as they went, as their pants were still mid-thigh. Laughing, they shucked their pants, leaving them sprawled on the stairs, and entered Tobin’s room entirely naked. They both paused at the same time—each drinking in the sight of the other’s body. Both of them were hard again, their cock’s bobbing and swaying before them, slick and wet and visibly throbbing. They stared at each other for a long moment before the stasis broke and they came together in a hungry embrace. They kissed deeply, their tongues sliding around together while they ground their pelvises. Tobin felt Trevor’s cock hard against his belly, felt its swollen head leaving trailed of precum on the taut skin. Trevor reached down and cupped the globes of Tobin’s ass in his hands.Tobin broke the kiss breathlessly and led him to the bed. He kissed him lightly on the lips and said, “Wait. Just one second.”From deep in his closet, hidden in a shoebox of old keepsakes, he retrieved his bottle of lube—used until this moment just to slick up his cock for his more elaborate jerk sessions, but which he now wanted to put to better use.When Trevor looked at him quizzically, he squirted some into his palm and slid his hand over Trevor’s hard shaft, stroking him lightly. Trevor moaned, his eyes rolling back into his head.“Holy shit, that feels amazing.”“Just wait,” said Tobin. Tossing the lube aside, he crawled onto the bed and rolled onto his back, lifting his legs. “Fuck me,” he whispered.Trevor looked shocked. “Seriously?”“Seriously. Fuck me.”It was obvious that whatever Trevor had been imagining might happen that night, he hadn’t let his mind run quite this far. But when he looked down Escort Haramidere at Tobin lying there his cock twitched, and before he knew what he was doing he’d clambered onto the bed and crawled between Tobin’s legs.Tobin reached down and grasped his cock, gently guiding him to his hole. “Slowly,” he whispered.Trevor slid forward, the head of his cock nestling against Tobin’s anus, and he pressed carefully. The head slipped past his pucker with a pop. Tobin moaned. “Yes,” he said. “Fuck me.”Hardly daring to breathe, Trevor slid his slick cock into Tobin, and was rewarded to hear him gasp in pleasure. For his part, Trevor shuddered, stunned at the sensation. Never had he imagined anything could feel so sublime. When he was in as far as he could go, Tobin’s back arched, and his legs wrapped around Trevor’s hips, holding him there.“Jesus Christ,” he moaned. “Holy shit, your cock feels so good. Fuck me.”Trevor obliged, pulling back and thrusting in again slowly, carefully finding his way as Tobin crooned out his pleasure. Another sound came to his ears, and Trevor realized he was moaning himself, gasping as each thrust sent something like an electrical charge through his body. He lowered his face to Tobin’s and they kissed desperately, moaning into each other’s mouths as they moved together.“Fuck,” said Tobin. “Holy fuck. That feels so good.”“Yeah,” Trevor agreed, barely able to get the word out.”“Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”Trevor fucked him harder, knowing he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.“Holy shit,” he said in a strangled voice. “I’m getting close.”“Oh, fuck yeah,” keened Tobin. “Cum in me. Fuck me with that hard cock.”Tobin’s words almost put him over the edge, but then he leaned his head up and licked one of Trevor’s İkitelli escort nipples, teasing the hard nub under the tip of his tongue.That was too much. Trevor cried out, his entire body stiffening as the spasm of his orgasm ran through him. Tobin felt his cock twitch and swell inside him, and he joined Trevor’s cries.Trevor fell into Tobin’s arms, panting.“Holy shit. That was incredible,” he gasped.Tobin chortled. “You’re telling me?” he said, and kissed him.They lay together, Trevor on Tobin, for a long while as they caught their breath. After a few moments, Trevor became aware of Tobin’s cock, still hard, twitching against his belly. With a moan, he pulled his softening cock out of his ass and grasped Tobin’s.It was so beautiful—milky pale with a blushing flared head and a tracery of blue veins just under the skin. Without thinking, he leaned down and took it in his mouth. The taste of the skin and the vestigial cum from before—salty and musky, with just a tang of fish—nearly made his eyes cross in hunger. He slid his mouth up and down the shaft, pausing every few moments to kiss and lick the head and underside, tonguing the base and the tender skin of his scrotum, all the while Tobin moaned and whimpered.So many times had Trevor fantasized about this—about sucking a hard cock, trying to imagine how it would feel and taste. He read online gay erotica, watched endless porn in which he’d salivate over the image of a rigid hard cock and envy the guy sucking it. For at least a few weeks, the cock in his fantasy had been Tobin’s, and he’d never imagined he might get to see it, let alone taste it.It was so much better than he ever imagined.Tobin’s moans grew more urgent, and his hands found the back of Trevor’s head—not Çapa escort bayan pushing him, but tracing patterns in his short-cropped hair while his hips squirmed in time to the rhythm of Trevor’s sucking. When he finally murmured, “I’m cumming!” Trevor didn’t need the warning—he knew.For the second time that night he felt Tobin’s cock swell and grow, felt the burst of his hot cum on his tongue and against the back of his throat. Trevor moaned around his cock, swallowing, trying to milk it of every drop.Finally, he let Tobin’s cock out of his mouth with an audible pop and clambered up to lie beside him.“That was amazing,” said Tobin.Trevor grinned. “Not bad for a newbie?”“Not bad for anybody.” He kissed him.***They showered together, delighting is soaping each other up and sliding their slippery bodies together. Both were hard again, and they paid special attention to cleaning their cocks. Tobin was tempted to get Trevor to fuck him again but held off. They towelled each other dry and climbed back into bed, under the covers this time, holding each other and kissing slowly and deeply, sliding the occasional hand beneath the sheets to caress the other’s hard, leaking cock.“So when did you know?” Tobin asked when they paused. “That you were gay, I mean.”Trevor shrugged shyly. “Always known, I guess. On some level. Always more interested in the hot guys on TV or on magazines, you know? But I guess it really came home when I started jerking off… at first, I didn’t need to think of much. Just loved the feeling. But then I started thinking of guys. I tried to think of girls and watched some straight porn, but that didn’t last.”“Ever think about me?” asked Tobin mischievously.“Pretty constantly for a few weeks now.” Trevor grinned. “Never imagined it would be so much better than I ever imagined. Ever think about me?”“Yup. And ditto.”“So—when did you know you were gay?”Tobin smiled to himself. He’d been waiting for someone to ask him.“Saturday, August 16, 2008. At precisely 3:12 pm.”“That’s… awfully specific,” Trevor laughed. “I’m guessing there’s a story there?”

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