The Hotel Ch. 03


The next three months flew in; Jack had so much to do. Plans had been passed for the swimming pool and Spa. The drawings looked impressive; they had managed to get another twelve bedrooms built into the development; it was looking good.

The wine had started to arrive; Jack had underestimated the space he needed to store it in. Jack had found a beautiful four-storey grey Sandstone building beside the harbour. Initially, Jack thought that it could easily be converted into a low budget Hotel. It also had a large warehouse beside it. There was also lots of parking space. Jack put in a low cheeky offer; it was accepted. He no longer had a problem with the wine storage.

Jack was working so closely with Molly; if he wasn’t in the Hotel, then Molly was there. Molly, amongst other things, was acting as General Manager of the Hotel. Jack had appointed different managers for different departments in the Hotel; it was working, the Hotel was making lots of money. Molly had now no financial worries; Jack was paying her an excellent salary. Liz was currently working every Friday night, Saturday and Sunday lunch. She was earning a lot of money plus the tips she received, she had saved up and bought herself a second-hand Mini.

In the area connecting the Hotel with the Spa, Molly had suggested creating a ladies boutique with chic clothes and lingerie; it had opened last month, the Spa would not open for another two months, it had become a fantastic success. Over three hundred ladies attended the Ladies Luncheon Club every month, and word soon got around.

Jack was seeing Su and Molly usually three nights a week. The sex with both of them was an absolute dream.

Jack and Su were also socialising together a lot. Su knowledge of Art was phenomenal; they visited museums and Art Galleries together. Along with the paintings Su had on her walls, she also had a small room in her house which was packed with pictures.

They went to Auctions together; sadly in the town, they lived the only Auction House the city had was converted into a large pub when the owner of the Auction House died. Su introduced Jack to the widow of the auctioneer; she was a regular visitor at the Hotel, every Sunday she would bring her grandson, her daughter and her husband for lunch. She was also a member of the Luncheon Club.

Her name was Jean. She, like Su, was a tall, distinguished-looking woman. She was also very knowledgeable about Antiques and Collectables. She would also come with Su and Jack to Auctions; Jean had fantastic knowledge on a broad range of subjects. Jack and Jean flirted a lot, Su had once told Jack that Jean liked him. Jack was sure that Su and Jean had been lovers, but he never asked Su if this was true.

Jack also met Suzi at a Luncheon Club lunch; after lunch, Jack had invited Suzi and Su for a coffee. During the coffee, Suzi asked Jack if she could see around the Hotel as she was impressed with what she had seen. She was more impressed after Jack had shown her around, so was Su who had never seen all the Hotel’s facilities.

In Suzi’s Church work she was advising people on where to go for Funeral Purveys, Wedding Receptions, Christenings and many other social gatherings. Suzi was interested in using Jack’s Hotel’s facilities. Jack gave Suzi his card, Suzi said, “I’ve got a new smartphone now, I’ve needed one for years, now I have finally got one, I’ll be able to message or even email you. I’m impressed with you and your Hotel, Jack.”

Jack had the feeling that he would hear from Suzi. After Suzi left, Jack went with Su to her house for an afternoon session, Su like Molly could make love at any time. Jack was doing Su doggy style on her kitchen table, Su was so hot, then Su said, “Jack, I’m Betturkey amazed, I’ve never seen Suzi so relaxed for years, she was even smiling as she was speaking with you. I think she has to do a lot more of the work around the church; I think it’s all a bit too much for Charles.”

Just after ten that night, Jack’s phone beeped, he had a message from Suzi which read, “Dear Jack, thank you so much for your time today. I never realised that any Hotel in this area had the facilities that you have. I’m now more involved with the daily church duties; I’m sure that I can direct people to you. Your Hotel is so comprehensive; you can accommodate a party of two to a party of hundreds. The one thing that I forgot to ask you for today was sample menus and their prices. I can call at the Hotel tomorrow and collect them if that’s convenient for you or you can email them to me, and I will print them out for anyone who shows interest.

Mum speaks so highly of you, now that I’ve met you, I can understand why.

Kind regards,


PS If I’m with my husband, then please call me Susan. When we’re together, then please call me Suzi.”

Jack then went to his laptop, where all the Hotel’s menus were stored. He then forwarded them to Suzi; he sent several emails as were over thirty menus. He messaged Suzi explaining this; he also suggested if Suzi had anyone who had a strict budget, then he would be available at ten tomorrow morning if she would like to meet for a coffee.

