The Half Sister


Hi friends, it’s a story between my sister and me.

On several occasions, and we are still hooking up to this day. Our first time was all we needed to know that we were going to be doing it all the time. What should have been clumsy and awkward for us was truly an amazingly passionate encounter.

We were 19 when it first happened and it was a continuation from the events the day before.

The day before this happened, hooked on my stepmother, was naked and asleep on the sofa in the den. I was standing next to the sofa with my tight whities down around my ankles and I was masturbating.

It was something I did quite often, not only did I gaze at the sight of my constantly drunk and naked stepmother asleep on the sofa, I had two sisters who also went around naked all the time just like their mother and so did I. Who needed a playboy when I had the real thing to look at.

This would be the day Janelle, my stepmother, would catch me masturbating again. Instead of reading me the riot act as she had done the previous times she caught me, she decided to teach me how to go down on a woman and bring her to an orgasm orally.

After what seemed like a marathon licking session, she rewarded me with the most amazing blowjob I have ever had. When she finished, she laid into me with the riot act and then laid back down and went back to sleep.

I bent over and put my underwear back on and turned for the door and standing there in the doorway of their bedroom were my sisters who could see everything keçiören escort their mother and I did. Guess who’s turn it was then. We only performed oral on each that time, but the next day we would go all the way.

My half sister was sitting on the edge of her bed and my stepsister sat across from us on her bed watching. She wanted our sister to go first.

My half sister laid back on her bed with her legs still hanging over the side. I knelt down, pushing her legs open, and I slid in between her legs and moved in closer to her pubic region. Without holding my penis, I tried repeatedly to push it inside her pussy lips and it wasn’t happening. Not knowing how to do it was making it seem impossible.

Finally, I just grabbed my cock and put it right against her pussy lips and still it wasn’t going in, even after opening her pussy lips.

The issue was she had no moisture in her vagina and it was uncomfortable for her. I suggested I could lick it again like I did the day before and maybe that would help; she agreed, and I went down on her. After a few minutes, I notice she had become very moist, and I straightened up and again I went to put my cock into her pussy.

This time the head of my cock disappeared inside my sister’s moist pussy. I went slow and when I felt a tug on the skin of my cock, I would stop. I would take a second and when her moister caught up, I would push my cock deeper inside my sisters pussy until I was all the keçiören escort bayan way in.

We looked at each other and she said, “Now what?” I told her we needed to move up onto the bed because of the hard floor.

I was kneeling and killing my knees. We slid up onto the bed and got into the missionary position. She laid on her warm back, opening her legs wide. I climbed up on her and positioned my cock and I easily penetrated her again, pushing my cock deep inside her and; moist pussy.

We wrapped our arms around each other in a very loving embrace; sometime, back, we held each other’s naked bodies tightly. We kissed passionately, me. Wait, we pressed our hips tightly to each other, and we gently began to grind them together.

I had the most incredible and overwhelming sensation come over intertwined. I have only experienced with her and can only experience with her.

As our naked bodies were intertwine on her bed with our mouths locked together kissing and yes, we were using our tongue’s. We held each other’s naked bodies tightly in our arms and she had her legs wrapped around my waist.

My cock deep inside my sister’s pussy made the sensation I was feeling complete. I could literally feel her warm, soothing blood flowing from her mouth and into me.

I could feel my sister’s blood flowing through the veins of my body and being returned to her through my manhood that I had deep inside her womanhood. Because we shared the escort keçiören same blood flowing both our veins because of our family tie made our incestuous connection even more incredible.

It wasn’t long after that and I was getting close to cumming inside her. I pushed my hips hard against her and held her even tighter in my arms.

My sister tightens off her, and her legs around my waist, pushing her hips even hard against mine. I could feel my cum begin to surge out of my cock as my cock began to pulsate inside my sister’s pussy in an amazingly incredible orgasm. It really felt like my blood was rushing out of my cock and into my sister’s pussy.

We did pause for a few moments but I didn’t pull out and we stayed like that for several minutes, tightness of her just holding each other and kissing passionately and still grinding on each other.

I remained hard inside her pussy and I felt my second orgasm beginning to build. I pushed my cock all the way inside her and I put another load of my cum into my sister’s pussy.

We would lay that way for a while until my cock shrank up and popped out of her pussy. Still, to this day some forty or more years later day, I still feel that incredible blood flowing sensation when we hook up.

My sister was the first person I had intercourse with and I was my sister’s first, too. No one has ever made me feel the sensational magic I feel when I have my cock inside my sister’s pussy.

I truly believe it is something only a brother and sister can experience together. Also, our relatively young and closeness in age at the time and being naïve about how society viewed incest, even in the early seventies, was a contributing factor. Hell, first, neither one of us had a single pubic hair at the time to share between us. Lucky for us, we still continue to do it till this very day.

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