Two minutes later, Suzi replied, “Jack, Thanks so the menus, I will print them out tomorrow morning, I will study them before our meeting at ten. The other thing I was wondering was, is it possible for you to give me some brochures of your magnificent Hotel? I may be able to sell some bedrooms for you. I wish that I could get out in the evening then come to your Hotel and have a glass of wine with you. That’s difficult as I’m not allowed out at night, and I’m not allowed to drink. I’m lying in bed having a glass of wine, I’ve got to smuggle it in, I have a small self-contained flat in the Priory, I keep the door locked, and hubby is not allowed to come in. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Suzi.”

Jack replied, “Suzi, I’ll give you lots of brochures tomorrow. That’s sad that you’re alone, I’d love to meet you in the evening for a glass of wine I would love to meet you any time for a glass of wine. Maybe we could plan a meeting for a time that you know that you’ll be free. I’m looking forward to tomorrow too. Jack.”

Suzi replied, “We could do that Jack, once a month Charles goes to a seminar, it’s always on a Monday, and he stays overnight. I will check his diary in the morning and let you know when we meet. It will either be this Monday or the following Monday. We must be discreet; I’m sure that you will be. He usually phones me on the house phone, but now I’ve got my smartphone he can phone me on that. It excites me to think of meeting someone secretly, does it excite you to be meeting a married woman who will cheat on her husband? In bed, I love to be dominated, Jack, I’ve never done this before, I want to do it with you, Suzi xx.”

Jack sent a short reply, “You excite me, once I know what you enjoy then I’ll give you that and more. Maybe we should have coffee in my office tomorrow. Jack xx.”

Suzi replied, “I love what you are suggesting. I’m not allowed to wear makeup when we are alone, and in private then nothing is out of bounds. Suzi xx.”

Jack met Suzi at the reception the next morning at ten. He ordered two Cappuccinos to be brought to his office. Over coffee, Jack let Suzi clear her chest with the things she had allowed Charles to do to her. She had allowed him to slap her body with his Betturkey Giriş hard cock. He would ejaculate over her face and body. She had to pee over his body in the bath. After he had cum inside her, she had to pee on his cock while it was still inside her as he didn’t want any more children. She went on and on, he hadn’t considered her, with Charles it was me, me and me. Jack asked, “Do you still have any contact with him?”

“Not much, maybe once a month, I am summoned to his study to give him a blow job, so his mind is clear to work on his Sunday sermon.”

Jack said, “You must stop doing that. You must tell him that you’ll divorce him, your mother will support you and so will I.”

They then stripped naked; Jack sat her on his office chair, her clit was as big as her mum’s. Jack went down on her; she came in his mouth, then they cum kissed. For the next hour, Jack pleasured Suzi with his cock. When she left, she had a smile on her face and was thinking differently. They would keep in touch by message.

The next time Jack saw Su, he told her what had happened, Su appreciated what Jack had done with Suzi, Su had said to Jack, “If Suzi needs you then look after her before me.”

Suzi became part of Jack’s routine, she now came to his apartment, usually in the morning and at least twice a week. Jack was still looking after Su and Molly; he was enjoying life.

One day Jack was in the supermarket buying his toiletries when he met Jean, Jack had only used the property he had bought for storing wine, Jack told her he was thinking of converting it into an Auction House and Antique Centre, would Jean have a look at it with him. Jack drove Jean home with her shopping then to the property.

Jean was impressed; she told him that the Pub company had offered her so much money for her Auction House that she had sold it. All the staff were still available as they would have needed to travel to find work. Jean was able to give Jack a lot of advice on refurbishing the property.

Jack was over the moon. It was now seven o’clock in the evening. Jack invited Jean out for Dinner, Jean accepted but wanted to go home to change first. They went to Jean’s house, she opened a bottle of wine then went to shower and change. Jean came into the lounge; she looked stunning, she was wearing a jacket, blouse and mini-skirt, the outfit showed her curves to perfection. Jean wanted to try a new French restaurant which was a minute walk from her house. Jean put her arm around. Jack then said, “If you’re nice to me, then I’ll come and work for you, I’ll be your manageress and run your Auction and Centre.”

Jack hugged her back, then said, “Jean, we will do it. I believe that it will be a fantastic business.”

Jean chatted throughout the meal, which wasn’t very good; they were drinking Chablis, it was excellent. Jack took note of the Producer’s name. Jean was full of suggestions; Jack knew that she was the right person for the job; he was a little apprehensive as whither to keep his relationship with Jean on a purely business footing. Jack asked, “Jean, you said that you wanted me to be nice to you, what exactly did you mean?”

“Darling, I also want you to be naughty with me too, I’m now widowed for three years, I am still a relatively young woman. I want you to put a smile back on my face like the smile that you’re putting on Su’s face. I hope that you don’t mind me being forward, but I am honest.”

Jack lent over and squeezed Jean’s hand then said, “Jean, I’m so happy that you’ll work with me, I’ll do my best to look after your every need, we will both have a lot of fun.”

Jean then pulled Jack’s head towards hers; they tongue kissed then Jean said, “I’m happy, I’ve wanted Betturkey Güncel Giriş you for years, every time that I’m in the Hotel, I look at you, and I get wet. Your new business excites me and I will work so hard for you. Jack, let’s go back to my place. I’ll need to go on the pill as I still have my period, I have it this now that’s why I showered. Don’t worry, tonight I will give you a wonderful blow job, and I want you to cum in my mouth.”

Jack paid the bill then they walked to Jean’s house. Jack was cupping Jean’s left breast; it was enormous; her nipple was big and hard. Jack was so happy; he had met Jean by chance; he had told her about the new property; she was the person to run it. There was going to be a lot more work to get it up and running.

They got back to Jean’s and went straight into the lounge; Jean was amazed at Jack’s enormous cock, she went down on him, she took his full length quickly in her mouth. A couple of minutes later, Jean said, “Jack, would you like to play with my tits as I suck you off? If you squeeze and play with my nipples, then I’ll cum as my tits are very sensitive.”

Jean came a couple of times; then Jack shot his load in Jean’s mouth. Jean sucked every drop of cum out of Jack’s cock; she cum kissed him. Jack loved how Jean did things; they sat and chatted for a while then Jack left. Jean was at the dentist the following morning, but she would come to the Hotel the next morning at ten.

Jack drove home, as he passed Su’s he was surprised to see that all the lights were on and there were two cars in the driveway, one of them was Suzi’s. Jack walked to the front door, Suzi saw him and opened the door, she took Jack in her arms, there were tears in her eyes, Suzi said, “Mum’s gone, she had a massive heart attack this afternoon. My son Charles found her at five this afternoon. I knew that she was getting on, but I never expected this, would you like to have a cup of tea?”

They sat in the kitchen and drank their tea. Charles was upset, too; it had been a big shock for him. Charles said, “Will we do it now, mum?”

“Yes Charles, Jack is here now, it’s what mum wanted.”

Charles handed Jack a sealed envelope, on the outside written by Su’s hand was a note which read, “To be only opened by Jack Ryan in front of my daughter Suzi and my grandson Charles. Su Ross.”

Jack opened the envelope; it contained a short message and a key. The message read, “My darling Jack when you read this; I will no longer be with you. Thank you for giving me so much friendship and happiness in the twilight of my life. The key is for the room that I keep my paintings in. There are only the paintings in the room now that were your favourites. You will now have a lasting memory of me. I have written in my will that you have the first option to purchase my house. Charles will contact you concerning this. You will have to pay the current market price but Charles is aware that the boiler and heating system needs to be replaced. All my love, Su.”

Jack put the key and note into his pocket; there were tears in his eyes, he said, “I will buy the house, Suzi, is there anything that I can do for you?”

Suzi hugged Jack then said, “Charles and I will stay here tonight, so mum is not alone. She will be taken to the church tomorrow so she will spend tomorrow night with God. The following morning the service is at eleven. At the service, I would like you to sit with me and Charles, my son. I have already booked a purvey at your Hotel for lunch after the service. Mum thought a lot of you, Jack. The doctor told me that she died quickly; she would have had no pain. Suzi then kissed Jack.

Jack thanked them both. Jack thought this is amazing. I’ve met two older women, I have spent time and comforted them both. I have fucked both of them relentlessly, they have loved me for it, maybe now I should keep my eyes open for rich mature women. He told Charles to contact him after things had settled down, he would buy the house.

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